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    Nov 2005
    Garrett Infinium LS,White's MXT's and Surf II Lot's-O-Coil's
    50 times
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    Re: Adventures With Nana & DiggerBug CW Pic Heavy

    Just Cuz it's cool!! 8)

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    Apr 2010

    Re: Adventures With Nana & DiggerBug CW Pic Heavy


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    Apr 2008
    DFX, Pro 6000XL, SunRay Probe, Centech Pinpointer
    1056 times
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    Re: Adventures With Nana & DiggerBug CW Pic Heavy

    Dang Nana now that is a whole lotta digging and a whole lotta great finds. That CSA is just fantastic. The entire hunt was just a splendid read! jgas

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    Jul 2005
    N Louisiana
    Ace 250
    24 times

    Re: Adventures With Nana & DiggerBug CW Pic Heavy

    Now, Nana, you and your friend are just getting ridiculous... really! We're all tired of being shown up by you! You should be ashamed!

    That silver thingy y'all are calling a match safe is almost identical to one I have that my grandmother gave to her "Papa" back in 1912 or so. Family told me it was a snuff keeper. But mine is only filled with a note from my grandmother that says, "To Papa." Whatever it was supposed to be filled with, it never was.

    Dang, Nana, you beat all! Congrats!!!! And to your partner!!! - Noodle
    Dear Lord, lest I continue in my complacent ways, help me to remember that someone died for me today. And if there be war, help me to remember to ask and to answer "am I worth dying for?" - Eleanor Roosevelt

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    presidential campaign items, 1860 JOHN BELL-EDWARD EVERETT tin type pic token, 1888 Benjamin Harrison pin. 1876 CENTENNIAL REVOLUTIONARY WAR MEDAL WITH BARON VON STEUBEN AND GENERAL GEORGE WASHINGTON. CW RELICS 1864 Union store card,3 I,1 R, eagle buttons

    Dec 2008
    Minelab Safari, Garrett pro pointer, bounty hunter 202 with a 10in magnum coil, Automax pinpointer,
    199 times
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    Re: Adventures With Nana & DiggerBug CW Pic Heavy

    Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MR TUFF
    oldest dug 1784 half real, 1831 William IIII. 1844 1/6 Skilling. 1834,51,54,72,76cc,77,84-87,89,92,93o,94o,96,97-99o,1900o-11,13 Dimes. 1854,56,76s,94,99,1902,06,09d,11,15s Qtrs. 1864,65 2cent. 79,83cc Morgan. 1867,68,69,70,75,82,87,88,90,91,93,95,97,98,1900,0 2,04-09,11,12d Nickles. 1848,56,59,61,63-69,73-75,81-85-09 Cent.

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    Jan 2005
    Sand Springs, OK
    ACE 250, Garrett
    112 times
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    Re: Adventures With Nana & DiggerBug CW Pic Heavy

    So, tell me. Is our non-hunter now hooked? That's beginner's luck for sure. Same thing happened to me two years ago. I introduced a newby to the fine art of detecting and he found a platinum ring right off! Great stuff Nana and that sure looks like a lot of digging! Monty
    Don't make me loose the hounds! If you dig, Cover up your holes.

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    Re: Adventures With Nana & DiggerBug CW Pic Heavy

    Awesome buckle that belongs in the banner!

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    Congratulations to the Winner!

    Jan 2010
    The Bungay Jar, Near Wildwood, and The Lost River. Heartily renounce any connection to US policy
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    595 times
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    Re: Adventures With Nana & DiggerBug CW Pic Heavy

    WOW, Outstanding Post.
    Great Finds Photos and Story !
    don't know how I missed this for so long.
    Thanks for the best posting I've read
    Here's my Vote
    Desire is oft more pleasant than acquisition

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    Re: Adventures With Nana & DiggerBug CW Pic Heavy

    Thanks, Aquila, BB and Breezie!

    Thanks, Jer. Absolutely she's keeping it! And I think after finding out a little history on it, he's putting on a big smile over finding it....right, Lisa?

    Thank you, Sweet Burdie.

    Thanks, Civil.

    Thanks you AU and JG!

    Thanks, Noodle. Well...I've never looked it up for myself. :P I just assumed that's what it was. I did take a little time to look over some sites and I think that's actually what it is. Looks like the snuff boxes are a tad bigger than the match box....

