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Thread: Picture journal of a modern cache

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    Oct 2006
    SW Idaho
    Minelab Explorer SE, Sunray X-1 probe
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    Re: Picture journal of a modern cache

    Quote Originally Posted by snake35
    Interesting thread. After my first divorce I learned to spread my stashes out into diffrent locations. That way if someone finds one your not out. Also keep most of it off your own property unless by this time you have learned to hide it in sub chapter S corporations or L.L.C,s .
    LMAO, but sick and wrong!

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    The Money Pit must be the Titanic of empty holes and empty wallets.

    Apr 2004
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    Re: Picture journal of a modern cache

    hmm now that's an interesting cache find! WTG SkierBob!
    Maybe part of some Geo-cache though unlikely.
    Maybe Warren Buffet is working on a treasure hunt book/contest? *L*
    anyway - great find!
    Everybody has an opinion - this is mine. Humor will be part of that opinion. I've found things - some can only dream about. Some was pure luck, some was pure knowledge and skill. After 40 years at MD'ing (off and on), I know a few things about finding treasure lost in the ground. As a retired software engineer, I now have unlimited time on my hands. Life really doesn't matter unless you are true to yourself and in your dealings with other people.

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    Jan 2005
    Choctaw Beach Florida
    Etrac, Equinox 800 and 600, tesoro Cibola with whites and minelab pinpointers
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    Re: Picture journal of a modern cache

    Very ,very cool . Makes you wonder what type of person would bury such loot .Do they not have any family to give it to or they just a little strange in their thinking. Any way it is your gain for sure. Thanks for sharing.
    God and country.

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    Apr 2007
    Colonial, PA
    White's Pro XL
    6 times
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    Re: Picture journal of a modern cache

    What was the VDI reading? How deep? Nice cache!

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    Sep 2007
    La Pine Oregon
    Whites XLT, Tesoro, Whites DFX
    24 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Re: Picture journal of a modern cache

    Those were placed thier recently.
    you found some ones stash.
    shame on you..lol truth is though i would have taken it too.
    i would bet they were found on private property

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    Feb 2007
    Please don't yell !
    8 times

    Re: Picture journal of a modern cache

    Nice bottle find and they washed up so clean too.

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    Jul 2007
    western new york
    whites dfx
    4 times

    Re: Picture journal of a modern cache

    what more can be said WOW!! nice job and congrats 10 times over.

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    Dec 2007
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: Picture journal of a modern cache

    At first I thought, "Oh god he's dug up someone's retirement fund!"
    Then I thought "Oh god he took someone's geocaching cache!"

    Then I thought, if it's not a retirement fund and not a geocache...what is it!!? People just bury perfectly good coinage on purpose for other people to dig up!?! How cool is that! lol

    I used to do geocaching a couple of years ago and plan to get back into it again soon. But this is a whole new concept to me, lol. In geocaching you're not supposed to bury the cache, and also you aren't supposed to take it! lol you take something and leave something , and usually there's a log for you to sign/date.

    Anyway , great find! Especially since there were clues, if there were no clues, I'd be realllly scared I stole someone's life savings!


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    Please leave a ring after the beep!

    Sep 2004
    Aiken, SC
    Ace 250
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    Re: Picture journal of a modern cache

    WOWEEEEEEE !! What an awesome find. Gosh, how much fun was that? I just love the whole mystery thing and then actually finding something.....alot of somethings!! Way to go........What a great experience and memory for you!!

    Happy Hunting,
    Even the mightiest Oak in the forest is just a little nut that held it's ground!!

    Remember to take a walk in the shoes of a loser! Quote by Moonshadow 2/17

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    Dec 2007
    3 times

    Re: Picture journal of a modern cache

    so thats were i buried them.welp thanks for finding it for me.......
    god please. you have all the power in the universe.please god bring brian back to us.

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    A swinger to the end!

    Nov 2007
    Trego, Montana, all over nevada and Arizona
    F-4, X-70, Delta 4000
    3 times

    Re: Picture journal of a modern cache

    OMG!!! That is a dream come true! absolutely incredible!

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    Sep 2006
    93 times
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    Re: Picture journal of a modern cache

    It's been almost a year.

    Did you ever find more?

    Did you ever decide to write the basic story without details?

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    Jun 2006
    Southeastern PA
    Minelab e-trac; Minelab Exp II; Troy Shadow X3; Garrett AT Pro.
    79 times
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    Re: Picture journal of a modern cache

    Hey Montana,

    Good to hear from you, Jim. It's been a while since anybody responded on this thread. Coincidentally, I just got back from a ski trip to Whitefish, MT. Had a fantastic time there and at Fernie in B.C. Unbelievable snow. They've had 360 inches already this year. They've hit their average already with two months of the ski season to go.

    Anyway, I haven't written up the whole story about the caches. The one I posted here was actually the last one I found. I have put together a little story about the first cache I found and I have some pictures of that one that my buddy took. But I can't seem to get the guts to post it. I realize how hard it is for anybody to believe it. I think that all the theories people have come up with are wrong, accept for possibly one. That was posed to me by a fellow Tnetter larrybass. We both seem to think that the caches were planted for the benefit of the person's heirs. In other words, he left a cache or two as inheritances for his neices or nephews, etc. to search for and locate on their own. I've got a feeling that he might be really pissed that other people discovered his plan. He put a whole lot of work into it. But he shouldn't have buried the stuff on public land. He had to know that there were people with metal detectors who could find it without knowing his clues. Or, maybe he didn't think that metal detectors really work, like a lot of people. Anyway, by burying the stuff on public land, I feel that he was donating it to anybody who could find it. I and others were happy to oblige him. The quest made for the most exciting 3 years of my life. I still get goosebumps thinking about it.

    So, I may post parts of the story and/or pictures from time to time, but the whole story would require a book. I may do that too someday.

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    Oct 2007
    Chester County, PA
    Minelab X-Terra 30
    3 times

    Re: Picture journal of a modern cache

    I don't get tired of reading this, Bob! Your gain, congrats! Three years is a long time but the payoff was worth it. I love that you found it not too far from me. Don't say too much, I actually might know the area. Nah, it's yours and you deserve it! I have hunted an old Delco mill site and came home with only relics due to about 30 years of beer cans and trash being dumped on it. I was pretty disappointed. I would hunt with you anytime though. Good luck with future finds. Take care!

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    Jan 2005

    Re: Picture journal of a modern cache

    what digging tool are you using?


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