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Thread: "Calico Jack" Rackhams Lost Loot

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    Jun 2013
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    I'd like to go with you sometime..I've been interested in this treasure since Edgar Caycee mentioned it in his sleep..Let's talk more..
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    Jan 2014
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    I think that the crescent beach on Marco Island in front of the Marriott is the obvious resting place of the lost ship. The question is, did Anne Bonney return after the trails to recover the Mexican gold? It appears that she may have married a South Carolina man and moved to Virginia a couple years after Rackham's death. Perhaps the treasure is still there, perhaps not.

    I live in SC, but would make the trip to FL to search if we can do so legally. I don't know the laws concerning digging on beaches in FL, although I know plenty of people do on the Atlantic side along the Treasure Beach areas.

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    Aug 2010
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    A few nights ago there was a man on the radio show "Coast To Coast" who was an expert on Edgar Cayce. Apparently Cayce was giving someone a reading and went off on a tangent talking about buried pirate treasure located in the area in Florida known as "Lost Man's River".
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    Feb 2018
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    yes, Calico's Jack treasure is there. There is an Edgar Cayce reading on it.
    "(There is a myth or legend of Capt. Calico Jack Rackham, notorious pirateer and pirate, having buried booty on an island in the Everglades, Florida, supposedly north of Oyster Bay. Can or will you locate this, and tell us what you can about how it might be recovered?)
    1. EC: Yes.
    2. As we find from those contacts here, this has been given through these channels as respecting same, that Rackham's booty, on the island in Lostman's River, above the tide and at the juncture of a tributary some nine and seven-tenths miles from what would be then the coast, or coastal area. [See 1279-1 through 1279-4.]
    3. This when put there was in what was a portion of an old tree, inside. This as we find, owing to settlements or activities that have gone on, is covered with debris; but may be located best with the measurements and then with the mercury and the electropoid that is sensitive to gold - though this treasure is not all gold but other booty also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by truckinbutch View Post
    Right in the bottom of the hole they dug to bury it . Where else ?
    And the location is?

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    The treasure was buried up the river yes... this was factual.

    It has been searched for over and over throughout 1800's ad continued till 1960's... and petered off after the Entire Everglades became a National Park.

    Likelihood of it being reported found by anyone during the searches ...

    Slim to none.

    Likelihood of it still being unfound... Also.. Slim to none.

    Your problem in your quest to find the answer of "if it still exists"... is VERY futile... due to many factors.

    1. Everglade rivers change.
    2. Location has been and always was very vague.
    3. The Everglades as a whole are protected under the National blanket policy of "no digging".

    Sorry if any balloons get deflated.
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    The problem here is Cayce himself. I was a member of his Foundation, and had many files on lost, buried, mines and treasures. For example, Calico Jack's lost treasure in the 'Glades, the Lost Dutchman. lost gold mine in western Az., lost treasure in Bimini, lost silver bars in Black Caesars creek. None of these have ever been found, I know because I hunted some of them. Cayce was great, but not finding lost. buried, or sunken treasures that no living person knew about.
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