tracking on wet sand
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Thread: tracking on wet sand

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    tracking on wet sand

    Anybody use Tracking after ground balancing on saltwater beach when black sand can be a problem. Also how does the Nox 800 deal with Hot Rocks. If I understand correctly, enabling ground tracking will keep the detector properly ground balanced automatically if the ground balance point changes

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    Are we talking Equinox? I look for the old stuff, not recent drops, and have been testing tracking over the last month. Beach mode 1, sens 18-22 usually but change as needed, FE2, Recovery 4-5, noise cancel often and GB tracking. There is only some scattered black sand right now as the beaches are mostly renourished sand. When I have hit a coin line or hole, I have no issues with tracking on. It seems to quiet the machine as I swing in an east-west direction while walking north or south. When I turn tracking off, it is really noisy. So I believe tracking can make the machine more stable and maybe that means I can bump the sens a little higher.

    I have not had good beach conditions to check good finds other than clad. But can still find 10-12" deep smaller targets, stainless steel and aluminum. Had a beautiful signal on a SS washer last week. That machine likes round metal!

    I noticed that if you are in tracking and push the settings button it shows what the current GB number is. It varies on my beaches from the negative number to 30 once.

    If we ever get enough erosion in our post card renourished beaches, and I find something, will report back. I have not seen so much trucked in sand since the 2004 hurricane renourishment.

    Some have said tracking is disabled in Beach modes. The symbol is there so something must be happening.

    Still testing it out......
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