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Thread: Found a RECORD silver dime "Cache"!!!!!!!!

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    Nov 2013
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    Quote Originally Posted by xXx View Post
    Due to criticism of great finds I had planned not to post this find from yesterday. But, I am so excited about it I have to show you.
    So, yesterday evening, I decited to spend an hour or so detecting at an old abandoned house that I had gotten permission to hunt a long time ago. It was an open invitation to hunt at any time.
    I'm poking around with a nice haul of clad from the grass driveway and I worked around to the back where I had never hunted before.
    I'm in what looked to be an old garden when I got an Overload hit on my MXT. I pretty much dig everything anyway, and being an odd place for a large piece of aluminum siding or something I decited to dig it. I had about given up on it thinking I had a hot rock or something when I hit metal at about 8". I thought it was just junk at first. After I saw it was an old metal box, like a kids lunch box, I started to get excited. It was pretty rusty.
    As it came out it was extremely heavy, letting me know there is something in it. I quickly opened it up to find a dirty towel. Inside the towel was 1,084 SILVER DIMES!!!! That's $108.40 FACE VALUE!!!! The oldest one is 1916 and they go all the way up to 1964 but stop there. It was as if someone knew that the silver was going to be of value and buried them for later.
    I spent all last night seperating them by date. Funny, and curious, thing is that there is a bunch of each year except for 1955 which there were none at all. I can't figure that out. Any ideas?
    well this post is very old but i'm new to TN any way!, but i want to agree with a replay saying that the 1955 could b the birth date of who ever hide that cache or the house might be built in 1955, or all the 1955'S will be buried some where else inside or outside the property.
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    Mar 2012
    Riverside, CA
    Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202, Tesoro Tiger Shark, Garret Pin Pointer
    183 times
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    One can only hope to pull a cache like that in ones life time! Congrats! Just melt value is like $5000!!!
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    Feb 2014
    2 times
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    So, here's a crazy question from a newbie... Do you share these types of finds with the property owner? Or, does getting permission allow you to keep your finds?
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    Mar 2005
    Vinemont, Alabama
    Garrett Ace 250
    163 times
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    That is awesome!
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    Dec 2010
    Pike County Kentucky
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    23 times
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    Only congratulations here!!! Way to go!!!
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    Mar 2013
    Fisher Gold Bug Pro Tesoro Cibola Nokta Pointer; Phillips SHS5200 phones
    2631 times
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    Wow, super find!
    I normally don't dig overload signals, as they are usually junk. But now, I'm thinking those could have been caches...! =\
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    Charter Member
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    Mar 2014
    17th century
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    Mar 2013
    Fisher Gold Bug Pro Tesoro Cibola Nokta Pointer; Phillips SHS5200 phones
    2631 times
    Metal Detecting

    great haul!

    the 1955 dimes were THE lowest mintage of all those years - so, probably the infrequency of seeing a dime of that year, accounts for them being underrepresented. Great find!
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    Keep Dreaming

    Apr 2015
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    That's a sweet find! Cheers
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    May 2015
    Bounty Hunter 2200
    10 times
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    WOW..... I want to find that today....Amazing find keep going and never stop posting... live Free
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    Dec 2015
    Garrett AT Pro Minelab e-trac
    22 times
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    WOW. Congrats on a really good cardio workout. I mean, I know your heart must have been pounding right out of your chest! Awesome Find!
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    Charter Member

    Dec 2015
    Ann Arbor
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    6401 times
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    That is awesome and will be me some day

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    Dec 2015
    SF Bay Area
    133 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Great find!!! Congrats!
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