Gypsys Ghost Town Hunt 9/10 pics added
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Thread: Gypsys Ghost Town Hunt 9/10 pics added

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    Gypsyheart~ Queen of Rust

    Nov 2005
    304 times

    Gypsy's Ghost Town Hunt 9/10 pics added

    Tomorrow I end a journey that has taken me ten years to accomplish. Next week I hope to post my finds and the rest of the story. ........................

    You could hear it long before you saw it. The gentle rushing of cool water rambling lazily over the rocks of the Jump River. Traveling down the rutted, dusty lane, surrounded by towering pines, oaks and cedar, the air was pungent with the warm rich smell of ancient woods. This road has remained the same for over 150 years. Spiraling slivers of sunlight peeked through the dense undergrowth, allowing fleeting glimpses of the moss-covered floor of the forest. Dark shadows beckoned you deeper. Shifting the Jeep to a crawl, I allowed myself to travel back in time and experience how the early settlers felt, as they took this same road to their new homes for the very first time.

    Fourteen ox driven carts, 56 people, including women and small children had just arrived from Eastern NY. The journey had taken over five months, and it was now midsummer. Tired and dirty, but full of hope they marveled at the vastness of the Wisconsin Northwood’s. These pioneers were to become landowners. At 1 cent an acre, the government had promised all settlers that the Northern acreage could become theirs if they established homesteads. Banding together, these brave young men and women, babies and grandparents had journeyed North West to fulfill their dreams. The young men, tall handsome Swedes and Norwegians had already called claims to their land, as they had passed them. Following the Indian trails that ran along the river, each family positioned themselves on high ground, with the water close by.

    The Cummings, Vannedges, Millers, Kubes, Fricks ,Andersons to name a few would within a short time have the land cleared, log homes and barns built and a town began. A bustling settlement, with feed and grain mill, a sawmill, general store, several homes, livery ,a coopers and school. A river mill town that provided unity and life to the families and those that would soon follow. Soon this small community would boast two hundred people. A town with hopes…… that would eventually fade into the forest floor as the railroads took over in the 1900’s and the river towns became a graveyard of dreams. The birth and death of a town within a fifty-year span. If you listen, you can hear the wailing of a faraway train whistle, sending its mournful death cry over the hills and echoing its haunting sound throughout the treetops.

    Within these overgrown woods, are the remnants of that town. As long as I can remember, stories were told of the mighty loggers who cleared the Wisconsin forests, turning them to rich farm ground and making the way for the huge dairy farms. This road will end the search.

    Last fall, I was able to pinpoint the town’s location. There are few existing records. The children and grandchildren of these settlers are long buried and the remaining families, now in their 70 ands 80’s vaguely remember the stories they were told. For many years I was led to believe, this was just a way station, not really a town. But things didn’t add up, the more I sought, the more I found. Bits and pieces of information gathered from old pictures, journals, school records, books and maps.
    The one remaining building is the brick school. Burned twice, this was the heart of the community. It has now stood steadily since the 1880’s. The Cummings brothers donated land for the building of the school within the first year of settlement. Education was important and first little log school housed not only their children, but became the community center, as it served as a church, dances were held here, as well as weddings and funerals. Children were brought to school by boat, sled and wagons.

    The first winter was hard, but the Indians tribes provided the settlers with food, venison and friendship. These friendships turned to family as many of the young men took Indian brides. The Indians had a huge Camp 15 miles to the East of the settlement and trading of goods was a common occurance in the small village. Each spring, the tribe would make their way through the little town, trading furs and hides ,dried herbs, copper tools and other staples for the items they needed. These Indians had traveled down from Eau Claire and brought items to the small village that the white people needed.

    The Cummings brothers cleared over 300 acres of pines the within three years. New York Timber barons purchased the great white pines and a sawmill was established on the Jump. Within that time a settlement sprang up, with the next closest being Ogema, 20 miles as the crow flies.

    As you breath in the glory of this place, you can see why and how a family could make a good life here. The woods are thick, the water plentiful and the ground, dark and rich. Abundant wild game and fish are evident still.

    My job has just begun. It is my plan to grid and hunt this land over the next five days. I have sought permission from several out of state land-owners and will be camping here, while documenting everything I find. A book for the State Historical Society as well as the County will be published by fall. I had previously surveyed this spot and have found rock foundations and cellar holes on both sides of the river. A farm owner, descendant from the first Cummings, will meet with me to show where he buried several other foundations fifty years ago. I will be canoeing two miles up river to photograph several settlers and a trappers log cabins. I have found several bottle dumps along the river in a short period and the remains show dates of 1850’s, some as old as 1830’s. My first find, deep into the woods, was a rusted cast iron cook stove, a tombstone marking the demise of a forgotten time and place.

