1700s club finally! Spanish silver and early pewter..hunt of a lifetime!
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Thread: 1700s club finally! Spanish silver and early pewter..hunt of a lifetime!

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    Apr 2013
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    1700s club finally! Spanish silver and early pewter..hunt of a lifetime!

    Hey there folks, been a long time since I made any kind of presence here but i've been cheering ya'll on from the sidelines, you can believe that So many of you have been just killing it out there and since 2015 was completely uneventful and almost non-existent for me (as far as digging goes) I wouldnt have been able to get by without living vicariously through you folks and all the amazing stuff youve been diligently plucking from the earth Having said all that.. I was able to duck my black cloud yesterday and this Ohioan had the hunt of a lifetime!

    It all began 2 years ago when I received permission to hunt the property of a co-workers relative..It's a large chunk of ground (around 150 acres I believe) Most of it is wooded and flanked by steep ridges on either side. The currently inhabited residence was built in the 50's but my time machine showed me 2 homesites at the very rear of the property that dated to around 1840..plenty good enough for me! I hunted them both a few times that year with little success other than a couple fried largies, a 2 cent piece and the usual personal effects from the period. I got busy with other prospects and never returned. Last year while researching another site I stumbled upon some correspondence between two individuals dating to around 1794 which discussed the progress and movements of one "Mad" Anthony Wayne on his rampage up the Great Miami river. The more I read the more excited and intrigued I became and it dawned on me that, not only did I know almost precisely the location they were speaking of..but I had access to a large portion of it..it all seemed way too good to be true for this Ohio native who feels lucky when he can touch the latter years of the 19th century My research continued into last year and after considering all of the variables involved I mostly gave up on the idea all together..which brings us to yesterday...I never thought I would still be able to dig this time of year in Ohioand by the time I realized I was actually gonna be able to get some action..I was completely unprepared of course. I mulled it over for a while but was getting way too restless watching the clock tick by and that's when the lightbulb finally clicked on.. Its February..in the middle of winter and 50 degrees outside, a freak occurrence of sorts.. Why not pair that with a "Hail Mary" long-shot of a site? it seemed fitting enough!

    I had only a vague idea of where I needed to be and Not much to guide me other than common sense and instinct. I spent the first four hours of the day meandering the property, scanning the areas I suspected Wayne and his Legion may have stomped through or better yet made camp but with a pouch full of shotgun shells and 22 casings I was striking out big time. I was pretty well frustrated at this point and almost ready to give up on it when I decided to search one more area that I had marked due to its terrain features. As I got closer to my target area I began to notice what I hoped was an old road bed..am i finally in the right place? I swung another few yards and got a very loud and jumpy 68-76ish on the AT Pro, I thought Aluminium for sure.. I knelt down and cleared the leaves fully expecting to see a budweiser or some such logo staring back at me from the surface but instead I saw the outline of something Ive only seen here on TNET and in books..I somehow knew immediately what it was..my first 18th century Shoe buckle frame?!? and nearly fully exposed on the surface?? ..I was in complete disbelief and I swung on..a few feet more and another slamming signal, this time it was mid to high 80s consistently..I dang near had a heart attack thinking of what it could be. I dig an 8" hole and finally see my target..a large white bar of lead wasnt what id hoped for but im still in the right time period..I reset and swing on. My next target was registering at 10 inches and sounded mostly like iron with the occasional jump into the low 50s. At this point I was gonna dig every last signal I heard. I get down about 4-5inches and in the loose dirt I see a button..alright I'll take it! As I gently brush it off I can tell by its coloration and crust that its likely pewter and looks super early, I scooped it up with some of its bedding and put it in a safe place..it just keeps getting better.. My next few targets are a mangled round ball a couple shotgun shells and a strange bit of lead that looks like someone was carving an animal figure into it? At this point I reach a pretty large creek bed and the road clearly continues across..so do I. As I make my way down the embankment my coil sweeps over the sweetest sounding object ive ever heard, my heart is racing..I can tell its deep..probably just lead fooling me again.. I get down to every bit of 9 inches deep and clear the loose soil, at first im a bit disappointed at what appears to be a silver plated button staring back from the bottom of the hole, I pluck it up and turn it over expecting to see crusty copper and a shank spot but my brain couldnt even process what I was looking at..as the dirt fell away a hole appeared near the edge and all at once everything came into focus..as I stare at the strange markings around the rim I instantly recognize the tops of numbers..1..7..7..6.. I dropped to my knees and used some language that probably made the entire forest blush..My first 1700s coin..first Spanish silver..something I thought I would never find in Ohio..if anywhere.. I couldve easily went home at that point but didnt even get past re-scanning the hole, almost an Identical signal rings through my headphones. I hit the dirt take a slice out of the side and see the target in the clump..a strange melted black piece of metal?!? Oh well I knew I could never get that lucky anyhow..or could I? I hunted for another couple hours and dug a couple more flat buttons and one type ive never seen. I was so elated with the day I just had I decided to leave way earlier than I needed to..just so I could get home and fondle my goodies. little did I know the best (IMHO) was yet to come..I pull the delicate pewter looking button from my pouch and gently coax some of the dirt off with a qtip..thats when I see that beautiful bow-legged bird..the frog legged eagle..AKA a "Wayne's Legion" button..I couldnt even bring myself to clean off half the dirt, straight into elmers glue and water it went!

