The grandaddy of all Treasure Puzzles FORREST FENNS POEM
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Thread: The grandaddy of all Treasure Puzzles FORREST FENNS POEM

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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    The grandaddy of all Treasure Puzzles FORREST FENNS POEM

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    The following solution is for the world class treasure map, of Forrest Fenn.
    Please don't confuse this guy with being a world class person, because he's not, just his poem/puzzle.

    This Poem/Puzzle, is stretched across approximately 2 square miles. All of the points and lines necessary to solve the puzzle are located in this small area. The complete solution is solved entirely on the computer using Google Earth, or a good online map program, such as which is my choice of maps.

    There's a whole back-story to all of this, that's longer than the solve itself. Forrest Fenn's poem started out as something entirely different in the beginning. It was picked up by NBC's TODAY Show, and then catapulted into our front rooms, without Forrest Fenn ever having to prove more than "His word", that he for in fact, buried a 10x10 box of hot air. Shame on NBC for not fact checking this guy. Sure he's a war hero, but that shouldn't have given him Carte Blanche, on everything else that he has done wrong in his life. The back-story is speculative and runs deep with intrigue and mystery.
    The poem/ puzzle on the other hand, can be proven factually, right down to the "UU" Double Horseshoes that Mr. Fenn ends some of his articles with. In the Fenn world, this is the Holy Grail, and IS THE ENDing symbol where the 10x10 box of hot air will be found.

    As I have stated, Forrest Fenn's poem/puzzle is a world class puzzle to solve. Everything that I state in my solve is factually correct and can be defended with complete confidence, regardless of what a proFenner might lead you to believe. I can stand by EVERY word, and EVERY solution that I present in my lengthy solution, right down to the final X to stand on, and where the "UU" proves that the puzzle is finished.

    Fenn has said many times, that the seeker can "move with confidence" to the end where the 10x10 box is hidden. I will skillfully present to the reader, how this is done.

    If you are a beginning puzzle solver/treasure hunter, fire up the coffee pot, you're gonna need it. If you’re very seasoned, and accustomed to searching to the greatest depths of every single meaning, that a single word or clue could possibly reveal, then, pour yourself a scotch, enjoy a good cigar, and fasten your seatbelt for the granddaddy of all treasure/puzzle/poems to be unraveled, one word at a time. Remember, Mr. Fenn spent many years putting this together and has a very high IQ. The same understanding will be needed to unravel the clues and solve the puzzle. On a scale of 1-10, this puzzle is a grade 10.

    I have provided a 5 minute quick solve at the very end of this solution, so that the reader can simply find the map, make the points and connect them to find the UU, and the end of the puzzle/map.

    My name is Paul Foeller and I have been active with Forrest Fenn’s “The Chase” since May of this year.
    I am a retired US Army Bandsman. My skills include music composition, producing, recording and music engineering. I have mastered the skill of lyric writing and have long since established my "own" voice as a poet. I am highly skilled at map reading, orienteering type activities and have blazed many a trail for the fancy of finding a point on a map. I frolic regularly on a 6,200 acre ranch both on foot and ATV in chase of various "Shrooms" sinkholes, caves, wildlife, adventures, God's beauty and my favorite, trout.

    I have not read a single book by Mr. Fenn simply because he made it crystal clear, that the only thing needed to find the treasure was the poem. I have read many articles and watched many interviews on FF and TC, so that I could get a general idea about the "man" behind the poem and what his mindset is.

    I will first clarify the poem.
    It is hands down, the best treasure map/puzzle that I have ever had the experience of deciphering. It is a world class treasure map hidden beneath an ordinary, mundane poem of one man's adventure, in hiding a treasure for all to seek.

    "It is whispers upon whispers, of a whisper, that gives this poem "it's" voice" PF

    This being stated, let's set up our parameters of what we know and don't know.


    Forrest Fenn:
    It is by his rules that we must search.
    He has set the parameters of the search area and has stated that only the poem and a good map is needed to find the location.
    He is the only one that knows where the treasure is and what's in it.
    He has the ability to answer emails however he chooses.
    He has provided us with additional clues as he deems fit AND he has changed "waffled" one very important clue that I will explain later.
    He has stated that there are "hints" sprinkled throughout his memoirs.
    Forrest has a serious grudge and dislike for governmental land management and control of public lands. This is VERY important to understand, as to his mindset and initial intention for hiding his treasure where he did. This mindset later changed due to accolades that were bestowed upon him for the increased publicity. The cash flow that New Mexico has been enjoying from visitors for TC, has now put Forrest in a more favorable light.
    Forrest leaves no treasure/artifacts behind when he locates a cash. "Points to the mindset of greed" I believe this to be important when deciding if there ever was a treasure. I'll let the reader be the judge of this.
    Forrest is intelligent, resourceful and mindful to the disciplines of small details in everything he does. He knows people, and the ways of the world very well, but follows his own set of rules and uses his experiences and personal fortitude, to set his mind in motion.
    Forrest is a very deep thinker.
    He enjoys poetry and the play on words that is allotted to the art of poetry.
    Forrest has spent a considerable time on his poem.
    Forrest has had some scrapes with the Law, although unfounded, the fact still remains that less than a favorable light has been cast towards his direction in recent times.
    He was 79 years old and had chemo for his cancer. This by far is the best and biggest clue.
    He has told a handicapped woman who couldn’t physically participate in TC that IF she solved the poem/puzzle, Forrest would go out and get it for her. This proves that the puzzle can be solved using only a computer and map.
    Now that I have established parameters and boundaries that we must search in, let's consider the facts that we can use in our favor. Although I will present them, I myself failed to follow my own advice on one occasion and missed the mark by 200'. This is where the excitement temporarily blinded me, and with all of my intuition, rules and dictionary, I still failed two times before I was 100% sure. “I thought I was sure the first two times but I still had two quatrains left that I just blew off." Not very smart on my part for being a person of considerable detail and logic.

    Now let's take a brief look at Forest Fenn the man, and his mindset.

    Let's delve into the mindset that brings us to a search for a supposedly $1,000,000.00+ chest buried in the mountains North of Santa Fe. Several instances of Forrest's demeanor and mindset shape the man that most believe to be a modern day Indiana Jones. It's clear that at a very young age, Forrest learned that hustling and frugal trading could turn literally nothing into something. Combine this with a motto of leave no "banana" and grab everything you can no matter what the consequences are, sums up the boundaries that Forrest is willing to cross in order to further his one-upsmanship attitude and mindset. Add in the fact that the only rules in doing business were the ones that he established for himself. Truly a self made man with his own set of rules that coincided with his moral base.

    "The Chase “is all about marketing now, it wasn’t in the beginning. IMO, I think it started as a pissing match between two or three parties/landowners. Fenn will NEVER throw in the towel and state “TC is OVER. “It’s hard to put hot air back in a box.
    Let's include the promise of gold and jewels, stage a good show with pictures and willing participants to vouch for the authenticity of the chest, and allow only one man to invent and specify the rules with complete and total authority over TC.

    Better yet, let's also think like a "trout fisherman". Let's throw them something that looks shiny and has the allure of gold based solely on one man's word and reputation! As far as the arrangements he has in terms of profiting from his book sales? It's a no starter. It's not ALL about the money, but the ability to pull the whole thing off and be deemed "the biggest, best and greatest story teller, bullshitter, the world has ever know" not to mention one of the "BEST" marketing technique ever to be implemented by a man who has resisted a formal education in order to be his own person, and show the world that he is the master at one-upsmansip! He did it all in the minds of the willing participant, with the simple dangling of a few trinkets, and a couple of pictures, that would make the "rainbow and brookie" bite with enthusiasm and blind faith.