    Research …is like a homesteaders quilt…you save every scrap ,no matter how tiny , but as you begin to put the pieces together ,you end up with a beautiful story of someones life.

    I cannot let the dreams and hopes of these first settlers fade into oblivion. They need to be honored as important people of our history. They might not have been famous or world known. They didn’t become Generals or Presidents. The small items I hope to find ,wont lead to anything of historical exclamation. But these are my people ….and yours…..Our brave and fearless ancestors who paved the way across the States for each of us. Lets step back into time and glimpse into their hearts and souls.

    Day One: ……………… be continued
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    I go a great distance,while some are considering whether they will start today or tomorrow

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    Jul 2005
    New Mexico
    White's XLT
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    Re: Gyspy's Ghost Town Hunt

    Well written, Gypsy! That was excellent.
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    We all know there's no such thing as a "hunted out" location. Let's stop using that phrase to describe a park out of which you just dug a pile of coins! Obviously that particular place wasn't "hunted out", right?

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    Dec 2004
    Long Island New York
    White's XLT
    25 times

    Re: Gyspy's Ghost Town Hunt

    That was GREAT, good luck to you Gypsy, happy hunting. post as much as you can. I'm sure all of your hard work will pay off!!

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    Sep 2003
    Allentown Pa.
    DFX 300
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    Re: Gyspy's Ghost Town Hunt

    Gypsy that is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!! great job! I'm gonna be sitting on the edge of my seat until youm post the rest!!!!!!!!!!! The knowledge you have about this town is treasure itself!!!! hh jd
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    **Bring History Back to Life**

    Nov 2005
    Keep on Digging!
    MINELAB Explorer-II
    78 times
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    Re: Gyspy's Ghost Town Hunt

    With all that said! Your gonna prove to us all that not only are you superb at researching and finding information on a number of subjects related to items, Relics and a number of outstanding finds that have been posted here on Treasure Net ..You will have one of the best Detecting weekends that you will most likely remember and never forget through out your many years of Metal Detecting! With the information you have obtained on this Ghost Town you should have no problem finding plenty of nice finds . Coins , Relics and even items that may tell a little story about the town itself! So you go and have one heck of a time and I wish you the best of luck always!!! Stay safe! I'm looking forward to your return and the story you bring with you..................
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    Keep on Digging!

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    Jan 2005
    Great Falls, Montana
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    Re: Gyspy's Ghost Town Hunt

    Beautifully written, Gypsy. What an adventure you and your girls will have.

    I can't wait to see what you dig up!
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    Charter Member
    Jan 2006
    SE Louisiana
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    Re: Gyspy's Ghost Town Hunt

    Well written, Gypsy. Your long, hard research will pay off. Wishing you & the girls the best & be safe. Take plenty of pics.

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    Looking for that ONE find.

    Nov 2005
    South Central Kansas
    88 times
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    Re: Gyspy's Ghost Town Hunt

    WOW Gypsy you are on to a great adventure as well as for the readers. I hope the weather cooperates with you. This is going to be one great post. I can tell your heart is in it. Can't wait for Day two. Burdie
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    Dec 2005
    Eugene, Oregon
    Fisher CZ5, White's GM VSat
    132 times

    Re: Gyspy's Ghost Town Hunt

    Nice job Gypsy, I hope the search is fruitful for you.
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    Aug 2005
    6 times

    Re: Gyspy's Ghost Town Hunt

    wow -- I can't wait to see what you find -- I wish you the best!!!
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    Jul 2004
    South Florida Cesspool
    Tesoro Sand Shark, Whites M6
    9950 times
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    Re: Gyspy's Ghost Town Hunt

    I'm envious and jealous! I wanna go! Good luck Gypsy.I wish you all the best.Be safe.

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    PBK is offline

    May 2005
    232 times

    Re: Gyspy's Ghost Town Hunt

    Well done, dear Heart! Looking forward to more of your Gypsy magic!
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    Dec 2004
    Troy X5
    61 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: Gyspy's Ghost Town Hunt

    PBK big man on campus now..... 8)
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    Random chance seems to have operated in our favor

    Oct 2004
    49 times
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    Re: Gyspy's Ghost Town Hunt

    What a great way to enrich you and your family's lives as well as the State and local historical societies. They may not have been famous or well known but they and many others like them made up an important part of our history for their strengths and abilities to overcome the many hardships. Best of luck and thanks for sharing this piece of history which otherwise would lie forgotten and passed by the wayside.
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    Re: Gyspy's Ghost Town Hunt

    The time has finally arrived. Wish you the utmost success. Looking forward to your posts of your adventure. Enjoy!! HH
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