1873 Doubled LIBERTY Indian Head! Rarest of all....!
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Thread: 1873 Doubled LIBERTY Indian Head! Rarest of all....!

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    1873 Doubled LIBERTY Indian Head! Rarest of all....!

    Update April 13th: please see below...

    I knew I had found an Indian Head, but didn't check it out until I got home. When I looked in the Red Book at the 1873 IH, I saw the "double liberty" variety, and I think that's what I have here...tell me I'm not going crazy!

    Was very careful with it, only wiped it once gently with a nylon brush. I'll try to take some closer pictures of it in higher res, but here's a close-up....

    It'd be an awesome find if it is. Would it be worth getting it graded?

    Still shaking...


    UPDATE: Wow, thanks everyone for your replies and votes, it means a lot. Two different dealers have confirmed the authenticity of this coin. About XF condition, suggested that I do indeed send off to ANACS to grade. Man, I'm thrilled to have such a special coin.

    I went back yesterday, but was unsuccessful in finding anything else of value. A beautiful stretch of woods, very close to a lake, the perfect setting for spring detecting. Amazing that I found this Indian Head within ten minutes of a half-hour hunt after work...but then yesterday was out for three hours without any signals save shotgun shells.

    No matter, these old woods must have more secrets. An old estate is close to where I was, just a matter now of zeroing in on the hot spots!

    I took some more photos, I'm sorry they're not great, but I don't have a good camera. The reverse as you can see is pretty much the same as the obverse condition-wise, save some dirt that I'm afraid to touch....

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1873IHR.jpg 
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    Thanks again all,

    UPDATE Well, I got the coin back from ANACS, good news is that they saw fit to give it AU50 details, but, of course, marked it "heavily corroded" and "scratched". Not surprising since it spent 130 years or so in the dirt.

    Dave, you had it right on, Closed 3 Snow-1 FS #101 (formerly FS1-009). Once again, I consider myself EXTREMELY fortunate to have found such a rare coin in this shape! Proves to all of us that they're out there!

    I'm submitting the photos to W&E, I hope this coin might make their Top Finds. Then I will probably sell, I haven't really decided yet.

    Happy hunting,

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    Re: Is this what I think it is???

    Sure looks it, and yeah That would be worth grading, great find
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    Oct 2006
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    Re: Is this what I think it is???

    .....looks like a good one steve! Been a good week for ya.......lets get out tomorrow

    even as a dug coin that's got to be worth a nice chunk of change
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    Re: Is this what I think it is???

    wow. looks like it. she's in great shape, too.
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    dirty pennies...

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    Re: Is this what I think it is???

    Wow. It sure looks like a double liberty. In the pics it looks like you can see at least part of the diamond shapes on the ribbon. If so it would grade about Very Fine to Extremely Fine. In VF that coin books for $1,200 in EF $2,400. A dug coin is going to be worth less than a nondug one but it is still a super nice coin.
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    Re: Is this what I think it is???

    Nice Find!! Looks like the real deal and in fantastic shape!
    CONGRATS hh bob
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    Jan 2009
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    Re: Is this what I think it is???

    Congrats. I hope it is. Yea worth taking somewhere and double check it.
    HH in 2010
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    Re: Is this what I think it is???

    Quote Originally Posted by Knightwalker
    Congrats. I hope it is. Yea worth taking somewhere and double check it.
    HH in 2010
    Don't need to get that double checked the L an the I is quite obviously doubled to the untrained eye....
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    Re: Is this what I think it is???

    1873 closed 3
    URS 9

    BREEN# 1986; SNOW - 1
    FS #1 -009

    Double Die Obverse (I-O-V)
    Type of Variety is strong doubled, as is the eye, and the feather spines. Closed 3
    VALUE: Very Good - $400, XF - $2,500, AU - $5,000, MS64RB - $20,000, MS65RB - $$55,000 (actual sales)

    Comments: This is considered the "chief" of the Indian cents varieties. Demand for this variety is very high, and can be sold easily.

    All info. is from the book by Bill Fivaz & J. T. Stanton

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Cherrypickers guide.JPG 
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    [i]Treasure Hunting America Texas Style

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    Re: Is this what I think it is???

    Very nice find!
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    Re: Is this what I think it is???

    No doubt about it!!BANNER!!
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    Re: Is this what I think it is???

    Fantastic find, and wonderful condition for a dug Indian; lucky for you the ground was gentle with it!
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    Apr 2008
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    Re: Is this what I think it is???

    Outstanding find!!!

    Great condition, too!
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    Re: Is this what I think it is???

    that is a very nice IH!!!!!!!!!! MR TUFF
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    Re: Is this what I think it is???

    Ok now I am going to have to get all mine out and look for the double liberty. Congratulations that looks in great condition.
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