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Thread: hoard/cache of merc's as promised

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    Jun 2009
    Bolivar, Ohio
    Minelab E-trac
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    Re: hoard/cache of merc's as promised

    I know this is an old post, but was just brousing through and found it. I hope you are still checking. I want to say, welcome back, and it is a shame there were those that tried to ruin such an incredible find for you.

    Your story was very well writen with details that gave it all the credibility I need to beleave your every word. congradulations on a great find! Well done!

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    Nov 2003
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    Re: hoard/cache of merc's as promised

    Wow, What a great post! You got to see the dream alot of can only imagine!

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    Feb 2011
    Lexington, Kentucky
    126 times

    Re: hoard/cache of merc's as promised

    You should of seen the looks on my buddies faces when I started swinging in the trees below knots. Don't know what ill do if it actually hits

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    Sep 2011
    southern, Maine
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    Re: hoard/cache of merc's as promised

    Extremely jealous my friend. great finds!
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    Nov 2010
    Excalibur 2 1000
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    Re: hoard/cache of merc's as promised

    A bit late with the congratulations, but anyway CONGRATULATIONS! I have been thinking about this kind of hiding place for a while, but havent found any trees that fit the description. If not in the tree itself, im sure if a tree has big exposed roots, that someone has hid things under them, At least I did when I was a kid. Also a lot of big trees have been used as swings, and hang outs, so there is bound to be coins around there, along with the pop tops of course!

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    Apr 2008
    st. joseph missouri
    old school whites cion master 6/db and dfx 300 ace 250
    18 times

    Re: hoard/cache of merc's as promised

    wow what a awesome find the best fine i ever had was when i found 2 silver dimes 6 inches apart 1 was a 60 rosie the other was a barber 1901 s or o cant remember .i was using my garrett propointer on a broomstick just hunting the edge of the sidewalks and i thought i found a silver dollar. i sat down then layed down on side walk with my pocket knife and started digging the dirt out of the way. i seen gold i pulled it out with my finger tips took off for the house. had to go back and get my stuff and was spitting and spitting on it and hoping the dirt would come off. got in the house and got the dirt off of it with a cloth cotton diaper. it was a big gold plated role playing game token .i have high blood pressure and when my wife seen me come in she said sit down you have no color in your face. i said 20 dollar gold piece then s**T its a game token and sat down for about 30 minutes to get my bp calmed down.that was the biggest let down since i have been detecting .

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    Mar 2009
    551 times
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    Re: hoard/cache of merc's as promised

    nice Franco silver coin ...
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    Jan 2012
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    Jan 2012
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    The Spanish 25 pesetas is not silver, but copper-nickel. Can you post a pic of the front?
    1/100 of an American dollar is a cent. It is NOT a penny. The word penny is used by several other countries, such as Great Britain, to denote their smallest denomination. In order to be numismatically correct, you must use the term cent to describe the American coin.

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    Feb 2012
    North Pole
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    Wow!! Great finds
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    May 2012
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    It is pretty astounding to have found so many mercs in a tree. They could have gotten there any number of ways, but barring human activity it is possible that they were stolen by Starlings or other birds which are attracted to shiny objects. Included is a link to a story regarding birds being documented stealing quarters (lots of them, heh) from a car wash. It is funny to think that perhaps back in the day, after work someone would empty their pockets on a table and go relax on their back porch or yard and crack open a few cold ones and while otherwise engaged, the person's unattended pile of change was pilfered by enterprising starlings and secreted in a nearby hollow tree.

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    Lets get out there.

    Jan 2013
    Fisher f75, Garret pro pointer,
    16 times
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    WOW that is awesome!!!!! Thanks for sharing


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