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Thread: EPIC Hunt - 21 Rings 7 GOLD - Hunt of my life A-TEAM

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    May 2010
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    EPIC Hunt - 21 Rings 7 GOLD - Hunt of my life A-TEAM

    Got away with the family on a solo mission. The rest of the A-Team, Lookindown and DavidFL couldn't make it this time and man I wish they were there. My wife and daughter went with me and it all still seems like a dream. We got to the beach at about 8am. It's a private beach that the workers in the area say they never see anyone else hunting there. I got permission before I went and I still can't believe how it all went down. As soon as I entered the water there were targets every few steps. This is a huge beach so I took my time and dug all of the good targets. The first few were coins and then a junk ring. I was thinking "oh ya" I just felt like I was going to do good. After about a half hour, a few coins and two junk rings the first good ring popped out.

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Name:	DSC00063.JPG 
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    It was 10K and I was elated that I had GOLD. I only have one gold this year and I figured this was a successful trip with just that ring but I had no idea what was about to happen. Well about 15 more minutes later and a few more junkers out comes this little beauty.

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Name:	DSC00067.JPG 
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    This one was 14K and I was starting to think this day could be amazing. I saw my wife sitting on the beach and took the rings to her. She told me that her and my daughter were going to go shopping for a while so I headed back in. As soon as I got back to about waste deep water I got that beautiful middle tone and the third gold of the day shows up.

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Name:	DSC00065.JPG 
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    Another 14K band and I couldn't believe what was happening. It was only about 10am and I had three gold rings. Well about 1 hour and four or five more junkers later I got that solid middle tone again and you guessed it. My fourth gold of the day

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC00050.JPG 
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    I started thinking "no way this is happening" and looked up to see my daughter wading out to me. She asked if I found any more gold and I showed her the two I found and told her to take them to her mom so she took off and my next target was a solid middle tone and one scoop later this one made it's way into my scoop

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Name:	DSC00072.JPG 
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    14K with ICE. I looked up and my daughter was just walking up the wet sand so I followed her up and gave gold ring five to my wife and told her if she wakes me up I gonna be pissed so if I dreaming to just let me sleep. I returned to the water and realized that all five rings had come from the same general area of the beach and I figured I would make a quick run the other way just to see if I had just found a honey hole or was this beach just that good. I got about half the way down the beach and a few people were about chest deep and one of them said they had lost their ring. He didn't speak English well at all but I could understand what he was saying. He started smiling and and said "I help you" and acted like he was swimming with his hands. I asked if he really lost something and he said "no" and asked if I have found anything and just then I got a blast from the detector right were he said he lost a ring. I confirmed that he hadn't lost anything again and one scoop down out comes number six

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Name:	DSC00068.JPG 
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ID:	1168758

    A heavy 14K band. They couldn't believe it but by this time I wasn't very surprised. In fact, it got to when I didn't get a ring when I got a middle tone I was disappointed. I was so happy to get a gold ring away from the area the other five rings came from because now I believed they could be anywhere on the beach and this beach was big enough for all three of us to have hunted. I had six gold rings at this point and I think that is the most I have found in one day but little did I know that the best was yet to come. As soon as I got back to the area I had found the first five gold rings I started picking up a couple junkers again and that's then this monster showed up

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Name:	DSC00073.JPG 
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    It wasn't marked on the inside so I wondered if it was real but time was short so went back at it. A few junkers later I had to leave but didn't want to. When we got back to out room I showed the big ring to my wife and told her it wasn't marked so I didn't know if it was real and she said "yes it is. It says 14K" I said "Where??" and she said "right here". It was the first ring I have ever found that was marked on the outside of the ring. I was in the water for about 7 or so hours and had 7 gold rings and 14 junkers. I actually started skipping the high tones about half way through the hunt because there were so many of them. This was a once in a lifetime hunt for me. I know there are other hunters that are used to finding multiple rings but any time I find more than one gold is a great day for me. I only found 2 gold rings once last year so I was ecstatic to get 7 in one day. My only regret is that my team wasn't with me but since I have permission to go back once a year I'm sure they will be with me next year. I might even see if it is possible to get a late season hunt there this year. Here is a pic of the stuff without the trash. Thanks for looking and HH.....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sep 2014
    Southern SoCal
    CTX3030, 17" coil, excal 1000, 15 WOT remote PP, str8 shaft
    572 times
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    what the hell dude?!!! GREAT JOB

    My job allows me to transfer to different places and a Miami position came up. I SERIOUSLY considered it just because of stories like yours..... I'm envious..

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    Jun 2007
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    Definitely the kind of hunt we all dream of.
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    Brad Plohman

    Aug 2013
    Winnipeg, MB
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    Hunt of a life time is right!
    I want to be you friend! Lol!

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    Surrender the Booty

    Apr 2011
    Royal Palm Beach, Fl
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    how about a photo of what the area looked like, amazing hunt
    Hardest working man on the beach

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    Mar 2010
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    Quote Originally Posted by signal View Post
    how about a photo of what the area looked like, amazing hunt
    Good try.

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    May 2011
    Halifax, N.C.
    Minelab Excal II, Whites Surfmaster Dual Field, Fisher CZ 6a,Teknetics G2,Deeptech Vista Gold, Tosoro Sand Shark, Minelab Sovereign GT, Sunspot sand scoop
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    Wow! You really had the kind of day most of us dream about. Congratulations!!!
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    Charter Member
    Aug 2013
    OC, CA
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    Unbelievably awesome!
    It sounds like you were dreaming! Congratulations!
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    We are not what we take, we are what we leave.

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    Its not what detector you own, its what you do with it!

    Apr 2011
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    Super day for sure !! on Hope to have a day with two even sometime
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    Dec 2008
    Mid-Atlantic Waters
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    Banner Vote here....!! A Banner Hunt for sure... Congrads !! Lets see some more Banner Votes!! !!
    Last edited by OBN; May 30, 2015 at 11:26 PM.

    Effort is Important, But knowing where, can make all the difference!

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    Jul 2013
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    Crazy! Just crazy! That's awesome!
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    Feb 2007
    spacecoast florida
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    im guessing it was a lake. awesome hunt!!!!!

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    you dont know what you dont know, and you dont know what you dont dig!!!!!!!!

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    Feb 2010
    East/West Coast
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    A pond, lake, river, bay, inlet, or an island!?! Loose lips sink ships! Well..... Dog you had your day! Congrats!!


    Ps brought back good memories BANNER vote sent!
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    Esse quam videri

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    The Urban Pirate

    Jul 2014
    New York City
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    5773 times
    If there's no dirt under your nails, you're not trying hard enough.
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    Dang! One of the most epic hunts I've ever heard of! White gold, yellow gold, iced out gold, the variety and amount of your treasure is amazing.
    You could start your own store selling rings at this rate
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    Let history be your treasure map .

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    Keep Dreaming

    Apr 2015
    GPZ7000 / Minelab
    84 times
    Metal Detecting
    Just wow.
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