Titanium Surf Master X3 scoop, review after a week
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Thread: Titanium Surf Master X3 scoop, review after a week

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    Titanium Surf Master X3 scoop, review after a week

    First off...ONE GREAT IMPROVEMENT the Titanium X3 is a replacement for my 1992 vintage SS scoop. I have been looking for a Titanium scoop or just a handle for my old Stainless Steel scoop for over 25years at a price I could afford. The main reason was the weight of my then current scoop.

    Weight of Surf MasterX3 Stainless Steel with 54” handle:___5# 0oz
    Weight of Surf MasterX3 Titanium with 54” handle: _______3# 11oz
    Old SS scoop with Stainless Steel handle:_______________7# 15oz
    I will carrying around 4 ¼ pounds less weight from now on. (more energy left to carry gold)

    The round scoop is my old one. Actually it is my second scoop as the first one (same design) was worn too thin, beyond repair. The old scoop had 4different handles and 3 new “tip” welded on during its 11,000hours of water digging. I hope I get the same results from the X3.

    I made a 20degreespacer from a nylon wing nut for the handle’s screw. This puts amore even tension on the screw head. The one shown is crude at best but it will do for now.

    I also put a piece of tubing over the sharp edge of the toe plate where I hole the scoop while removing a target. It is held in place by two cable ties. I may find a way to improve on this solution.

    I put a plastic capon the threaded end of the handle clamp screw to protect rubber gauntlet glove during the winter time. I might put some heat shrink tubing over the screw to cover the two nut edges also. I’ll have to see how I grab the scoop as I learn how to use it. I may not need anything at all.

    As for the digging with the X3. Both the Stainless Steel and the Titanium X3s felt and performed equally. They should have as they are identical except for the material. Where I really noticed the difference is in the picking the scoop up, out of the water to remove the dug target. The extra 1¼ pound of the Stainless Steel was definitely noticeable. And of course out of the water, on the dry ground the weight difference made for a more enjoyable scoop to carry. Either one beat the heck out of my old scoop.

    I did hear a difference between the Stainless Steel and Titanium as the metal scraped across a rock. I have to say the Titanium made a sound similar to fingernails being drug across a chalk board. I could also feel the difference as the interacted on the rocks.

    I can not say that one scoop is better than any other in “finding” gold. I do have to say that in the first week of using the X3 I have “paid” for the Titanium X3 and a new pair of Drake winter waders. I love the hobby that "pays" for itself so I can afford the niceties.
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    looks like a big improvement to me and being lighter means you move more freely to cover more area



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