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    Jun 2007

    harness for excalibur

    rdi, i like your harness setup for the excal. can you or someone please tell me where i can get the material that i need to make one. i now have the straight shaft but would like to have a harness setup. even to the water bottle holder. have been unable to find the belt and the kind of straps and material to hold the excal. thank you or anyone who can help me.

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    Jul 2007
    Hollywood, Florida
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    Re: harness for excalibur

    Firstly, my apologies to RDI for hijacking his thread. Then, my wife and I have made several harnesses. We usually can get one and two-inch strap from Jo-Ann Fabrics. They also have the small buckles. Sometimes the two-inch has to come from Diver's Direct. We have also gotten one-inch from West Marine. They have more colors but higher prices. Burn the cut ends lightly in a gas flame to keep it from coming apart. You can assemble it with Barge Cement or a sewing machine, but don't use both as the glue clogs up the needle eye on the machine. I have heard of folks tacking it together with brass grommets, but never tried it myself.

    Chip V.

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    Sep 2007
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    Re: harness for excalibur

    jlord......As chipveres has stated at Jo Ann fabrics you'll be able to find lightweight nylon, buckles, strapping, and Velcro. Divers Direct is also a good place to get your plastic hardware many sizes of plastic clips,Velcro and accessories. I am fortunate enough to live within a few miles of several skydiving equipment manufactures, this is where I go to buy my heavy Nylon material, they also use a nylon with a quarter-inch foam rubber attached ,this I use as insulation and padding material. I make my own belts and straps out of a blue spongy plastic material that I purchased at Lowe's building supply, which is really designed to be used between the sole plate and slab on homes. What is so great about this material that it does not absorb water and is really cheap. By covering this material with heavy nylon you can make excellent padded straps and and belts... I think you can google sky diving equipment/manufacturing and finds sufficient sources for anything you and your wife will need to make a harness. As chipveres said you have to melt the nylon ends after you have cut the material with a gas flame. However I find it is much better to use a hot knife to cut the material, it is easier and quicker. I made a hot knife out of a 100 watt soldering iron by filing the tip to a thin knifelike blade....jlord I hope this helps you,don't be afraid to post or pm me if you need further assistance.

    Here's a link on harness...... http://forum.treasurenet.com/index.p...,126974.0.html
    Mder's helping Mder's



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