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Thread: LARGE CENT CACHE (Its Mindblowing!)

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    Dec 2004
    east northport ny
    Whites Prizm 5 Garrett ace 350
    45 times

    Re: LARGE CENT CACHE (It's Mindblowing!)

    awesome absolutely awesome congrats to the both of you
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    Sep 2007
    N. San Diego County
    Ace 250
    30 times
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    Re: LARGE CENT CACHE (It's Mindblowing!)

    What a find!! I'd be in shock
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    Mar 2011
    1 times

    Re: LARGE CENT CACHE (It's Mindblowing!)

    i found 2 large cents in one hole and a large cent and a half cent in another!good job junior!
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    Charter Member
    1851 O Half Dime

    May 2007
    Southeast Missouri
    Minelab SE Professional with 6" Coil
    25 times

    Re: LARGE CENT CACHE (It's Mindblowing!)

    I would have killed my hunting partner.

    Don't judge me...my hunting partner is Mastereagle.
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    Sep 2010
    1 times

    Re: LARGE CENT CACHE (It's Mindblowing!)

    We rebuilt a house here in Dixie, Washington back in 1995. Then I had a cheap $200 detector and found what I believed at one point was a cache that had been dispered by gophers. At first I found an old aluminum coffee pot. It was upside down and about 9 inches in the ground. For a cheap detector, I was surprised to find that. then after removing it, I found the lid in the same hole about 5 more inches down. With it, 2 indian head cents.
    about a foot from there and repeatedly every foot for 9 feet in a line I found more indian cents, 12 in all.
    I have since gone back over the area in my yard and have found a silver dime.
    I am hoping to find the cache rumored to exist here. Apparently the old guy Ford Peters was a change horder and when he died no change was found in the house. I did find an indian head penny used as a shim in the wall when I replaced the wall.
    I think you possibly have a container near by that was burried. Never know till you exaust that area with several detectors.
    Gophers tend to do these types of things.
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    Mar 2011
    Southeast PA
    3 times
    Wishing this was my job.

    Re: LARGE CENT CACHE (It's Mindblowing!)

    the funny thing is i would have been too excited to dig anymore to get that many. I'm new and easily excited though. Great finds!
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    Nov 2003
    Minelab Explorer XS
    8 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: LARGE CENT CACHE (It's Mindblowing!)

    What a haul! Hope you go back and find a few more! (of course you'll be back!) lol
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    I love ROCKS because they ROCK!

    Jan 2012
    17 times
    Rocks And Minerals
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    Feb 2012
    North Pole
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    2375 times
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    Apr 2013
    Texas U.S.A.
    Garrett Ace 350
    296 times
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    I'd go back and hit the area again. Go around the perimeter, maybe draw a map of where you found the coins and look for a pattern, go out from there.
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    May 2013
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    Quote Originally Posted by hollowpointred View Post
    that is CRAZY!! how much do you want to bet the same person dropped all of those way back when! they must have been pissed! their loss, your gain! outstanding finds!!
    Couldn't have been too pissed, it was only worth a cent back then. That would buy an apple maybe?
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    Sep 2013
    Port Isabel
    Teknetics T2 SE Garrett AT Pro
    23 times
    Wow how cool that would b !! Where I live there really wasn't even anyone here at that time. Won't find those most likely. Though civil war troops moved through here the amount of traffic for that era and as small as it is here I will just have to live vicariously through y'all's eyes and finds. VERY VERY COOL
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    Aug 2013
    10 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Oh my what an awesome find!! Good job u two!
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    Mar 2012
    Riverside, CA
    Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202, Tesoro Tiger Shark, Garret Pin Pointer
    183 times
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    What an amazing day! Congrats!
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    Sep 2011
    Southwest, CT
    Spectra V3i with wireless headphones, Bounty Hunter 505, 8" & 10.25" Coils,
    1130 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    That's just wild!
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