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Thread: My True Treasure Tale - Long, but the Whole Story.....

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    Mar 2007
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    Re: My True Treasure Tale - Long, but the Whole Story.....

    need to add my wows.

    I just about cried with you guys reading that post. Thanks for sharing your great story with us.

    Your deleted pictures should still be available on your hard drive if you wish to recover them. Nothing is deleted from your hard drive when you hit the delete button, only the references to the file are deleted. all the information that composes the file still exist and are not truly deleted until somthing else is written over it. There are programs out there that "wipe" a hard drive by writing 1's and 0's all over the drive multiple times making any files that existed "deleted"

    I have recovered many files for users where I work using the following programs, some are free, others are free to try.

    (the above link is also good for recovering deleted photos from camera flash cards)

    Again, thanks for sharing and God bless.


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    Apr 2007
    Western NC
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    Re: My True Treasure Tale - Long, but the Whole Story.....

    Amazing. Truly amazing.
    Thanks for sharing your (all of our)dream-come-true.
    Always do sober what you said you would do when drunk. It'll teach you to keep your mouth shut.  E. Hemingway

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    American by Birth ~ Gun Owner by Right ~ Jesus by Choice

    Jan 2007
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    Re: My True Treasure Tale - Long, but the Whole Story.....

    Amazing and I am so glad many blessing have came your way. Its too bad about deleting the pics. For future caches, buy a polaroid. I am also glad you added the part about the people and the house fire. I had too many crazy thoughts about where it came from and from who. I really love the adventure of it, and the way you told it. I could almost imagine being there. Best of luck for the future.

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    Apr 2007
    God's lap
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    Re: My True Treasure Tale - Long, but the Whole Story.....

    Isn't that the truth of it....I was so into that story I most definitely imagined myself right there to the point of looking over my shoulder and thanking God such things truly exist. Tim you are a talented story teller as well as a good man. You should consider a writing career when you take breaks from adventuring!

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    Feb 2007
    Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada
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    Re: My True Treasure Tale - Long, but the Whole Story.....

    Congratulations on you find. If it were me, I likely would have needed a pacemaker after a find like that. I just wish I had a decent metal detector that could actually detect gold. Hopefully I will soon, (if people would just stop bidding up the old nugget hunting MD's on eBay).

    I've wanted to hunt for morels too, but was always worried I'd pick the wrong mushroom. We have them in the east and west Kootenay mountain ranges, (among other places), here in British Columbia and I thought I'd give it a try next time I'm out gold panning in one of those areas. I just hope my camera batteries don't die on me if I stumble on a find anything like yours. With my luck, I'd find the well you were concerned about stepping into.

    Good luck with your future exploits.


    Quote of Sir Joshua Reynolds': "There is no expedient, to which a man will not resort; to avoid the real labor, of thinking."

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    Jan 2007
    warner robins, Ga
    Whites MXT
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    Re: My True Treasure Tale - Long, but the Whole Story.....

    All I can say is WOW!!!!!. I am very happy for you and your family. When I read this story it made my day. BTW I lived in the Ft Walton for about 7 years in the 1970s. I think you would like it there. Its about a 1 or 2 hr drive to just about any where on the panhandle. There are a lot of treasure stories there. I was stationed at Eglin AFB and I lived in a few of the little towns east of FT Walton, you might check them out. The only problem could be that the Air Force base is about 50 miles long by about 15 miles wide. BTW thereis good deer hunting on the base. You have to get a permitt though. This is getting to long. I wish you a good and happy life whatever you decide to do. If you want you can Email me and maybe some of the things I remember about the area would help you out. HH Sonny

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    Dec 2006
    Southern Maryland
    Presently mental, not metal
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    Re: My True Treasure Tale - Long, but the Whole Story.....

    Amazing! Utterly amazing! The whole story has left me. . almost . . speechless . . & let me state that is a feat in itself!

    The find of the foundation, logs, well . . that drew me in right away but then the finishing find . . wow!

    I got to say I had to chuckle as you began to run out of ways/items/methods to carry the coins back to the car & you seemingly began to do a "strip tease" there . . lol . . what a site that must have been!

    The box "wooden coffin" you discovered. . I am awe struck & so curious about that item in itself! Wonder if it held any clues to the mystery of it all. . .

    I know this may sound off the wall but . . have you gone back to the site & explored around anymore? Just curious . . the mason jars, old logs, stove parts, tins & so forth . . those I find extremely interesting too!! Did you save any bricks? or wood bits from the box? Out of curiosity did you later do any research on the property & find out any information? Google map?