    “Forrest Fenn was able to buy the hearts and minds of the willing and gullible, for less than the $24.00 in trinkets and beads used to purchase Manhattan." Now that's marketing!

    What we know:

    Forrest Fenn does not have his own "voice" as a poet. This will be an important point to remember as to how his poem is unraveled and deciphered.

    There are many meanings and directions that can be stacked upon each other, when attempting to decipher the poem, but it will be the "simplest" explanation that will lead us in the right direction, and without any help or knowledge except for the poem.

    We should ONLY use the poem to solve the puzzle. Don't mess with the poem.

    "BEGIN" is the start of the clues which there are 9 of and end at the word "GOLD". I established this after my second failed attempt. I considered this very early, but failed to implement it or make this a priority. I believe the first quatrain was originally a safe passage clause and was a minor clue as where to actually park, and it also foreshadows the hiding place starting with the second word!
    Forrest Fenn relies heavily in online dictionaries.
    Forrest's datum of choice is Google Earth/maps
    The rules, guidelines and laws of poetry, should be considered as our tool box, that will help us solve the puzzle due to the fact that, FF overlaid the treasure map with a poem.
    This brings me to the first and most important rule of poetry that Forrest "must" have followed in order for his map to work. I will reveal this rule at the appropriate time in order to increase the "WOW" factor, and show how and why my solution is correct and accurate. So continue to remember this "First Rule of Poetry". Also, for the college trained, and accomplished poet/pros writer, dabbler and hobbyist of poetry, I am not going to argue or debate the finer points of poetry, specifically the "First Rule of Poetry”. As a poet/ lyricist myself, I know that there are countless elements that dictate the poetic muse, from a Sonnet to Haiku with varying degrees and construction of verse, meter and rhyme. I am also aware and well acquainted with diction, tone, theme and imagery. My "First Rule of Poetry" supersedes all of the technical aspects in poetry and starts with what must come first in writing a poem. If you have wrote Haiku and understand what first must be embraced, and what lies outside of the actual constraints of the 5-7-5 syllable configuration, then you are well into understanding the "First Rule of Poetry"

    Syntax, is the "key" to unraveling the clues, but not in a traditional sense. I would say, quite the opposite. FF has his own rules, so no doubt, the syntax of the poem is highly manipulated and compact, with multiple meanings in each quatrain, sentence or "word". I often read a poem backwards and also upside down and aloud. This is to make sure that there are no hidden meanings. I have found that in order to find the true meaning of a piece of poetry, or understand a hidden meaning placed by the poet in an obscure manner, all phrasing, commas and periods should be carefully followed and THEN ignored. Usually metaphor and imagery, are used to mask or transform the actual printed text, with its obvious definition of the passage, into something completely different. In FF's case, I am taking this to the extreme when it comes to syntax, because the usual gambit of poetic "voice" is simply not present in any form or on any level. There are no obvious passages that when strung out in succession, represent anything different or deeper in meaning, by dissecting the "spoken phrase". It is by this assumption that a chainsaw should be used to dismantle the poem, and then attempt to reconstruct the treasure map from the pieces. After all, that's what it "is" and NOT a world class example of poetry. All pieces of the poem, as well as every word and punctuation mark, are to remain in place and in their exact location, undisturbed, but remain dissected for their interpretation.

    Probably one of the most important aspects I consider when solving the puzzle, deals with how the mind interprets "don't mess with the poem", which the average person will relate to as sequential and linear. We are all under the assumption that when one clue is found, it will lead you to the next clue and so on. (I considered this assumption to be flawed from the onset and considered a separate train of thought) I understood this assumption but disregarded it for the fact that there must be a "primer" of sorts, that will guide us to a location, somewhere in the poem, that is multi directional, and very much nonlinear, (One straight line)in order for us to find an "X" to mark a spot. It's the only way that a person could skillfully, and with confidence go directly to the treasure. So it's safe to say that the puzzle/map has other aspects other than simply being linear in nature, and must also contain a mechanism that allows for a precise set of points that will interconnect and give a specific location.

    Forrest's age and physical stature at the time of the writing of his poem is very important. This is a tell, for us as problem solvers and I will explain later in more detail and just how important this was, in finding a starting place.

    At first glance and reading of the poem, I found that the punctuation was intriguing and hinted of a clue per "period". What also first struck me was a question being asked? So I started with a ";" and a "?" That had a profound significance just by the very nature of how they appeared in the first reading.
    I also looked at the same words being used in close proximity. This helped immensely, later on in the final clues that pointed to the location of the gold.

    Our foundation:

    It consists of a treasure map that was placed beneath a poem. We must consider all synonyms, punctuation, a complete understanding of each word to include its origin, use, sentence affiliation (noun, adj, verb) and its deepest meaning to include any archaic definitions. Forrest has stated that "ONE" word will need to be understood and is the key to the poem. (I DO know what this single word is and it will be revealed here shortly, it really is the kicker!) See annex A for my complete definition of every word as how it applies to the poem and simply substitute each word with its FF intended meaning.
    As to imagery, metaphor, meter and rhyme? The probability of it effecting the outcome as a whole is limited at best. Since there is no more of a general understanding of a single man's quest to hide a treasure, deeper and more complex meanings of a single quatrain by itself is not present, or does it present itself on the surface with a simple straightforward reading or interpretation. With this in mind, it will suit us better to take each and every single word out of its element/context, and apply an alternate meaning for each. FF has stated in an interview that the meaning of words are not what they appear to be. We must then assume that the previous assumptions are correct and that the "single word" will be the clue to progressing through the poem and map. All of this will still be dependent on the "First Rule of Poetry" and only after the first rule is unveiled will the words with their alternate meanings fall into place.
    A great significance should be placed on "Brown", ( and (?) these are three tells that are not to be ignored and should be forefront at all times when studying the puzzle.
    I deemed the first quatrain to be a bold, precise and "in your face" statement that is so blatantly obvious that it should be as simple as recognizing your own nose (or "i”) on your face. I also believe that the first quatrain was a prelude to the end and a safe passage clause that has eroded into more of an obstacle then a passage. FF made a statement that, “I wish someone would just take a bike in there and get it". This originally could have been accomplished by vehicle.

    We will start with "BEGIN" and explain every single word up to and including the last word "GOLD" and finally, end the whole map/puzzle with the maker’s mark of “UU”
    We will ONLY use the Poem for the 9 clues and consider all other given clues as secondary in nature. (I got in trouble after misinterpreting one of his clues as I will explain later, so I then adopted "poem only" for 100% accuracy.)
    Forrest Fenn's age and condition? If you have NEVER helped, or looked after someone that is in their late 70's early 80's, then I promise, you never had a chance at solving the poem.
    Add chemo and cancer on top of that, and FF's own admission that he's not in the best of shape, then, the whole quest is simply whittled down to just a few short miles. Through some research and general knowledge of the aging process, and the elderly that I personally assist, I surmised the actual trek on foot to be no more than 4 miles, divided by 4 separate legs of two trips, which equals 1 mile from his vehicle. Without this crucial information, terrain, weight of gold and box and altitude included in the equation, it would be impossible to ascertain a starting suitable location, to hide the treasure.
    Taking into consideration Chemo and the hell that it plays on the body, as well as experiencing second hand, and on two occasions, of what Chemo does to the human body, I surmised that the entire poem was created and formed from the comfort of a bed or couch and solely in front of a computer. I also developed the theory that he had been in the location sometime in his life and that he may have also flown over the area. This would be a logical assumption.

