Western Missouri
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    Jan 2008
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    Western Missouri

    The March/April issue of Archaeology magazine has an interesting article on the "Scorched Earth"
    of western Missouri. I had heard about Quantrill's Raiders but never knew their story.
    Quantrill, a Confedederate officer, led 450 heavily armed men into Lawrence, Kansas in 1863 and
    shot every male citizen capable of carrying a gun. They plundered the town and set fire to many of
    the towns finest homes and buildings.
    The commanding officer of the Union forces in the area, and stationed in Kansas City,
    was General Thomas Ewing, Jr.
    When he got word of the raid, in order to deprive Quantrill's Raiders food and shelter, he ordered
    mass deportation of all Confederate sympathizers from the better part of four Missouri counties along
    the Kansas border.
    Several of his men were from Kansas and were burning for revenge for the Quantrill raid.
    They interpreted the order as a scorched earth policy and expelled Union and Confederate supporters
    from the region. They shot male resisters, and reportedly burned all houses, shops and farm buildings
    to the ground. When they were finished, Bates County (the center of the action)
    had become, according to one historian, "a tenantless wildnerness".
    Over 20,000 people were forced off their farms and out of their homes.
    If anyone has access to areas in this region, it seems logical that many caches would have been
    left behind as the people were forced out. I would start by asking local farmers about old
    foundations in the area.

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    Re: Western Missouri

    Good Post1

    Many have romanticized these guerrilla leaders and Jesse James....please don't anyone even try to defend any of them. War is War, but Murder is murder!

    You are right on on the possibilities of many caches where this occurred. There is a thread here where someone else is looking for caches under the same conditions.

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    May 2003

    Re: Western Missouri

    Before you're too critical of Quantrill and Jesse James, I believe the Red Legs (the Kansans) first raped and pillaged the families of Quantill, James and many other southern sympathizers. Quantrill and James went after payback. Try reading Three Years With Quantrill: A True Story Told by His Scout by John McCorkle (the scout). This will give a whole different perspective on the border conflicts, of course, told from the Southern side.....but my take is the folks in Lawrence had some payback coming.



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