    This will probably sound off the wall too but with the amount I am visualizing you found . . I am thinking perhaps the people who once resided there had stumbled across a bit in a mine, or hidden treasure themselves?

    I truly can not say congrats enough to you!!! As well thank you for sharing not only the story with us but words of wisdom should any of us ever be in this situation. . .


    ~ May you ALWAYS be Blessed & may you ALWAYS Bless others ~

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    I Dig Detecting...

    Jan 2006
    Ottawa, Ontario
    6 times

    Re: My True Treasure Tale - Long, but the Whole Story.....

    Man oh man, NightStalker, what a fantastic story you have shared here with us all. 8) Your's is 1 of the 2 best "Treasure Found" stories I've read in years. What makes it so neat is how you told us SO many kool little details, feelings, ideas etc, that were happening to you while you were discovering it! 8) Like, we were all right there, with you, watching over your shoulder. Dude, THAT is really good writing, no matter what you've said about your word smithing in here, you humble guy you.

    I am SO happy for you and your wife, mostly because I feel that I know you a little, from here. This windfall, couldn't have happened to a more deserving man. YOU, have put together ALL the right pieces to this puzzle that you've recently just completed. 8) Thank you so much again NS, for your very generous sharing of so many cool details of a totally real Treasure Found!

    Be proud of yourself my friend, we all are!

    All the best,

    Keep on sweepin'...


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    Do you have Jesus in your heart?

    Feb 2007
    Nautilus DMC IIb/White's 6000 Di Pro
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    Re: My True Treasure Tale - Long, but the Whole Story.....

    Dude, from one Kentuckian to a (former?) Kentuckian, I'm excited for you.

    You found the dream of many a treasure hunter, have stuff to show for it and a great tale to tell.

    I have a Journalism degree and your story was as good as anything that I could have written.

    Good luck to you and your wife. Forever.

    "Those who love me will keep my word, and my father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them." (John 14:23 NRSV)

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    Apr 2007
    North Carolina
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    Re: My True Treasure Tale - Long, but the Whole Story.....

    I am so very happy for you and your wife ! What a wonderful story and what great fortune. Very well written as I was glued to every word. You will need to make your second fortune by writting a book on this experience ! Blessings your way .
    That man is a success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much.......   Robert Lewis Stevenson

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    Jan 2007
    Garrett AT Pro Fisher F5
    8 times

    Re: My True Treasure Tale - Long, but the Whole Story.....

    I'm still amazed by this. I have read this about 10 times and still is a great adventure that you had...well.... you still are having.
    And I say it again WOW !!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!!

    I read your first post that you had put on here after you first found your treasure, and said you had told your boss you were quitting and you mentioned some other stuff that I will not post on here because you did what you thought best by deleting your post.

    I know you felt you had to do that and ,I can understand why you did that, and I don't blame you a bit.....I probably would have done the same thing.

    And second guessing about what you should have done differently is past.Greed is not good and the way you did it is very good, at least I think so.

    And if it happens again you will know what to do a little bit better.

    If you didn't format your hard drive of your computer ,you can get any pictures you put on your system back, that you deleted.

    And again, thank you soooooo much for sharing your incredible adventure with all of us, who like finding treasure, no matter how big or small. ( Of course we would like to find something like you did...but reading your adventure, will have to do for now )

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    Apr 2007
    Prizm II, White's PI Pro, Sov. GT

    Re: My True Treasure Tale - Long, but the Whole Story.....

    CRIKEY! WHAT AN ADVENTURE!! I believe that the man upstairs has rewarded you. I wish you and your wife continued success in everything that you do. Thanx for the great story. I also believe that you could write a book about your adventures past and present and that it would be your 2nd payoff. I think you should start a writing career.
    Good luck on your move, and future endeavors!!
    God Bless you and yours!!


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    Jan 2007
    S.W. MN
    Ace 250
    1 times

    Re: My True Treasure Tale - Long, but the Whole Story.....

    NS Tim, Your story just made my day. That is a ton of encouragment to me to stay the course no matter how much "trash" I dig and how frustrated I get sometimes. I congadulate you and wish you well in all of your future endevours. Oh, and the pictures.....would love to have seen them but you have all the mental images you will ever need, and that my man, is priceless.

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    Oct 2006
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    Re: My True Treasure Tale - Long, but the Whole Story.....


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    Mar 2006
    Deep East Texas near Toledo Bend
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    Re: My True Treasure Tale - Long, but the Whole Story.....

    NS, that is a great story and even a greater find. Its stories like this that keep us all lookin... TMAN...


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