    The Viewers state of perspective:
    It is very important to understand the perspective that must be taken when solving this problem
    of location, and using the previous foundation on which to build our case. Perspective is our individual "view" that we approach the poem with. They include "birds eye" view "linear/path" view, actual "boots on the ground" view, "elevation and attitude" view, "NSEW approach and map orientation" USGS, Google map, topographical overlays and standard satellite imagery.
    Orientation as to the mind’s eye and relative location to the poem, will be crucial. In other words, how is FF "showing us" his clues. What direction are we traveling in.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The Poem

    As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold,
    I can keep my secret where,
    And hint of riches new and old.

    Begin it where warm waters halt
    And take it in the canyon down,
    Not far, but too far to walk.
    Put in below the home of Brown.

    From there it’s no place for the meek,
    The end is ever drawing nigh;
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    Just heavy loads and water high.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    The answers I already know,
    I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.

    So hear me all and listen good,
    Your effort will be worth the cold.
    If you are brave and in the wood
    I give you title to the gold.

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    Key: for understanding each element of the poem.
    An "equal sign" is used to separate the actual FF word which will be included in "quotations marks", followed by "= " and then the ALTERNATIVE definition which comes from any one of the online dictionaries. See my list in appendix A.
    The “ONE” special word that is needed to progress to the second part of the poem, comes from only one of the online dictionaries, and is absent in all of the others.

    The Clues.
    Each one of the following is a PHYSICAL PLACE that can be found on the map:

    •“I” …………….used many times and with different meanings AND as “i” by itself
    •“in there” ………….double entendre.
    •“new and old”
    •“where warm waters halt”
    •“home of Brown”
    •“the meek”
    •“drawing nigh;”
    •“heavy loads”
    •“water high”
    •“marvel gaze”
    •“why”…………….used twice/has 3 meanings
    •“listen good”
    •“worth the cold”
    •“the wood”

    I will now start with the first REAL clue in the poem, and progress through the clues, one at a time describing each clue, and revealing its hidden meaning IN THE POEM. I will then Start at the beginning again, and put the clues together, so each clue can be identified and DRAWN ON THE MAP.

    And hint of riches new and old.“new” = hardball/blacktop road
    “old” = wagon trail road

    Put in below the home of Brown.This is a driveway turnoff below the Brown home/ranch.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    From there it's no place for the meek,"meek" = it is the idea of a spirited horse being controlled by a bit and bridle.
    In this case we find that the "meek" is actually a "bit" and the poetic line states that a "bit" cannot occupy this space. See Greek definitions preceded by a biblical interpretation.

    The end is ever drawing nigh;The "end" = the complete segment, is "ever" = often used to intensify or emphasize a phrase or an emotional reaction or surprise.
    "drawing" = a picture/sketch.
    "nigh" = left side of the animal.
    ( A point where two ideas are expressed with similarity but independently different with an action to be assumed or taken.

    There'll be no paddle up your creek, (first segment/idea)
    "creek" = inlet -crook: not a river.
    "up" = direction, North. So when dealing with this clue, the creek will be small and both of the following clues align with "up" in a North-South direction.

    Just heavy loads and water high. (Second related segment/idea)
    "Just" = exactly or precisely (remember this definition as you will see it again and it's VERY important and applies to both preceding features)
    "heavy loads" = deposited rock wash from extensive flooding.
    "Water high" = where water falls from a high point or cliff, in this case, a water fall.

    If you've been wise and found the blaze,
    Here is where "The First Rule of Poetry" encompasses the whole meaning of "blaze"
    "wise"= having knowledge of magic or witchcraft. I chose this because it is "fitting" pun intended to what the "blaze" actually is.
    "blaze"= to be brilliantly conspicuous. Blatantly obvious. "The Blaze" also points to, and refers to, the one word that FF said was important and is highly relevant as to its meaning and the completion of the puzzle.

    Look quickly down, your quest to cease, But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    This has orientation issues as to what direction you are traveling and can be confusing if you are coming from the North but, "down" in this case is interpreted as SOUTH. Then Stop all actions and you should now know what the "Blaze" is in its entirety AND see where the end game is. There are other "blazes" in this area (I assume) that are piles of rocks that actually distinguish township boundaries. They overlay and coincide with the "real" blaze and actually produce two layers that can be confusing and produce a double entendre in the poetry itself. Also, the large round spot is a "blaze" within the blaze. Issues like this also rear their ugly head several times throughout the poem and can lead a follower into the wrong, or more accurately described, a confused direction.
    "But tarry scant with marvel gaze" = to remain briefly, treat in slighting or insignificant manner, amazement by creation, at gaze, Heraldry. (of a deer or dreerlikeanimal) represented as seen from the side with the head looking toward the spectator: a stag at gaze.

    This element is what I saw that provoked my first response and defines the entirety of the "blaze" This was my starting point that set the whole poem in motion and conformed, and epitomized “The First Rule of Poetry"

    Just take the chest and go in peace."Just" = exactly or precisely (remember this definition? It has NOW appeared twice)
    The remaining part of the phrase actually describes "two" places and points.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So why is it that I must go and leave my trove for all to seek?
    "So" = an action, South
    "why"= TWO Places,
    "is it"= as in this is it,
    "I"= eye or I "must go" traveling to a new location and then,
    "Leave" = to depart and its antonym is = join.
    "trove" = any valuable discovery, collection of valuables.
    "seek" = to go in search or quest of.
    "?" = a place! But! "for all" = is also a place and pulls to the antonym of "leave" so join "all" to "?"
    This segment has a third meaning that is derived from the Greek alphabet.

    I know this is complicated but I will go through the whole process step by step with the known location. I explain in simple layman's terms, how all of this will come together. You didn't think this was going to be easy did you? When I am finished, do the 5 minute map! It’s really easy, once you know the physical places to look for on the map.

    The answers I already know,
    "answers" = to solve or present a solution of. Here is another double entendre that plays to the "?" Which has two meanings.
    "?"= is a place AND provokes a question that is answered by the phrase above. "answers", being the previous "just" points that we know, and that 4 points are known at this time, and HOB/home of Brown.

    I've done it tired and now I'm weak.Although this segment seems to be obvious and plainly understood, I promise you that this is the turning point that includes that "ONE" word that will advance you to the "end game" of the puzzle. I will forgo the explanation at this time so when I direct the reader through the puzzle process and define that "ONE" word, all of the pieces start to fit and make sense. It can ONLY be found, deeply imbedded in one online dictionary and under an archaic definition.

    So hear me all and listen good,
    Now we come to the end of the road and must put together all of the points and use our common sense to make this whole puzzle work.
    "So" = an action, South and also occurred in the previous quatrain also being an action.
    Remember, "for all" as being a place? We must now connect "all" with "hear me" "?" requiring two lines, one, through the two "just" points, and another that goes through "marvel gaze" and stops at HOB.
    "listen"= to use one's ear.
    "good" = tip-top. When you see the blaze, it is clearly understood as to where this line should be drawn.

    Your effort will be worth the cold.
    I blew this one off the first time. Not a smart thing to do.
    "Your effort" = a mental application that "I" must do.
    "worth" = equal value.
    "the cold" = is also a double entendre of sorts if you understand "where warm waters halt" and understand the configuration of where the "cold"= line should go. (out of logical and linear order in the poem/puzzle, but still a valid “tell”) This then requires us to "split in equal parts" the "cold line" and make this a "point" that will be used in just a moment.

    If you are brave and in the wood
    This too has a double meaning. To be brave here implies that you have entered into an area that could pose a problem but the stronger of the two meanings and the correct one is
    "brave" = North American Indian.
    "In the wood" wow did this one get me in trouble. I'm a huge Winnie the Pooh fan and know of the map titled 100 akre/acre wood. It overlays in mirror opposition to a location that we are currently in. I could of sworn that FF invoked the "Pooh clause" and used the map as an overlay. Since I blew off the "cold" line, I drew ALL lines from North to South and it neatly encompassed a "box" that is in the "author" line of the 100 acre wood map (I jumped to the conclusion of the author box as being the "title" box.) The map of the 100 acre wood is "pre tigger" if you’re wondering which one. All lines pointed to "the box" that has initials in it. This was my first solve but proved to be wrong. So "wood" actually defines as = a collection of trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, etc, usually dominated by one or a few species of tree: usually smaller than a forest: an oak wood. There is only one such "wood" that is intersected by the "listen good" line so this is marked and used as a point by which to travel from.

