An Idea for a Pinned Post on Detecting the Caribbean and Other Areas
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Thread: An Idea for a Pinned Post on Detecting the Caribbean and Other Areas

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    An Idea for a Pinned Post on Detecting the Caribbean and Other Areas

    PA John's post about Jamaica got me to thinking....a risky venture for an old cav guy I know.

    Anyway, how many times have we read posts about where one could and could not detect in the Caribbean, Bahamas and similar areas down there? Answer; many times. I thought it might be worthwhile to start a pinned post that listed the areas that we could target and those areas that were restricted and what regulations might apply or permits that might be required. Links to websites where the most up to date information could be obtained would also be part of this pinned post. Such a post could be updated as solid information was obtained based on current laws/regulations along with those links etc.

    Now I realize such information wouldn't be 100% definitive nor as generally simple as I've made it out to be but if we had links that pointed us to official websites, I think it would be well used and appreciated.

    I don't recall any such post in the past so my suggestion may be "old hat" but I thought I'd run it up the flag pole to see what others thought. We could get it started using PA John's graphic on Jamaica.

    Just a random thought from my foxhole....
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    Rather than have everyone pester some bored bureaucrat or ask someone that really has no authority to give or refuse permission, it's a great idea. I've always advocated that people look up the rules themselves instead of asking around, which puts us on the radar. Better we stay off their radar and be ignored altogether. First hand experience can be the best judge of what you may encounter trying to detect in foreign countries, but, that info isn't always reliable. They may have encountered a fluke or someone with their own personal grudge against detecting. Seeing the rules in black and white along with reliable feedback from those who actually experienced enforcement (or lack thereof) would be what I would like to see.
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