Sharp Shooter II/Pioneer 505
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    Mar 2006

    Sharp Shooter II/Pioneer 505

    Just getting started and need some info about the SSII/Pioneer 505 vs. the Ace 250. I have heard that the Ace just blows the BH product away, then again I have heard that the BH (SSII) can more than hold it's own against the Ace 250. The answers I recieve seem to be based on the brand the person I ask owns. Anyone have experience with both? If so, how do they stack up against one another? TG77

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    Dec 2004
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    Re: Sharp Shooter II/Pioneer 505

    don't have experience with either but my brother was given a nearly new 505 and the deepest target it will hit on is at or less than 6 inches, no matter what size target....smaller coin size targets around 3-4 inches tops...............gldhntr

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    Apr 2006
    New Hampshire, USA
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    Re: Sharp Shooter II/Pioneer 505

    I use a Pioneer 505, and I get hits at 8-10 inches with no problem.
    Most everything I dig seems to be in the 6 inch neighborhood. The 505 has functioned mighty fine for me.
    Just my 2 cents.
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    Jun 2006
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    Re: Sharp Shooter II/Pioneer 505

    Ihave a SSII and will get hits at 12", but usually 4-6". Also the type of soil in your area will affect any MD'S capability.
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    May 2006

    Re: Sharp Shooter II/Pioneer 505

    I have a Discovery 3300 but I was out with a guy who had a Sharp Shooter II he got an ID on a penny at at 8 inches I was only getting a low iron beep on. He did tell me he had it "tuned" a few months ago.

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    Jul 2006
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    Re: Sharp Shooter II/Pioneer 505

    505 has not functioned so well for me. Perhaps I have just gotten 2 duds in a row. The first one I returned to walmart within a month. Easier and less expensive than sending it to BH company. The 8" coil wire had come apart, I noticed that the electromagnetic interfernce wire inside or perhaps just grounded wire was frayed. I stipped a bit more of the wire to find that all the inside wires had been scuffed up before they had been coated.

    Then I knew it was my newbee self that was driving me crazy. It was the fact that my detector was beeping like crazy because possibly because those of those wires being exposed inside. As a newbee never seeing a detector before it was a hard one to figure out when peps say keep practicing it will come to you. Metal mode appeared to be the only thing that was accurately telling me there was an object in the ground. Beep Beep Beep Beep at wierd times, no set interval to it. One would say ground trash or larger targets, but think it was it.

    Now with the new detector I noticed a huge difference at first. Wow no more beep beep so much. Now it appeared that just real targets and perhaps the occasional trash targets (that only beeped one way or a few times and went quiet).

    But low and behold the detector is now beginning to do the same thing. I inspected the detector. The outside coating is not cut or opened as before. I cannot find anything like little aluminum stuck in coil area or anywhere else. Yet its giving me the false signals again. Even with Discrim high and sensitivity very low. IN areas that I have used before as a test area that is quiet ground normally.

    OK I have had some finds with it yes. And when its not acting nutty its an ok low end machine. I have seen older BH's way out do it. They don't have the simple bells and whistles it does, yet they see things that I cannot hear with full sensitivity in metal mode.

    Yes perhaps I got the walmart whose stockers threw them all over the place. Going to be sending it to BH soon for calibration. Hope it comes back without the extra noise

    In case you are wondering I have had a few seasoned detectors check it out and say Yep thats a problem.

    I know its a $300ish machine and that cheap. But really ... I would certainly go ACE 250 or some other way if I had it to do over again.




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