    I give you title to the gold.
    "I" = has many meanings here.
    "i" = is on the map AND is the voice of the "brave"
    "I" = eye the last one being a final destination and the most accurate for our purpose. This also plays to the second word in the whole poem As "I" have gone...
    "I" = eye and thus, the blatant “tell" from just the second word!
    "title" = heading so a line from "in the wood" to "worth the cold" which then forms a triangle. This is the same symbol that occurs on the colored map in the right hand corner of FF TTOTC. It also is a triangle with a center spot in the middle of it. Coincidence? Not hardly. “gold” is a reference to a gold colored spot that the line almost goes through, and is in a “title”=Heading to the FF point.

    So, there are all the clues and now it's time to give the location and run each clue so that the reader can understand the complexity, but also the simplicity of the FF puzzle.
    What about the "First rule of Poetry”? Patients! Let's begin!

    The Solve!
    Let me turn your direction to FF, no not Forrest Fenn but Folsom Falls New Mexico. Remember I said at the beginning that Forrest "waffled" on a clue? Well here is the big one! He first said the treasure was in the mountains north of Santa Fe NM. Then he clarified it to be on his map and in the Rocky Mountains. Folsom NM is not in the "colored" portion of the map (unless you want to consider the Map Makers Mark to be "colored") and it doesn't belong to the Rocky Mountain chain which he later stated that the treasure is located.
    It is my belief that Forrest's puzzle was going to be solved too easily due to the fact that so many people were visiting the Brown Ranch just up from Folsom Falls. They did a complete article on the Brown Ranch because of TC. I believe that Forrest knew it would be over as fast as it started and (deemed as a hoax) and this was not his intention. Forrest's first ideas and thoughts of the treasure hunt holds no merit, and I really think it has more to do with the limiting access to Folsom Falls fishing hole that struck a chord with Forrest. I really think that he wanted seekers to blatantly defy government land grabs and ignore and revolt against such closings of our natural gems to the public. It’s very possible he wanted this land for himself. I also believe that FF had no love loss for anyone other than someone “like himself”. I believe that later on, when Forrest found himself in the lime light, he softened his views for the sake of publicity and he liked the attention. I also believe that he had some serious dislikes for the frequent beer drinking cliff diving fun seekers that shut down Folsom Falls in the first place. Note: Folsom Falls was closed to the public and now has no trespassing signs at the gate. It's a very beautiful place with a cold water spring that divides into two falls that terminate in a large pool below it.

    This brings me to the full circle and back to the top of the poem where I believe Forrest provided a "safe passage" clause and a preview of the treasure hiding area.

    “As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold,
    I can keep my secret where,
    And hint of riches new and old”

    I believe that the gate to the quarry had once been unchained and unlocked. I believe that Forrest parked his car in the quarry where it couldn’t be seen at all by anyone, unless you were on top of it. This plays to the minor clue and points to the safe passage that would be 36.863367, -103.888301 "new and old." This is the exact place where the "new" blacktop road intersected with the "old" Ft. Union Wagon trail road. It crosses very close to the quarry gate entrance which is now locked, thus prompting my previous explanation of why a bike would be needed.
    "i" = "on the map itself" represented by a saddle as the “dot” of the “i”.
    "As I"= "i" on the map in physical form and also refers to a second physical "eye" and also Forrest Fenn, all rolled into one.
    "Treasures bold" refers to the WHOLE picture encompassing EVERYTHING. I personally believe this whole picture is a treasure and who could ever deny that, when all is revealed, that it "isn't" BOLD?

    "Begin it where warm waters halt
    and take it in the canyon down,
    not far, but too far to walk.”

    This is the Dry Cimarron River in New Mexico off of HWY 456. “Begin it where warm waters halt” is point (NOT to be marked, just to be known) 36.906764, -103.829420. Take it down South, until you get to the TURN OFF TO THE DRIVEWAY of the Brown Ranch. (About 3.5 miles NE of Folsom on HWY 456 .

    "Put in below the home of Brown” would then be the turn off to the driveway below the Brown Ranch. This IS the driveway to the “home of Brown" YES! It's that easy. Mark a Point here.
    It will later align itself with the "eye/blaze” being perfectly bisected when drawing a line to "?".

    Look down, “South” from the Brown Ranch, past Folsom Falls and you will see a "draw" on the right. (Orientate your map to North=up and South= down) Pan out and focus your attention to the head of a horse. You will see the "meek" or in this case the "bit" in the horse’s mouth. This is the "drawing nigh" of the left face (drawing) of a horse!
    "No paddle up your creek" describes the word
    "up"= direction so a dry creek between both points with,
    "just"= precisely on "heavy loads" big pile of rocks from water, under and directly in front of, the mouth of the horse and mark a point here.
    Make a second mark at Folsom Falls "water high"
    So, we have two marks, one in front of mouth of the horse and the second, Folsom Falls that both will align with each other and orientate themselves in North-South direction.

    "Look quickly down, your quest to cease"
    Forrest was straight forward here! If you look quickly down, or South, and know what comes next, then this is self explanatory, but it also finishes this segment of the puzzle and shows the end game of the "eye" and the eye of the horse, Double meaning here.

    Now we must understand that the "blaze" IS the whole horse head AND the "Eye" of the horse.
    This is where "tarry scant with marvel gaze" comes in as a clue. In this case it's a "pointer and guide" with the word "but" and continue down to the next word
    "just"= precisely "take the chest".
    Mark a point at the furthest rock outcrop on the horses chest, and then look to the left-West, and you will see some volcanic rock walls, that come to a point with the dry Cimarron dividing it to form a "peace sign". Forrest also referred this as "The Place of Peace" in "I am Forrest Fenn" (A departure from the POEM/PUZZLE but we are not breaking our own rules, by stating the previous)
    Mark a point here where all the volcanic walls and river lines converge. At this juncture, I concluded that a line should be drawn between these two points due.

    “So why is it that I must go to a "Y “And” leave a "Y" my trove for all to seek?”

    Now we find the "So" = South,
    "why"= Y
    “is it"= the new location that
    "I must go"= actually moving to the Y, that is located below the "peace sign", and consists of a volcanic wall and the dry/wet stream bed.

    Here's where it gets hard. A question is asked and then answered all in the same quatrain. There are THREE separate meanings that must be applied to this one single line of poetry. I will revisit this later when it becomes obvious as to its second and third meaning. ALSO! The third meaning is only revealed when all points are drawn. The third meaning, that must be applied here in Greek, will give us the last TWO points to connect for the ending, but, I will save this line, and draw it LAST. It will make more sense that way and IS the actual order that must be followed.

    Remember that we decided that there must be a "primer" for the puzzle to come together? Well here it is.
    (("Leave" = "for" + (all)" = (is a place)) and (("seek" = (is a place) + "?"))

    So we are leaving to a place where "all" = all "just" points previously marked, go to "?".

    Look below our last stopping point of the "peace sign" and locate the "Y", and mark a point and then continue directly South and then on to the "?", It's orientation is sideways with its "dot" located to the East and the starting point and opening of the "question mark" starting to the West with the opening facing South (There is an ATV trail going right through the "dot" with a small dark spot in the middle)Mark a point here. This Is the point that "all" will be drawn to, from
    "the answers I already know"= the two points we marked at the "heavy loads" and "water high" also connecting HOB and "marvel gaze"

    "I've done it tired and now I'm weak"
    This is the turning point in the whole puzzle. Without the understanding of this single word, it will be difficult to move forward, in the puzzle. That single word that Forrest said was so important? Well... Here it is.

