Help with the TDI Beachhunter please
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Thread: Help with the TDI Beachhunter please

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    Aug 2019
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    Help with the TDI Beachhunter please

    Hi guys
    Iíve run the ctx for a few years but decided to go pulse to try and get to the deeper goodies .
    Itís seems very deep . Just wondering how you guys set it up ?
    Iíve been using full gain, min pulse delay,threshold barely audible,gd just clicked on .
    There are some large bits of iron on my beach and canít seem to get my head around the tones yet
    I get the low conductors high tone for gold etc, but the high conductors copper pennies , silver and iron all sound the same to me at the moment . Please could any of you offer any guidance
    Many thanks pinky

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    Jul 2013
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    Most guys who run the TDI at the beach will run it with GB off, itís more stable and deeper. Unfortunately with GB off you wonít get high low signals but if you canít hear the differences right now anyway I would just search with GB off for now. Maybe by running with one tone for awhile to let your ears just hear the single tone. After a few hunts with just single tone then try turning the GB back on and see if you can now make out the tones.
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    Apr 2011
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    I run GB off, Gain max, threshold barely audible to silent, Pulse delay 10, Freq. centered.
    It depends on where you have your GB set as to a high or a low tone of a target.
    I tested many gold rings some were high some were low it is all in the GB setting.
    Shut off GB and dig every thing! even faints in only one direction. SAND is easy to dig.
    If you really want to have an idea as what you are about to dig stick with the CTX but as you get to know the TDI you should be able to size a target witch I feel is more important.
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    What's your address? I'll send you a hammer. When you're done "fixing" the TDI, go out and get yourself Dual Field.

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    Using a pulse machine is a lot different than using a VLF - you have to use your feet and your head to get the most out of the detector, by choosing a location that has potential for deep gold AND does not have a lot of trash targets that waste your time.

    I would suggest that you go to the firmest wet sand that is closest to the water (either the low tide area or the area just above the false runnel if there is one), use pulse delay of just below 15, gain 5.5 and GB of about 6.5. Hunt with GB off. Sweep each target from multiple directions to hear the double blips of bobby pins/nails/wire. Then for each potentially good target turn the GB on, and dig 1) all round, solid ring size low conductor targets and 2) all round solid ring targets that do not sound off with GB on. You will learn your machine fairly quickly this way, and you may pull out a gold ring.

    As you gain more experience, you can increase the gain, and lastly lower the pulse delay to near 10. Going from a pulse delay of 15 down to 12.5 does not give a whole lot of extra depth, but it really picks up small bits of wire trash. It is when you get to a pulse delay of near 10 that the magic occurs with regards to depth. But a sand flea's belt buckle sounds huge at a delay of 10!


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    Paul Martin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry Soloman View Post
    What's your address? I'll send you a hammer. When you're done "fixing" the TDI, go out and get yourself Dual Field.
    Are you suggesting the Dual Field is a better machine?



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