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Thread: My True Treasure Tale - Long, but the Whole Story.....

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    Boy I really enjoyed that, got the blood pumping, Nice to hear one of the good guys reaped the rewards of his effort and not some pencil pushing government claim jumper with a fresh set of laws.
    Enjoy the blessing , WELL DONE
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    What an amazing story! I am currently working on an HTML website which will be a website of legends, lore, and treasures of america. Can I post this?
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    Enjoy Night Stalker's story, makes me believe that there are still sites to be found! Closer to this than Beale or OakIsland. Even if not true, still got me going right along and thinking more where I had seen old foundations of chimneys and could get the okay to detect them. I reread this occasionally just to get the blood going together out and hunt. Thanks Night Stalker!

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    Great story! I love the way you led us along the journey.

    That said, I call bullhockey on the whole deal. Not even one solitary pic of any of the coins, even way after the fact? Unless they were all incredibly rare date coins, showing some of them would give nothing away.

    Good tale, though.

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    I call BS unless you tell me where you found it

    Congrats on a find of a million lifetimes

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    .....Wonderful tale......and I dislike mushrooms !
    Thanks T-net for this space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Silver -gold View Post
    I read your story a while ago. I tell all my friends about it. It can happen and does. A firend of mine son went to a garage sale and bought a heavy box with a lock on it. $5.00.when he got home he broke the lock off. I say the contents. Gold and silver coins. I have no idea of the value. At least a couple of thousand. God bless you Stacker. Mike.
    OMG...Something similar happened to me at a farm auction in a rather poor county. It was later in the day, the auctioneer sucked as some do, very little advertising didn't know much about getting bids up to help the people etc. Early on he started shoving lots of different things into piles, which isn't uncommon but if someone wanted one thing, they might get 10-20 things for $2.00! Seriously all day the highest bid/sale didn't exceed $51.00 & that was me for an Alis Chalmers Riding Tractor for the farm with a tiller & plow! Except for a $30k Horse that two cowboys had come down from Wyoming to try & buy....They did buy him for $1,600. I had gone to the owners representative very early when I saw what was going on & said I thought they should stop the sale for that day & reschedule. I go to a lot of auctions so it doesn't take long to see if it's a buyers market. There were 6 other auctions going on that day close by with Auctioneers that had big followings & they had desirable collections & items people want especially lots of farm equipment & long guns. Anyway they wouldn't stop the auction. I stayed & bought a pickup bed & interior full of stuff that I had only wanted maybe 10 things. $100 even. These people had lived there for 32 years & prior to that it had been with the original homesteaders. When they got to a machine shed there was one thing I wanted for the of those portable basketball poles, backboard & ball. Auctioneer started bidding at $1.00 (me only) then when no one else bid he put everything that was on a flatbed trailer into the basketball thing I wanted, very few people still there & everyone walked away. I'm not one to leave lots I win & so I had all that stuff for a buck. Some really nice guys loaded the tractor in my truck bed & every other lot I ended up with packed around it. I paid my bill & left. I got back up to the farm & me & Unc unloaded everything in the yard, spaying it down for brown recluse & any other unwanted bug. I hosed it all down, dumping full tool chests & everything else. I saw a green metal box, the kind you keep papers in with the handle that you can grab & go in case of an emergency. I went to open it & it was locked, those are cheap boxes so I went to pick it up & it was HEAVY! Unc had taken it out of the truck so that was my first time touching it. I was tired & just wanted a shower & to relax & finish all that stuff the next day. So I did. Built a fire outside in the pit, friends & family came over, had a few & went to bed late. The next day I got started sorting everything & got to that cheap green box that was locked. I didn't care about breaking the lock so I did. I about fell over... the box was completely full of very old Sterling Silver Flatware, Silver Coins, small silver plates etc. Gold Rings, Medallions, Diamond & Gold Jewelry of various kinds. Unbelievable that no one had even checked that prior to sale. But they didn't. This is nowhere near what NS & others have found but still was enough to not sell a Very Heavy Cheap Locked Box At Auction just to have someone haul it off. I have no idea who actually owned that box as there had been a Very Big Tornado come through that area & the Amish had rebuilt this place but people all over there had property that had landed on their land & they had just put it in a barn or somewhere till they heard of someone missing something when they went to the local cafe for coffee & lunch everyday. I didn't know who the reps were & I wasn't about to give it to that Auctioneer. I showed Unc who knows everyone & asked him to keep his ears open for anyone asking about it. I put it in a safe & kept it untouched for two years. Nothing was ever heard about it.
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    Thanks for the story kace. This is one of my favorite threads, and ill never forget the first time I read it. It made me feel dizzy with sweaty palms and butterflies in my stomach. Awsome story and I love hearing peoples reaction to it.
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    Thats amazing! Congrats on that find!
    Metal detecting is 99 percent location and 1 percent luck.


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