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Thread: Who has and uses the Titanium Extreme $690 scoop

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    To much money for me. When the day comes I can't carry a 3+ pound scoop I doubt if one pound less is going to make a difference...the way I see it just part of my workout carrying that extra weight..
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    With me, it's not whether I can carry it, but, how long I can carry it before I want to quit. At a washed out beach, it's not uncommon to dig 200-300 targets in one hunt. Adding a pound or two to each scoop can sure take it's toll on my old bod.
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    Either scoop stainless, or titanium being empty will feel the same weight in the water Everything is lighter in water. With the bucket full in water it will feel the same weight also. Hunting on the beach you will notice that extra pound or two difference digging in the wet sand
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    More power to ya, looks like a great tool. I cant afford that or any new ones. Got a RTG PRO ALUMINUM 6" WATER SCOOP with SS Tip hardly used for about $100 shipped from a great guy in Texas! I carry it stuck thru my backpack straps to the water. Edge and rivets are like new after about 30 hours total use, and while in the water its light. Fresh water sand, muck and 2 inch and under river rock.

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    Paid for it before I bought it. And it has recovered more than the investment. But has not brought to the surface anything that my old scoop could not. However it has dug targets faster then my other scoops. My hobby has paid for itself many times over. And at 5 pounds lighter than my 1992 scoop, I will almost never go back. My walking gate in the water has improved and hip pain has lessened as I no longer drag the big anchor.
    What I have found in the past month of use is that in very rough water it, being so light tends to move with the water when trying to place the tip before the first dig. Something I have to learn how to control. Second area is in totally rock covered beach area I will use another scoop as I have a piece of rebar welded in the point of the scoop to get a better perch faster. It acts more like a pry bar than a digging tool.
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    In over the 6 years of being a member of this website I have seen many a thread started about scoops which always seems to turn in a "weight debate"... which I sit in awe over because I cannot "relate"... For in the decades I have detected I have never once thought about the weight of any scoop I have owned... I and search my mind for an answer as to why this is... and only can honestly say I cannot answer it.

    But will say I also cannot say the same about the detectors over my MD life.

    All I can come up with is perhaps it may be because I started at such a young age that I developed "muscles"... or I am brain dead to scoop weight... perhaps its the rum (jk) ... anyway I don't get it.

    IMO...it all has to do with what I call "the action" overall.

    From experience I will tell you this... So many simple little factors of overall scoop design add up when combined.

    You can have a scoop that lis lighter than a feather and wear your arse out quicker than a scoop like mine that weights shheesh I don't know 10 pounds all stainless.

    1. any handle longer than 4 foot is more work on the user... just simple physics.

    2. ANY scoop design that does not drop material fast enough through it will also tremendously add to "scoop fatigue".

    3. scoop "drag" which is the "byproduct" of the scoop overall ability to slice / cut into and through the type of situations... this alone is the single most important factor in how a scoop will wear you down.

    If you are not kicking your scoop... you are using your hands and arms to do most of that which is the hardest part... which leads to the scoop fatique
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    Half way home you suddenly remember you forgot to put the scoop in the vehicle...................
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    May 2009
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    That's a lot of money for a scoop. I make my own s/s scoops and they are heavy.. Some of the commercial ones I have seen wouldn't last very long in the rocky areas I hunt in. I only use wooden handles and have only had one snap. The scoop I mainly use is about ten years old and has dug thousands of holes.
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