Great finds, Bad luck
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    Dec 2006
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    Great finds, Bad luck

    Yet another post for my son, Matt. Go ahead, Matt:

    Monday I went bottle hunting at a small 40s-60s bottle dump. Was there for a half hour and found a pepsi-cola bottle, and a Canada dry bottle that gave me a sore back after trying to get it out of a large bush roots covered in string and cloth(not as easy as it sounds). Then minutes later we went to a construction area where I had 4 kids asking me what i was doing, the best part is that one said he might start bottle hunting, guess a future bottle hunter will join this hobby. When at the top of a pile of dirt i found this brown bottle.I need an ID on this one. Then we were leaving and i thought this was great and not paying attention to where i was walking i fell into a one foot deep puddle of mud I WAS MAD (luckily not my mom) JUST WHEN I THOUGHT IT WAS A GREAT DAY. Oh well at least i got some old bottles.I'm thinking of going back there this week.Any ID on the brown one is appreciated. Thanks MATT

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    Re: Great finds, Bad luck

    Quote Originally Posted by SWR
    Anchor Hocking, general purpose, modern
    Modern as in around the late 40s and through the 50s, which is when your Pepsi bottle dates to.
    I found one of those dumps recently and have a whole ton of Pepsi bottles out of it. Yours is in fantastic shape!
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    Re: Great finds, Bad luck

    Nice finds Matt!!

    I dug extensively across the creek from where you were. It was a productive site with many meds,sodas and inks from 1880's thru 1890's Unfortunately, as with most good spots, it was 'developed' Keep on diggin'. There may be older stuff the deeper you go. Wear heavy gloves. I've seen some nasty gashes over the years.





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