    Thanks, Mr. T.

    Monty.....Nope. :P But I bet if Lisa asked him to go huntin' with her, he would.

    Thanks, Fisher!

    Thanks a bunch, Will!

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    Jun 2007
    Whites XLT
    64 times
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    Re: Adventures With Nana & DiggerBug CW Pic Heavy

    Great post Nana, love the finds.
    Great plate, and some sweet buttons.
    Congrats to you and your crew.


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    Jan 2009
    South East Tennessee on Ga, Ala line
    Tesoro Conquistador freq shift Fisher F75 Garrett AT-Pro Garet carrot Neodymium magnets 5' Probe
    7110 times
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    Re: Adventures With Nana & DiggerBug CW Pic Heavy

    Great finds Nana I just saw these finds. Go figure the new guy would get a CSA plate. Looks like you all did well. He did something I have never been able to do and that is hunt with a watch on. But then the brass rivets on my boots set off my machine
    Nice job all around
    Please read our rules and enjoy the site. TreasureNet.com Rules

    All finds posted by me are from private property with landowner permission.

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    Oct 2009
    32 times

    Re: Adventures With Nana & DiggerBug CW Pic Heavy

    dream find for me ..congrats!

    In a related question..what about 'daffies' makes it a probable home site...
    Not a horticulture expert...did these have to be 'planted' at some point>?

    I see lots with the flowers quite often

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    Charter Member

    Jun 2006
    Moonlight and Magnolias
    Fisher F75, Whites DualField PI, Fisher 1266-X and Tesoro Silver ÁMax
    5025 times
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    Re: Adventures With Nana & DiggerBug CW Pic Heavy

    Wow, wow, WOW!

    When you folks are finding, you are finding BIG!!!

    First off, those button backs indicate that the whole jacket was tossed out there. The buttons look like 3-piece button backs, and I assume that the button that fits that is either the Staff button or the Mississippi one. So get back there and find the fronts of those buttons!

    Second, I think you may have a brass spur rowel there in your photo (brass amoeba-like piece with a hole in the center).

    This is all Top Notch Stuff! Congratulations!! Got a photo of the back of the CSA plate?

    2017 CaneField Bandits Totals:
    George Washington Inaugural Button GWI-17B
    Eagle "V" Voltigeurs Cuff Button
    1790s French Marine Artillery Button
    Federal Era Gold Ring with stone
    Six Pound Solid Shot Cannonball
    University of the South (Sewanee) Staff Officer Button, c.1857
    1830s Navy Button
    c.1812 regt Artillery button
    Eagle "I" cuff button
    New York State Seal cuff button
    Three 1782's, 1786, 1798, 1806, Two 1807's, 1808, 1814 and Three Dateless Half Reales
    1835 Capped Bust Half Dime
    Three 1839-O's, Two 1840-O's, 1841, 1841-O, 1842-O, 1848-O, 1851-O, 1853-O, 1854-O, and 1858-O Half Dimes
    1842-O and 1853 (with arrows) Seated Dimes
    1893 Barber Dime
    1856-O Seated Quarter
    Dateless Standing Liberty Quarter
    1945 Silver Washington Quarter
    1939 Mercury Dime
    Counterfeit 8 Reales
    Four 1944 Philippine Occupation Silver Coins
    1943-P, three 1944-P, and two 1945-P Silver Nickels
    Henry Clay Campaign Button (1844)
    Complete antebellum spur
    Plantation Store Token


    Any relics, coins, or other items appearing in my signatures were found on PRIVATE PROPERTY with total consent and permission from the owners of said property.

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    Re: Adventures With Nana & DiggerBug CW Pic Heavy

    Thanks, HB & TN!

    CHill....Thanks! The daffodils are bulbs and not seeds, so they are not eaten by critters and strewn around. They can however be transplanted...say if the soil is moved around.

    Thanks, BB!! Extra thank ya for all the info and ID!! 8) We'll get back out there soon and see what those button backs belong to. Here's a pic of the back of the buckle for ya.

    Name:  buckle back.png
Views: 1195
Size:  59.2 KB

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    Mar 2009
    E-Trac and Sun-Ray Probe
    2 times

    Re: Adventures With Nana & DiggerBug CW Pic Heavy

    Great digs, congrats!


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