    "TIRED”: definition - archaic, headdress

    "weak" = barely visible. Our meaning, the eye and face.

    (I first thought this passage was a full circle and represented the beginning and the end, I was really wrong!) First trip showed me the errors of my ways!

    You should NOW understand the pun.

    So what do we have now?

    It's an Indian face (in profile) that has a whisper of a question mark in front of its lips with a headdress of a horse! He has a huge “dot”=”saddle” on his cheek with the rest of the “i”s body running south. Pan out of Google maps to see the whole picture. I think he’s a medicine man!
    (Picture this like, Johnny Depp as TONTO in the Lone Ranger, with the Crow on top of his head)

    And thus,

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PIC 6.pdf 
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Size:	541.2 KB 
ID:	1204508

    The "First Rule of Poetry"

    "One must first be inspired"


    So, from here on out, it is the voice of the Indian, whose name is “i” that will dictate the end game.
    (Prior to my second attempt, and before I discovered the meaning of "worth the cold" I kept thinking "The Horse" was doing the talking here! NOT!)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PIC 7.pdf 
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Size:	462.0 KB 
ID:	1204510

    "So hear me all and listen good"
    "So"= South again, to The Indian’s lip and onto the ? point.
    "hear me" = Indian talking, his name is “i” by the letter “i” on the side of his face.
    "all"= all of the points we previously made. (Here is where we start to actually "DRAW" lines on the map) So one line from the dot of the ? to the "heavy load" and up to Folsom Falls mark "water high" intersecting both and making one line.
    Now, we make another line from the dot of ? to the drive way of "home of Brown" that exactly splits and evenly divides the "marvel gaze" eye of the horse.
    The last long line is from ? to " Listen good" = horse ear, mark a point here, to the "good" = tip-top, and draw a line to the top of the horse’s ear.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PIC 8.pdf 
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Size:	432.2 KB 
ID:	1204511

    "Your effort will be worth the cold"
    Here we look at the line from the dot of (? to Folsom Falls) and then "worth"= divide in half the cold line (represented by the cold spring water that powers the falls) and stop half way to Folsom Falls and mark a point. "This line then negates the line to "heavy loads" as this was "just" a guide line due to its large area and ambiguity that points to Folsom Falls, which is an exact point.

    "If you are brave and in the wood"
    "Brave" = on the Indian and "in the wood" which is the far East line "hear me good" line, that intersects a circle of trees, now known as "the wood", we mark a point on this line and in the middle of the circled trees. (You can't miss it!)

    "I give you title to the gold"
    "I" = “i”+eye+give "title" = heading "to the gold"
    So, we draw a line from "the wood" mark to the "worth the cold" mark and we finish with a TRIANGLE in the "I"= eye of the Indian, that also is indicative of the "map key" on TTOTC map.
    This is the end of the journey. I think it's easier to use the synonym of "title" to explain this. Synonym: label, heading, legend, caption.
    The cold line or "falls" line is the FF line for this whole area.
    There is a “gold colored spot” that the last line is drawn through and it’s referring to the color of gold and not the “Au-gold”

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PIC 9.pdf 
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ID:	1204512

    If we look at the "triangle" and in the very center, on Google maps, there is a "Y" mark a point here. Each leg points to a side of the triangle and "almost" bisects each side perfectly if they are extended with a "line". Coincidence? Not with FF it isn't.
    ("Why"= Y "is it" + "that I must go and leave my trove") here is the second meaning on top of the previous "Y" meaning.
    "Is it" = is it! Also, mind you, that the ONLY time the "real treasure" is mentioned in such a specific way as to completely isolate it "as" the treasure in its definition, without any other meanings, is the word
    "trove" = any collection of valuables related and most exclusively attached to the word "treasure" from its first use and 1888 French origin.
    Another way to look at this double meaning is "So "Y" is it that I must go (to) AND leave my "Y" trove", leaving a "Y" AND going TO a "Y". In the middle of the triangle is the "Y" that is a small cliff that faces East and travels mostly NW and SE. So it's not an "X" it's a "Y" that marks the spot, BUT not so fast! We’re not finished yet! There is one more line that must be drawn!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PIC 10.pdf 
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ID:	1204513

    CENTER]“So why is it that I must go to a "Y" “And” leave for a "Y" my trove for all to seek?” [/CENTER]

    NOW! I didn't make this ending up!
    I just didn't pull this out of my ass and call it a clue.
    This is BY FACT, that FF said this was THE END in his poem!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PIC 11.pdf 
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ID:	1204514

    This must mean it can only be one of several things.
    the double omega,
    Last but not least UU.

    One of these symbols MUST be in the poem or on site in the triangle.

    There is nothing on site. FF didn't carve his name anywhere on the volcanic mausoleum.
    The trees in this area? No, not hardly. All old and under brushed and not a good candidate for an everlasting pointer to his ending place. A rock or one of the boulders? Nope! Noda!

    So, where could this final ending possibly be? What about the poem!

    The one last ghost that must be given up so that the seeker KNOWS they are standing in the right spot.

    How about the UU in the poem?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PIC 12.pdf 
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ID:	1204515

    Remember the first real clue that had to be discovered to show the face of the horse? The meaning was derived from the Greek dictionary/biblical translation from Greek.

    Hummm, how fitting would it be if the beginning and end of the puzzle/poem would both be derived from the Greek language!

    One single clue, was comprised of 3 layers, of meaning.

    This is where I found the meaning, and gave my poetic description of the poem.

    It is whispers upon whispers, of a whisper, that gives this poem "it's" voice" PF

    Three meanings in one clue. The trifecta of the puppet master! Jerking the strings of the unsuspecting. Dangling his promise of trinkets and luring his prey to his memoirs for that "one more clue".

    Double UU! That's right! Right in front of our noses.

    Let's go GREEK,

    "So why is it that I must go And leave my trove for all to seek?"

    Formula: The Trifecta!

    ((Why=Y on the map in TWO physical places.)+(Y=Upsilon or "u" in the Greek alphabet))

    Mark Why=Y 36.861025, -103.880429 connected to “Y” Mark 36.865641, -103.878918

    This is the LAST line that must be known to realize that this is the end of the puzzle! I call it the UU line! It creates an X to stand on and view the complete mausoleum. Awesome if you’re a FF fan. “just no 10X10 box" no metal at all in this area, no crackerjack prize, just a spot to stand on to know you're finished! That's all! Take the Picture!
    *PIC TC 10PIC 2/pic2
    This is the finish line or X if you please. This is where the picture was taken from.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PIC 13.pdf 
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ID:	1204516

    HERE IS THE UU that everyone is looking for! THIS is how I know I’m 100% correct! And that THIS is the spot, and THIS is THE END!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TC10 PIC 2.JPG 
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Size:	3.97 MB 
ID:	1204518

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TC10pic2.JPG 
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Size:	4.05 MB 
ID:	1204520

    This picture is standing directly over the grotto hole

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TC10 PIC 1.JPG 
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Size:	2.82 MB 
ID:	1204517

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TC10pic1.JPG 
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Size:	3.97 MB 
ID:	1204519

    See for yourself! Find the points draw the lines!

    I have included the following fast solve that anyone can do in 5 minutes on Google earth.

    Ok, here's the solve in its easiest form. A monkey can figure this out!

    Go to Folsom Falls, New Mexico.

    Make a mark at the Falls.

    Go up the road (North) until you come to the turnoff that goes to the brown ranch. Make a mark here.