    So the shoe buckle is mangled..the Reale is toast..and the Wayne's Legion button is a crusty critter and I could care less Now one more thing to clean and inspect..that black piece of whatsit..Its definitely silver and It may be wishful delusion but I swear I see part of a date..is this a cut silver coin? or a Cob even? I couldnt sleep lastnight..I gotta know what it is but it seems unlikely.

    I'm terribly sorry for that extreme rant..thats almost 2 years of posts I had to catch up on! Thank you so much for looking and hope you enjoy.

    Here are the pics..couldnt seem to get a decent one for the life of me but you get the idea. Any help with the unidentified silver object would be amazing..

    The lot:
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Name:	3m2.jpg 
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Name:	comp1.jpg 
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    I love this hobby!

    HH all,

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    Dec 2015
    east central Connecticut
    300 times
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    Wow, that's some very early relics for your area..

    I don't mind the long read, because it sure beats a short paragraph with no history or description of the site that was hunted.

    Nice buttons...I like buttons

    I hear you on getting out in early Feb on a freak temp swing, and deciding "which" site would be the best chance on a rare day of climate. I just found a unhunted site Thursday, but got snowed in Friday! Now I am retracing in my mind, where I didn't do a good job of sweeping. lol
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    Tha Waynes Legion button is a tremendous find! Congrats............Hogge
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    Apr 2013
    Eastern Massachusetts
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    Wow...What a great story! Congratulations on a remarkable hunt. Its funny how time can slow down, and then stop when you have that realization that you have found something very special. I'll look forward to reading about your future discoveries from this site! HH
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    Jun 2015
    The Grants
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    Big congrats to you! Exceptional finds for your area, and clearly only unearthed due to your research and persistence. Great story and photos, too. Glad we can celebrate with you...look forward to seeing what comes out of that area next.
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    Congrats on the Spanish! But the real prize is the Wayne's Legion button. I'm voting Banner for that. Great story as well
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    can is offline
    Dec 2015
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    nice finds
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    Jul 2015
    Port Allegheny, Pennsylvania
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    Tremendous hunt, , I would be planning a great many return trips with a tent, camp stove, and a sifter.
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    Jun 2014
    Granite, Maryland
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    Big congrats on that hunt. You got 1700's plus silver; a winning combination.

    Gotta' love metal detecting; the hobby that pays in so many ways....
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    Dec 2015
    Maryland's eastern shore
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    Very nice finds congrats
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    Oct 2014
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    Thank you for the enjoyable post! Your finds are fantastic; silver, buttons and what looks like part of a buckle.
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    Rust never rests

    Mar 2009
    Sunman Indiana
    3139 times
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    That was a really long read ,but well worth it.Those finds made me want to get out no matter how cold it may be.
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    Joey O

    Jan 2015
    E-trac baby!!
    234 times
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    Great post. Loved the narrative. I'm thinking this is close to north bend. I'm from mpls, and go to Cincinnati about twice a year. Would love to join you.
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    Dec 2015
    Ann Arbor
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    Awesome probably lots moire to get, I lived all over Ohio Good Job
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