I dont know it was here before but ...
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Thread: I dont know it was here before but ...

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    Oct 2014
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    I don't know if it was here before but ...

    I just read this article today:
    Marty is reliable source so maybe we can dig some more info.
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    Only your first link will work. Who's to say some kid may have taken their parent's coin collection down to the beach and lost them? That's one of my biggest problem with the Oak Island saga. Just because you find something old, doesn't mean it was dropped there back in the day and/or by who you think may have done it.
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    Yeah. If one just thinks about this, it seems highly unlikely. Who knows, perhaps a Roman ship made it here. BUT, the odds of one guy finding 7 coins "washed up on the beach"...nah.
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    May 2013
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    I knew someone who claimed to have salted the beach with old but worthless coins. Many years ago.
    He told me he'd pick a busy beach with tourists. He then would then " find" the coins. The tourist would ask what he found. He'd play dumb and wait for them try to to take advantage of him and offer a few bucks.
    He'd make a few bucks that way. Is the story true I don't know.
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    Oct 2014
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    If u click on blue letter ''treasure hunter'' in first article it will send u to the original news. I also don't think they come from shipwreck since Tampa is simply not on the right side for Europe shipwreck. In my country we occasionally find roman coin on the beach but never more than one piece and they r in better conditions than this ones, but Roman presence is ordinary thing in here.
    My friend last week after storm just find one roman folis at beach along with 14 pieces of gold jewellery. On other beach one russian coin collector for every 6th of May throw in water few hundred roman coins every year in the sea, so yes it is highly unlikely that they come with roman ship on that beach in Tampa.
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    Dec 2015
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    Interesting post seems fishy

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