    Find the picture of the horse in the map. Top of nose starts at the falls. Make a mark at the tip-top of his ear.

    Follow the horse's chest to the furthest point out, (outcrop of rocks) make a mark.

    Go West, (Left) to the river and find the part that looks like a peace sign, and make a mark where the river splits the two volcanic ridge walls that make up the peace sign. Now! Draw a line from the "chest" to the "peace sign"

    Pan out. Look at the Indians nose. The peace sign is the bridge of his nose. Go South to the Y in the nostril/ upper lip meet. Make a mark at the Y.

    Continue South to the upper lip of the Indian. Go just a little West until you see the "dot" of a question mark, "?" That is laying on its side. Make a mark on the dot. "It has an ATV trail through it.

    Draw three lines from dot of question mark. One to Folsom falls, to Home of brown mark, and a line to the top of the horse’s ear.

    Equally divide the line going to Folsom Falls and make a mark.

    Go to the long line of the horse’s ear. It bisects a circle of trees just East of the Indian's eye. Make a mark. Connect this last mark with the equally divided Folsom falls mark.

    There should now be a triangle in the "eye" of the Indian.

    Look in the center of the triangle "zoom in as close as possible" locate the Y in the middle and make a mark.

    Now connect the two Y marks with a line. One in the triangle to the one under the Indians nose.
    Stand where the last two lines cross at the bottom side of the triangle. This is where the picture was taken from. THIS is Double Horseshoes UU and the very end of the poem and puzzle.

    There is NO METAL at all in this area, around the trees, stumps, boulders or buried anywhere near where the picture was taken. There is NO METAL near or around the mausoleum, on top of it, the sides or anywhere else.

    At the bottom of the gorge Y, There is a step up from the bottom heading towards the South. 30ft South, up the hill from the centering Y, towards the “gold” spot through a really thick set of pines, is the UU Line. A volcanic monument/mausoleum comes into view, in perfect splendor, lit by the morning sun. It’s completely obscure if viewing on top of the hill looking down in the gorge, or looking “up” South from the bottom of the gorge. This area is steep on both sides and has a fortress of obscuring trees that shield this area from almost any angle. It's a triple pinnacle with a fourth spire as an afterthought that tags the end. In the center is a tree on top, in the middle, and two balancing volcanic spires on each side with a nice size hidey-hole at the bottom center. It has a nice long flat terrace in the front. The hole is good sized and I would say the volume is 24-38 cu. ft. and rounded on the interior walls with the bottom perfectly flat. It also has secondary cut outs around it with small overhangs and stash sites at and around the base. The main grotto looks as if the back wall had chisel marks on it? My camera didn't show any detail because it was too dark. I didn't pack in a pro camera, just a point and shoot. The mausoleum face is 6-8ft tall and has a nice gold colored gravel in front of it sloping gently downhill to the trees below revealing a “light brown-gold” colored volcanic gravel/rock. The whole monument faces due East and was lit with a 9-10AM sun in my photograph. Its grandeur as a final resting spot perfectly reflect the traditions and customs that FF would expect to be buried in with a perfect East-facing headstone. NO DOUBT THIS IS THE PLACE WHERE THE TROVE AND HIS BONES WERE SUPPOSED TO BE". When I stood directly above the opening at the top where the tree is, all of Forrest’s descriptions of where the "trove" is described, all come into focus. The tree line is semicircle butting tight up against both sides. This place does flood. This shows that the hydrodynamics in this gorge is very powerful and at times, will completely engulf the area around the mausoleum but would defiantly protect its contents well. The Jicarilla Apache would have no doubt, buried their dead in this whole area. The metal detector didn’t make a peep except for the one piece of metal. This was a really easy place to search due to the lack of human intervention and no ferric interference from the wash-bed or volcanic deposits.

    I include the two trees so the reader can orientate the photo to the Google map in the exact location of the mausoleum. In fact, Google Map flattens the area out so much that it looks like you could play golf in there, where in fact, it's quite steep and dangerous at places if you lose your footing. The whole gorge has many other beautiful features. One surprising one, a very nice deep watering hole "yes It was searched with a metal detector". A nice overhanging ledge with a rock covering the face is also another favorite. There is an outcrop of jutting volcanic fingers that I could sit on and dangle my feet about 8' above the bottom. Large old pines that look to be "blazed" at the bottom, but this is from porcupines eating the bark and NOT humans. Several dead tree trunks were checked for metal but not a peep.

    UU is the end. I found the end, there ain't no gold, and never was.

    As far as there being just 9 Clues? I say good luck with using that number to solve this puzzle. With all of the other pointers, misdirections, double/triple meanings, it's hard to tell just what is actually a clue. Be your own judge here.

    There it is! Forrest Fenn was inspired by a true and real place. How else could anyone place a treasure map under a poem without first being inspired? It's the "First Rule of Poetry" that unraveled Forrest Fenn's map.


    UU, Lies in a gold colored volcanic floor, that butts up to an East facing three pinnacle mausoleum, South of a dry fork bottom, of a crook shaped like a "Y" that sits center in a "TRIANGLE", that occupies the "EYE OF AN INDIAN" in profile, whose name is “i” that wears the "HEADDRESS" of a fiery and spirited "HORSE” that resides in Folsom Falls New Mexico.

    Please use common sense and know that if you decide to make this trek:
    1. Understand, and know the areas that you are entering. This area is accessible with ignorant deniability if the correct path is taken, which will require a fit mind and body. Flash flooding is a concern in this area. Water flows North in this area so be careful as to which direction the rains could affect the water crossing.
    2. My solution is the correct one and I have completely exhausted all clues.
    3. There is no need to search any of the areas by hand or with a shovel. I ask that the unbelievers, who dare to challenge my findings, do as I have done. Bring a metal detector and disturb the area as little as possible. With a detector set for full-on, no discrimination, even big boulders would ping if there is metal anywhere around or under it for a 10X10 bronze box. Tread carefully as I have, respect and regard this place as sacred and a graveyard for the spirits of our Native American ancestors.
    Feel free to search, explore and detect responsibly as I have done, for the following areas to include: The 100 acre wood area, the complete triangle and "eye" area to include the directional line and all the "X's" that make up the triangle, both "Y"s, the area on top of the eye lid and extended research around this area to include the cliff "arc". The divided cold line and in the peace sign itself and at the top of the hill in the "place of peace"
    I did this as to completely convince the “non-believers” and the “hard headed”, and resolve any notions that this area needs to be disturbed, by inexperienced hunters, who think that something was missed. I think this place is utterly beautiful from being viewed from Google earth, and I hope that this is enough to convince 99% of the readers.

    4. I have not searched the mesa because I believe this to be "Holy Ground" and I would ask that you treat this area the same as I. There is no reason to venture up the mesa as it has nothing to do with TC except to find points on a map and draw the lines. This is a very fragile area and its beauty is derived from the nature of God. It represents a fragile existence between life and death and I believe it's one of God's "peepholes" that he can look down and say "I made that for my own joy and happiness" please respect this place.
    5. Stay out of this whole area unless you want a ticket or be met by the authorities. I promise you that if you park anywhere along the road area, you will be met and ticketed for trespassing. If you decide to bike it in, have fun, be safe, respect nature and pack out what you pack in.
    6. I believe that the best way to enjoy this site is from afar and on Google maps. It's breathtaking and like nothing I have ever seen. "First Rule of Poetry"
    Fade out...
    The quest for me is finished. I never cared about the treasure or the allure of gold. (but where is that gold anyway?) The puzzle was the challenge and very much worth the time to decipher. There are many lessons in TC that each and every one of us can draw from. Helping your elderly neighbor out, from simply the goodness of your heart, would have solidified the "solve" for TC. The reason and process that I was able to find the starting point for TC, has showed me something way bigger then TC, FF or the stories and memories that have been told. As we can clearly see, TC was a lesson in advanced computer research and map reading and had nothing to do with getting out from behind an electronic device. Quite the opposite of what FF has told us. I did it ALL behind my computer!

