Fresh water lake question
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    Fresh water lake question

    I have found a good site that I know, from digging , is loaded with older clad coins. Out of 21 targets dug, admidst many more signals, were one wheaty, 15 clad coins dating in the 70's, two jewelery pieces, 2 junk and one illusive target. This was all in the knee deep or less water. Didn't have time to test out the deeper stuff. Question for experienced lake hunters is, if there are silver coins here, would they be deeper down than the clad or at approximatley the same level as the clad?

    I was limited by having the wrong kind of scoop that couldn't handle the heavy digging, and we are almost out of hunting weather here in MN, so I likely won't go back until next summer, but I'm just wondering whether this site has the potential I think it does.
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    Re: Fresh water lake question

    That's really not easy to answer Susan. The lake bottom shifts and moves all the time with wind changes, storms, etc. Especially so with a sandy bottom.You will probably find that one time you'll pick up a silver at say, waist deep about a foot down and right after a good blow you'll pick one up knee deep 2 feet down as the sand gets pushed in or out. After a storm, your old beach becomes a new beach all over again....Pete

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    Re: Fresh water lake question

    To me it seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how deep you have to dig. What I use to do is fan the sand to the hardpack then check the hole again and start digging. When you start to drift get out! In the shallow water it is best to hunt up to your finger tips, that is where the rings drop off. Most targets are about as deep as they are on dry land that is 4 inches or less, some deeper.

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    Re: Fresh water lake question

    Coins and gold rings can be a different depths due to the amount of sand or sediment build up and the type bottom material. Silver coins being made before clad could be deeper just because they were lost earlier. Gold being denser can sink deeper and can be found from dry land to the the deepest part of the lake, but mostly where the most people have swam over the years.
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    Re: Fresh water lake question

    Get a cheap set of chest waders and a good scoop. If all your targets were knee deep or less, that would be a great start, and you can wear an insulation layer and hunt in 50 degree waters. Be careful NOT to go too deep and get water over the top. HH Go get'em Gayle



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