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    Tesoro Cibola

    Jul 2005
    Tesoro Cibola
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    Is there some kind of statistics for caches found? Like so many out of so many houses built in the 1700's have caches, etc.. I wonder what the chances of finding a cache from the 1700's is I imagine the most are from the ealr 1900'.

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    Kentucky Kache

    Re: Statistics?

    Many caches are probably found in secret, so I doubt if any accurate stats are available. IMO.

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    Re: Statistics?

    My Guess most Caches are Buried in Times of Fear.

    Wars, Stock Market Panics, The time Gold Coins were taken off the market, and
    Even Silver coins.
    ? My? Guess the Last Big Caching? process was just a few months ago,
    with the Flood in New Orleans.
    ? ?I sure would LOVE to search all the Secluded Grounds, and parks, near Large Natural
    Markers, back yards & Dirt floor basements down there.
    ? Especially with all the Jewelry stores that were Trashed.



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