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Thread: My True Treasure Tale - Long, but the Whole Story.....

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    Oct 2006
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    Great story, no matter if true or fiction. In fact if you know history of USA, many Native American Indian tribes were paid their annuity in gold coin, as it was less bulky than paying them in silver. Many of these N.A. did bury their gold coins, for various reasons, and much of it may remain to be found. To me this story sounds much like a N.A. annuity gold coin cache that was secreted back then...and gives me hope.

    In accordance with the treaty between the Choctaw Indian and the United States Government, annuity payments were issued on a regular basis from this building. Boats carrying wooden barrels filled with gold coins would float up the Arkansas River until they reached the landing, then would be carted across the remaining miles to the old agency building.
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    Nov 2013
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    Great story, indeed.

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    Aug 2008
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    Finders keepers.
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    Lets get this back up top.

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    May 2010
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    An additional thought here. People have said you must destroy the HD physically to keep it secret.

    There was a major theory going around that you needed to over-write all clusters on a HD quite a number of times, or it would be retirevable.

    One of the top computer pubs contacted several top ranked recovery companies, and asked about recovering a HD which had been over-written with random date ONE TIME, and asked how much it would cost to retrived it. The answer was, we cannot do it at all.

    There was a case a couple years ago where the government in EU wanted to nail a man for certain crimes. They used the electron microscope routine you hear so much about, and it took them many months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in the end they got enough recovered to send him to prison.

    Any common WIPE program, including a Linux live CD with dd and random data to fill the HD will give you all the protection you need. If you want, delete the big file and do it again. Then, you can reinstall on your HD fine.

    The government, such as DOD, has these high standards, but they are not based on any reality. Another case of urban legend becoming standard wisdom.

    The man who first made up those standards himself admitted it is not necessary. It was a hypothetical formula

    What is true is that "deleting" a file actually does not delete it. a few years ago, students at MIT bought old HD from various sources and looked them over. They found hundreds of credit card numbers and more. But, these were HD which had not been written over with random data. The user simply 'delete' the file and all the data was still there.

    In the past, the operating system wrote all files to a cluster. If a cluster was later re-used for another shorter file, that slack space at the end of the cluster still has its data, and one can look at it.

    I am told that later versions of Windows fill in that unused slack space so that no longer is an issue.

    However, if you feel better taking a whack at your old HD with a large hammer, it's your HD. I have been known to do that when shipping someone else's computer to recycle center.
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    Dec 2012
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickleanddime View Post
    Sorry but if you were advised to do all this then you were trespassing and actually in reality stole this treasure. That's why it's a hush hush.

    And I have a right to voice my opinion so don't hate me for saying what it looks like.
    What kind of person would say that ?
    A cop caller ?
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    Apr 2014
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    Quote Originally Posted by H-2 CHARLIE View Post
    What kind of person would say that ? A cop caller ?
    haha seriously

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    May 2013
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    Quote Originally Posted by treasurehunter313 View Post
    haha seriously
    Don't you just hate those cop callers! lol


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