    Why did Forrest Fenn go to great lengths to make sure that his ruse would not be discovered?
    Ask yourself this one simple question and then stick by the answer that you come up with, no matter what FF says.

    Question: Why did FF change the search area criteria from the mountains North of Santa Fe and then stating the chest was in the Rocky Mountains, and ONLY in the colored portion of the map?

    To sell maps at $35 and $50 a pop, that goes straight into his pocket?

    The Holy Spirit is nature and knows all.

    Be it materially real, perceived or totally fictitious:

    "We can no more hide from the Holy Spirit while on this earth or,
    think that we could ever hide a trinket in one of God's sacred finger paintings,
    and think that we could get away with it for an eternity." PF

    A final note,
    What happens now? Who dares to guess as to how Forrest Fenn explains the remainder of "The Chase"? Will he state "you’re not even close"? Like he's done so many times before? Or would he state "I guess someone has found the treasure" which can't be true, because we have been led to believe that Forrest would have KNOWN if the treasure was found? (There's no way he would have known, but I would venture to say that Ronald Reagan wouldn't have trusted him in the first place.) Will the treasure mysteriously appear? And why now? Will pieces of the treasure start to show up around the necks and fingers of the chosen few and loyal to TC? I'm sure Forrest has an end game. What if his end game is total and relentless denial no matter what "solve" is produced? Is this the never ending snipe hunt that will go down in history as an urban-legend? Will Forrest Fenn ride silently into the sunset, never to be heard from again? Is Forrest's memoirs destine to be set to music? Will the echoes of Forrest Fenn, haunt us all till the end of time, for all to hear his whispers through the canyons of the Rockies and New Mexico? OR, will there be a revolt where a large "book burning" takes place in downtown Santa Fe with hundreds of past FF fans standing in a circle, throwing in the towel and TTOTC and TFTW? Be your own judge.
    I learned a long time ago that "age" has very little to do with trust or honesty. I depart my journey here, so that the reader my now reflect upon their own quest and speculate to the ends of the earth, what Forrest Fenn will do or say next to convince you that "there is GOLD! In them there wood"

    What's easier to believe?

    A man, who proudly displays to the world his collection of Indian dolls, ripped from the arms of a child, slumbering in eternal sleep,


    The same such man, gives to the world a box full of treasure!

    Since when has a man of greed and disgust, ever given back to the world?

    Since when has a habitual "taker" ever returned a favor in kindness, without ever expecting something in return?

    There is a back-story here, deeper than any of us know. It starts way before the "The Chase" ever did.

    Thank NBC for not fact checking Mr. Fenn and giving their audience a glimmering hope, that never was, all for a story.
    A simple check, would have revealed that Mr. Fenn was a digger. He dug the fastest, and with the biggest shovel. He out hustled his competitors time and time again. He learned this at a very young age, and now, he's just an old Hustler, swindling the unsuspecting out of their hard earned money, to search for a treasure that doesn't exist. All for that next "one more clue" so he can peddle his crap that he calls, his memoirs.

    If you ever decide,
    to send someone out on a SNIPE hunt,
    you better be damn sure,
    you can either outrun him,
    or kick his ass. PF

    In the hands of an experienced user,
    Men may lie, but Metal Detectors don’t. PF

    Paul Foeller

    P.S. My wife said "You know, people won't believe you, and continue to look for the gold"

    Appendix A

    all : each, apiece
    already : previous place or time.
    answers : to solve or present a solution of.
    alone : singly, by one's self.
    below : south of
    blaze : to be brilliantly Conspicuous. Blatantly obvious
    begin : start first part of action
    bold : striking or conspicuous to the eye; flashy; showy:
    a bold pattern.
    brave : a warrior of a Native American tribe

    brown : proper name
    canyon : deep cut ravine by water
    cease : discontinue
    cold : means the cold line or FF
    creek : inlet -crook: to bend and meander

    down : to or in a position, area, or districtconsidered lower, especially from ageographical or cartographic standpoint, asto the south
    done : completely finished, used up
    drawing : a picture/sketch

    end : the last part or extremity, lengthwise, ofanything that is longer than it is wide orbroad

    effort : a mental application

    ever : often used to intensify or emphasize aphrase or an emotional reaction as surpriseor impatience
    found : to set up or establish on a firm basis or forenduring existence, discover.
    gaze : at gaze, Heraldry. (of a deer or deerlikeanimal) represented as seen from the sidewith the head looking toward the spectator:
    a stag at gaze.
    go : Leave from/go to
    gold : color
    good : tip-top
    gone : past existing
    hint : very slight or noticeable
    halt : to be vague, stopping point
    home : where one lives
    heavy & loads : Rock wash from stream
    I = has several meanings, small "i" = is on the map. Also it means Eye and "I" = myself
    it = "is it" like in tag, your it!
    leave : to depart a place. (Antonym=Join) and to go to.
    just : exactly or precisely
    listen : to use one's ear
    keep : to watch, stronghold.
    look : to cast eyes in a direction.
    marvel : amazement by creation
    meek : It is the idea of a horse being controlled by a bit and bridle.
    new : recently developed
    nigh : left side of the animal
    old : having been aged for a long time
    put : put in, to estimate, to proceed.
    paddle : wooden handle
    quest : search
    quickly : rapidly, fast
    riches : wealth
    seek : to go in search or quest of
    secret : a method or procedure known only to the creator or obtained by intuition
    scant : treat in slighting or insignificant manner.
    so : South
    tarry : to remain briefly
    title : heading as in direction!
    tired : a headdress
    trove : any valuable discovery, collection of valuables.
    treasures : something of great value
    up : direction North
    walk : walk on foot
    waters: two water falls
    weak : barely visible
    where : a place in this case the "I"
    wise : having knowledge of magic or which craft.
    wood : a collection of trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses,etc, usually dominated by one or a fewspecies of tree: usually smaller than aforest: an oak wood
    worth : equal value
    why = the letter "Y" and “u”
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    Tall-ass coil sweeper

    Dec 2014
    Vancouver Island
    CTX 3030, EQ 800, AT-Pro, Xterra-505
    513 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    You had time to write all of that? And draw the lines! God, I wish my mind worked like this.
    Im Monkey see, Monkey do type guy.

    Very very cool read, but I'm nowhere near close to come take a look for myself! =(

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    Oct 2013
    brunswick md
    4461 times
    Relic Hunting
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    Oct 2012
    T2se. tesero tejon. white xlt
    109 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    it would take me 2 months type all that good luck on it
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    Fortune Favors the BOLD, while Karma Favors the Wise!

    Jan 2006
    Arizona Vagrant
    Whites GMT 24k / Fisher FX-3 / Fisher Gold Bug II / Fisher Gemini / Schiebel MIMID
    7198 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    While I can understand what you have here, I also have a lot of experience with other Treasure Stories, like The Lost Dutchman Mine. People are always claiming to have found it. So far, none have.

    Here is a great article about Forrest Fenn and his treasure from May 16th, 2015. Fenn claims to have most definitely buried the treasure he said he did. As of May16, 2015 nobody has found it. It is also very easy to say "I solved it, but there never was any treasure." I could say the same thing about the parking lot outside my office. Sorry if I seem a little jaded and skeptical, but like I said, I have a lot of experience with Treasure Hunting.


    Just the first of many issues I have with your solution:

    How in God's Name did you arrive at old and new roads, when the clue was:

    "And hint of riches new and old."

