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Thread: Big Coil Overload

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    Jun 2010
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    Big Coil Overload

    Big coil overload? I recently made a post about a trip I took into Michigan where I recovered a few tungsten rings but I never told the entire story.

    I began that day with my Excal and my large 12x15 SEF coil but ended that day with the stock 8" coil. Why? Because I was experiencing big coil overload. All of the rings later recovered with the small coil after having previously gone over the same ground with the larger 12x15.

    Here's what was happening, "big coil overload." This will seem like the encountering of small areas of EMI, short burst of hysteria in the search filed due to the overloading of the processor even though it appears that the machine is otherwise running smoothly. This isn't EMI, but rather it's the overloading of the search field and processor "when a target is finally encountered."

    After several bouts with this I returned to my truck and switched to the small coil before returning to those exact same spots where I had previously encountered this processor overload, the end result was the tungsten rings, among a few other items, because in this case the smaller coil reduced the load on the processor to the point that these targets didn't overload the search field/processor when encountered.

    This is something I've experienced many times over the years and have since come to recognize whenever it's happening. Folks don't often believe me but it's usually because they have never made the switch to the smaller coil to test this issue out for themselves, which they should do. As they say, seeing is often the only avenue to believing. Overload the search field and processor and even the Excal can walk right over targets without so much as a tic, or in many cases, often react with small burst of unexplained hysteria. Just some FYI I thought I'd pass along.
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    Bill B

    Sep 2010
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    bigscoop well said. I used to have the stock 8 inch coil and M/L replaced it with the 10 inch coil.,
    Over time I believe that the pod is designed for the 8 inch coil and to change the coil to a larger one requires pod adjustments..I only say this because it appears that the detector functioned better before



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