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Thread: Silver hoards from Romania!

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    Feb 2010
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    Amazing. Everyone's already used all the words to say WOW! Good luck.
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    The Urban Pirate

    Jul 2014
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    Well, see ya fellas, I'm off to Romania!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Decebalus View Post
    Unfortunatly the laws in Romania regarding the use of metal detectors are not very permisive. You can use the metal detector but anything you find that is older than 100 years must be entrusted in 72 hours to a museum. Nothing belongs to you. However you have the right to 30% of the valuation of the tresure(less then 25% after taxes)...so you remain mostly with the joy of admiring your find in a museum. The truth is it has been 18 months since the discovery and i havent seen a penny so far...that`s Romania. You have to fight hard for your rights.
    Well hopefully they will give you your share of the find. Especially now since it has a world wide audience to admire it.
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    Dec 2013
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    That is absolutely unfair. I sure hope he "dropped" a few of those coins on the way back to the truck. Yeah more I think about it.....that ticks me off. I'm callin' Romania.

    What's their number? They are going to give that man his 30%.

    They do not want a worked up redneck from Texas on the phone.

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    Dec 2013
    SE Texas
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    Romania didn't answer.....had to leave a message.

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    what hath god wrought

    Feb 2009
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    tectin crap
    Stupefying find. I am utterly gobsmacked. Thanks so much for sharing this with Tnet. As far as your cut, I am sure that God himself will see to it that you get your share one way or another.
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    Jun 2006
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    Quote Originally Posted by Decebalus View Post
    A few pictures from the first discovery:
    Attachment 1130156Attachment 1130157Attachment 1130158
    And that, my friends, is a BACKPACK full of coins!
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    Oct 2014
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    Hopefully you don't share everything on this forum! Don't tell everyone how's the European soil is full of treasures...

    Great find and spectacular banner!
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    Apr 2013
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    WOW!!! That is a sick find. Super amazing.
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    Oct 2013
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    Amazing! Congrats my friend. It's a real bummer that you just put in all of that hard work to make these amazing discoveries and now you have to fight like crazy to just get a small cut that gets taxed like crazy. Id like to say I'm surprised but im not at all. If you find another one maybe you should keep it and tell the govt they already got their share with the first two just kidding I would never condone anything illegal
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    May 2014
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    sssooooo next time in in Romania im bring my gear and im going to give you a call. they want to keep 70% then tax you on the remaining 30%? thats crazy dont give them anything. dont even post a picture of your face. im half Romanian. i guess its better than when the communists were in charge. my mother lived there whey the overthrew (killed) the royal family. ive gotten to go to Eforia, Constanta, Bucharest, and Bran Castle. Romania is awesome. when i first went there as a kid the streets in the small town of Eforia were not even paved. they have come a long way in the last 20 years.
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    Dec 2014
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    Fantastic find! Now thats what Ive been looking for!
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    Feb 2015
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    Great find! Absolutely incredible.

    The rule about turning over the treasure should be that you give them the treasure only after it has been appriased and you've received your check.

    It could even be turned over to a 3rd party in the meantime so you don't cut and run.
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    Jun 2013
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tnmountains View Post
    Well hopefully they will give you your share of the find. Especially now since it has a world wide audience to admire it.
    Yeah, unlike Florida where finds are confiscated, locked up in the State's Treasury, then disappear!


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    Apr 2005
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    Can you get a lawyer or something? A small amount of those coins will pay for one.. I'd fight tooth and nail to get a share of those coins !! Man, I don't think I'd even hunt if they did that to me... Tell them to get a detector and find their own 4,000 year old coins !! We feel for you sorry your not getting what you deserve so far.... Amazing find, congratulations on banner... Sometimes the thrill of the hunt is valuable enough.

    Keep @ it and HH !!
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