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Thread: Silver hoards from Romania!

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    Nov 2010
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    Silver hoards from Romania!

    Hello my name is Julian and i`m from Romania. Exactly two years ago I bought my first metal detector and I embraced this beautiful and noble hobby. I'm talking about a Garrett Euroace 350 which is a Garrett350 adapted to European soil. With joy I can say that in the two years this detector discovered two very important silver hoards wich i like to share with you.
    First in september 1 2013, the largest silver treasure ever discovered in Romania: 47,296 silver coins most from the reign of Sultan Murad II 1421-1451, weighing more than 120 pounds.The coins were in very good condition due to high purity silver alloy (97%) and the soil in which they spent the several hundred years. The coins are very little circulated.
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    Nov 2010
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    The second treasure found on Sunday 8 March 2015 is even more spectacular. Even though I kept my promise not to sell the Garrett 350, I entrusted it to my brother as I`m using DETECH Reacher. He found the first coin, so he's discoverer. I'm talking about 178 tetradrachme Geto-Dacian silver "Jiblea type" coins, plus a silver coin still unidentified. It may be one of the first Dacian imitations of Macedonian coins
    Tetradrahms weigh about 12 grams each, the singular coin about 5 grams. We do not know exactly the date of issue but is supposed to be around the 4th century before Christ.
    I`m not saying that the detector its very good but is freeking lucky.
    PS If its hard for you to understand this dont blame me, blame Google translate
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    Nov 2010
    Detech Reacher
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    And the singular coin:
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Name:	Drahma Alexandru Macedon.JPG 
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Name:	Posibil drahma Alexandru Macedon.JPG 
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    Welcome to Treasure Net !!
    If these are your finds, these should be on the BANNER without question !!
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    Mar 2012
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    Wow! The sound of all those silver coins jinglin' around together must be amazing. I wish I could hear it.
    'Cause I be kickin' the real while they be losin' the race tryin' to chase mass appeal.

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    Welcome...I think you have just stolen my user name. ..Fantastic coins, well done.

    Silver Searcher.
    Don't piss down my back, then tell me it's raining.

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    Oct 2012
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    Not bad for a Decebalus Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Jun 2013
    Jefferson City, Tennessee
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    Wow...wow...wow...wow...wow and wow! That pretty much says it all. Congrats on two major Silver hoard finds! When you found the first one, did you keep on digging to see if the Mint that produced those coins was there as well? With that many coins, one would think it was with the coins!

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    U.S. Army Veteran (Nov. 27, 1972 to Mar. 30, 1978) and Federal Government Employee (Nov. 19, 1978 to Jul. 30, 2011), now retired with a total Federal Service of 38 years and 15 days. I am a Coin Collector, Searcher & Researcher at heart with main interests in Error & Variety Coins. I also love Gold and Gem Prospecting, Metal Detecting when and where I can, Ginseng and Herb Hunting, Long Range Shooting, Hunting and Fishing as well as research on Spanish Shipwrecks.

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    May 2012
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    Holy moley...

    Those are some magnificent treasures, wow... Congratulations and thanks for sharing your incredible top-class discoveries!
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    Jan 2011
    heath springs,sc
    97 times
    were they buried in the ground. fantastic find.
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    May 2011
    Western Mass.
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    The one everybody else missed.
    Heh....I quit!

    GOD Bless


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    places. Ephesians 6:12

    ​7 minutes could change your lif​e...

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    Apr 2004
    Near Chattanooga
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    That is what I call Real Treasure Hunting! Cheers!!

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    Feb 2009
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    Fantastic, thank you for sharing

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    Mar 2015
    4 times
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    Wow, very cool. Can you tell us more about the first find and the pictures you shared? Were they all found together? Boxed or wrapped? (They are all very clean) The picture shows them on a blanket, maybe in a field, with a shovel and your detector there, but they are all very clean and some are in bags. The second set is more like what I expected...

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    Jan 2014
    The Sunshine State/The Golden State
    524 times
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    Incredible,just a awesome hoard find, man I cant wait to find mine, i know its out there


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