Carbon Fiber Scoop Handle Length?
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Thread: Carbon Fiber Scoop Handle Length?

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    Oct 2018
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    Carbon Fiber Scoop Handle Length?

    I am looking to replace the ash handle that I am currently using in my T-Rex scoop with a carbon fiber handle. I am 6' tall, and my current ash handle is approx. 42". I can get either a 46" or 54" carbon fiber handle, but I am not sure which would be better in the water. At MOST, I would hunt in waist to chest deep, but more so towards the shallows. Is there an advantage to a 54" handle - perhaps leverage? I am not sure if the extra length would help or hurt... Any thoughts?

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    May 2011
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    i always use a scoop or shovel to help me get off my knees,so i would go with one that worked best for that.

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    If you're comfortable with your 42, go with the 46.
    For more leverage the 54 is better.
    There's little weight difference between the two.
    If there's not much price difference, go with the 54, you could cut to comfortable length, if it's too long.
    If it's old, I'll dig it, dive on it, detect it or sometimes when I get lucky just bend over and pick it up.

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    I'm 5' 10" tall and find the 46" one more than long enough. I think a 54" long would be too long for me to use without it being awkward. When I head to the beach, I usually put the scoop in the front passenger seat area. 54" would be too long for my vehicle to easily get it in the door....another thing to consider depending on where you like to carry it. In my other vehicle, it barely fits in the trunk with the 46" handle.
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    Digging in the dirt & scooping in the water!
    I bought one of those "Stealth" 920ix scoops = a great piece of work - 6 years on now....

    For a handle, I went to Lowes and picked up a 54" long post hole digger handle - less than $15. Yeah, it's heavier than a carbon fiber shaft - but it floats upright in the water, so it's always there.

    To each his/her own......
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    46" is usually good for most all diggin. For me, the 54" would only be used for when i'm out chin deep on tip toes, diggin deepies in the soft sand areas. Used to opt for 50", but over the years preferred a length that was a couple or few inches under the arm pit when standing and had scoop on its tip. Handier when using. I'm 6'3"



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