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    Feb 2014
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    It seems like ground balance"0" works fine on southern beaches on utube vids I have watched. What about beaches on Cape Cod north to NH? When I used my first detector in'02 the DFX, after ground balancing it was recommended to use ground tracking "on" which would automatically reset the ground balance if ground conditions changed for optimal performance

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    Mar 2011
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    I've never had to change the ground balance at any beach I've been to so far......including ones with nasty black sand. Your DFX wasn't true multifrequency, so, that may be something White's used to help in the wet sand and water. I always had to double ground balance all my old White's machines at the beach and it still didn't help much. Went to multifrequency Minelabs and never looked back.
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    Feb 2014
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    The DFX operated in 3khz and 15khz together in "best data" and "correlate" or individually. At the time in '02 it did a good job on the beach with the 9" concentric coil but not waterproof. I gave up on Whites to produce a multi freq waterproof detector with a coil that doesn't float. Why they never got away from floating coils behooves me! It was actually suggested to me on their Forum to tie a sock filled with sand tied to the shaft of my Dual Field to keep it just off the bottom. What a ridiculous solution. After waiting a long time, I ordered a Nox 800 and TE headphones. Looking forward to receiving both next week.
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    I normally use GB 0.... because i can tell the difference when im working in wet fluffy sand and hard pan by the noise level. As far as the DFX.... it did have a factory setting that it used on beaches that wouldnt GB. Unless you have really harsh conditions id save tracking for raw gold hunting out west. Id rather have a nice consistant GB than a every changing one..... that in most cases loose you more depth/sensitivity than any gain you might get from it.



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