Possible mine location?
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    Possible mine location?

    Hi, all. Been working on this one for quite a while. I believe its Spanish and just wanted to run something by. The HEART monument actually has other monuments such as "U", pointers, holes and mine monuments described in Kenworthys book. Notched rocks for taking a certain path, etc. Main monument also has a water pointer described in Kenworthys book and sure enough when taking a compas reading it points exactly to a stone walled well (now filled in but the stone 's/outline is still there). Many pointers along the way (light behind them) and I have even found a walled camp site. Found some rock samples that an assayer looked at and a mine engineer and it was described as honey comb quartz which is indicative of gold they also said the sample was from un underground mine and not a surface sample. I have recently found other pointers by the camp (in the canyons) and at one canyon turn off I found a very white pointer rock pointing down the canyon (no other rock found in the area) also large notched stones showing which way to walk. Further down on main canyon another pillar type monument with a light pointer on top pointing down a canyon a little further up but this canyon and the canyon the white rock was pointing down eventually meet. This is where all the monuments end. Cannot find another one to save my life yet in this area I have found a cave of sorts. Very shallow yet on one side of this "cave" I found a cut out and a rock wall around it like some sort of little fort and a weird looking grinding stone. Took pictures and placemement and moved it out of the way to dig and screen the loose soil underneath. I found the same type of rock specimens that I found at the camp site over a mile away. I would like to get a resisitivity meter up there (almost done builiding it) to see if there is a false bottom of any kind. The weird thing is that next to this "cut out" I have found a shallow cave as mentioned. Inside this shallow cave is about 4" of bat guano. Did some research and this type of bat has colonies at a min of around 400. Looked around and detected inside this "cave" but found nothing. The rock is very weird looking and seems mineralized. Recently while inside the "cave" I realized that their is a very small passage of sorts (in the far corner of "cave") this "passage" or fracture is just big enough to walk in and is about 4 feet long. At the end of this passage there is a hole about 18" in diameter that is floor level. My brother popped his head in and said it looked like it went up and over (hole on other side was much bigger). He didn't go in because of the amount of guano he'd have to crawl through to squeeze in. We plan on going back in the next week or so with the right equipment, tanks , etc. Does this sound like a possible mine? Strange how that amount of guano and yet only one or two bats at the most found. If it is a mine would the spanish not even attempt to cover it? Seems very odd. Maybe I should keep looking but as I metioned all signs stop here except for some very distance home bound signs which were checked out. There were "in" signs here also but they stopped as did the other ones. Any thoughts? Thanks. To date have not found one symbol or rock petroglyphs.
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    Re: Possible mine location?

    Take a shovel and start digging out the guanno. If this tunnel is full it's very possible that there is a very large room above it where the bats fly out of and into this tunnel to get to it. BTW, bat guanno make excellent fertilizer for plants. You could even finance your hunting by humping a few back with you and selling them. UMM, good tomatoes!

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    Re: Possible mine location?

    guano is good fertilizer, but not good for your lungs. a friend of mine heads up bat viewing tours at the second largest mexican-free- tail bat colony. i help him in the summer. histoplasmosis is not fun to have! ammonia poisoning kills brain cells! possible exposure to rabies also. if you plan to dig buy a good resperator that has ammmonia gas filtration ($40 or so) check for beetles in the guano. they will eat almost anything organic. THE BEST TIME TO DO ANYTHING IN A BAT CAVE IS IN THE WINTER!!! (i have more info if ya want it) don't let this put ya down though, anything can be overcome or bypassed with the right knowledge.

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    Re: Possible mine location?

    When you follow rock pointers and white rocks and then you can't find anymore, then you are near where you have been led to. It sounds like you found what you have been led to!

    Bat guano is a good sign. You found your way into the cave. Now you have several options.

    You can go in together and possible die or you can do somethings that might make you successful.

    1. Who ever goes in first put a rope on him.

    2. Give the person a radio and keep the other person as far back from the first person as possible. Why? Death traps, rattle snakes, gas, no oxygen. At least this way if someone is going to die it will be only one person.

    3. If you find where a tunnel splits into two tunnels, and one is clean and the other full of debris, the clean tunnel will probably have a death trap in it. The debris filled tunnel will have the treasure.

    4. If you see a container with something in it, don't move it. Put a rope around it, back away from it, and move it from a good distance. You'll find out soon enough whether it is a death trap or not.

    5. If you find something, don't get excited and move to fast. In this case, speed could kill.

    6. Practice safety on the way out.



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