    A quick perusal of what he claims to have put in the chest explains that line:

    "He filled the chest with "treasure" containing gold nuggets, rare coins, jewelry and gemstones, along with a jar holding his autobiography. He intended to hide it and die in the woods, with the treasure as a legacy."

    Gold Nuggets and Gemstones are millions of years old. Coins newer, but can still be both old and new. Fenn's Autobiography would be considered (especially by Fenn) to be a "new' treasure. The line simply described (loosely) what he put in the chest.

    I will give you a clue about hunting treasure: Just like playing Poker. You don't play the cards, you play your opponent. Look at the man that hid the treasure;

    1. Did he have the money to afford to hide $1-$3 million in loot?

    2. Did the man have the capacity to encrypt the location of his treasure in the manner in which you have provided?

    3. Does the man have a history of cheating or lying?

    4. Has the originator of the treasure tried to profit by this treasure story?

    Those are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

    Take Care - Mike
    "You wouldn't like me when I'm mad, because I back up my rage with hard facts and logic!" - The Credible Hulk

    "Where do they teach you to post like this? In some Panama City "Sailor wanna hump-hump" bar, or is it getaway day and your last shot at whiskey? Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here."

    ............... ALWAYS REMEMBER: When you make a typo, the errorists win...................Aloha Snackbar!

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    Aug 2015
    75 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Good questions,

    New and old actually has two meanings. The one you will find in "I am Forrest Fenn" look at the end, I know exactly what this means, I was there! There's a step there!
    BUT, remember only use the Poem. So, yes, new and old can easily be the step up from the wash"Y" which is recient and steps 30' up to the picture I took, 200,000 years later! but! The poem shows something different! It's the quarry, look at your map! It's the FIRST TIME AND PLACE, that these two roads cross. Does the first quatrain describes the Beginning AND the end? Yes!

    Fenn profiting? yes! He says no! But! Dig deep and the truth is there.

    Lying? Yup! First he said, treasure was hidden in the mountains north of Santa Fe, THEN, he said, it's in the Rocky Mountains. AND he then, puts out his map that he takes in 100% profit. This IS the Lie. Folsom Falls was NOT Included in this map that he makes $35, and signed $50.

    The ability to encrypt like I have presented? You bet! He's smart! Really smart, supper computer savvy!

    You comment on knowing the man? That's where my statement at the end of the article, describes the man. Men like him take! They don't give.

    I have asked my self hundreds of questions. Some, are conjecture and unfounded. I keep them to myself.

    The poem on the other hand? No problem! Is there four possible meanings to one phrase? You bet! Here's the kicker, it's ok to have 3 different meanings happening at the same time over the same phrases. The "Y" statement is 3 demential in its meaning and All are correct All at the same time!
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    Jul 2012
    Blackfoot, Idaho
    White's GM2, GM3, DFX, Coinmaster, TDI-SL, GM24K, Falcon MD20, old Garrett Masterhunter BFO 'Way Too Cool' dual 18 Watt UV light
    3763 times
    Talk about convoluted. It amazes me that people can have such arrogance that they twist words all over the place to come up with a "solve", but never have a thing to show for it. Early on, FF said a child could figure the thing out. No child I've ever heard of could follow that set of clues, or even begin to arrive at them. I ain't buyin' it! No offense. If it makes you happy to say you solved it, more power to you.

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    Aug 2015
    75 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    AHHHHHH! But a child can point to a map and show you where the treasure (hot air) is! A child can point to the horse! Now ask a child to point to its EYE! Now point to the eye of the Indian! If you can't see this, your not THINKING like a child!
    Do you believe everything FF tells You?
    Jim, show me ONE SINGLE WORD, that is out of place, or isn't a definition of the word! Just one!
    FF said A LOT of things early on, and he has changed some of those things as well. Get yourself one of those $50 maps! Lol.then look at my solution very carefully. You will be asking for your money back.

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    Aug 2015
    75 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I guess I should state this obvious fact. Very few readers will still not get this and make a comment just as Jim has. that's O.K. I understand.
    This poem/puzzle took FF 10 years to develope, and he has an above average IQ. Likewise, it will take someone with the same skill sets to unravel it, and then, someone who is smart enough to to follow the solution. Like I said in the intro, this is a level 10 puzzle, and only a handful of worthy pro's are going to really understand the solution, let alone the poem/puzzle itself. You didn't think this was going to be easy, now did ya? Well neither is understanding and following the solution. Arrogance? No. Confidence? Yes.
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    Dec 2009
    Whites gm4b, Minelab sd 2200d
    158 times
    I'm curious SLICK....why did you post the solve under a different name..granddaddy? Why not use slick?

    If I understood it correctly you said Fenn was sick with cancer or just recovered....he was diagnosed in 1988. So he was not sick when he hid the chest.
    Last edited by nvradar; Aug 28, 2015 at 09:46 AM.

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    Aug 2015
    75 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    An 80 year old man who has had cancer is very limited in what he can do. Everyone has FF up there with SuperMan. He's not.
    I have helped countless friends, family and Vetrans who are in their late 70's and 80's. It's speeks volumes of what one of these octogenarian's can do.
    I just saw a post on another site where a guy used climbing gear to get down into a cave. FF used his HEAD not his body.

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    May 2013
    Middle Tennessee
    Nokta/Macro Anfibio Multi / Nokta Fors Core /Ace 250 - w/ 9"x12" Coil / Whites TRX Bullseye
    499 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    It would seem more logical that the treasure is a hoax. One intended to last as an ongoing legacy for the creator. A poem that can't be solved by most people.
    A treasure that ends up being in a place that is off-limits, or a grave yard for Native Americans. Kind of reminds me of all those stories, or "the moral of the story" scenarios where it's not the actual gold that is the treasure...but the seeking of the treasure, "getting out" and experiencing the outdoors and real life that someone like Fenn would invoke on the world, and at the same time profiting from it with the media attention and residual income.
    I think you did a great job SlickNickel in defining the words and putting it all together. Greed and pride will keep many looking for it though......and don't be bothered by the skeptics that don't understand your logic.

    *95-98% of most people have never looked up a Greek word, which is why they will never understand what the Bible really says.
    Last edited by goldkey; Aug 28, 2015 at 10:51 AM.
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    Jul 2012
    Blackfoot, Idaho
    White's GM2, GM3, DFX, Coinmaster, TDI-SL, GM24K, Falcon MD20, old Garrett Masterhunter BFO 'Way Too Cool' dual 18 Watt UV light
    3763 times
    As I offense intended, but if I had a nickel for every person who claimed to have solved the puzzle, I wouldn't need the treasure. And most of them disagree. I have my own idea where it is, and the clues fit, but there's no way I'd claim I solved it, and the man is a fake because the treasure isn't there. I don't believe the puzzle requires all that poetic license, and mystery...just MHO. Eventually, I'll get around to checking my spot.....maybe this fall. I'm probably wrong, but the clues fit. I do think the treasur eis hidden in one of two places....either a cave, or in a gap between large boulders in a rock slide.
    Last edited by Jim in Idaho; Aug 28, 2015 at 12:00 PM.
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    Aug 2015
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    The best way for me to explain this is by watching a chess match between two Masters.
    100% of the people watching see the moves. Half of them will then guess what the masters next move will be, but the reality and outcome of the final game is only understood by less than a handful of other master chess players. After the game is completed, the only two who ever understood the game in the first place were the two masters playing the game. It then takes another master to break down, what had actually happened and put it in layman terms so that the masses can actually follow, what went down in the game. FF puzzle is a masters puzzle to be solved, and not for the faint of heart, no matter what FF has said about it being solved by a child.

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    Fire Nugget Club Member, Deliverer of World Peace
    Honorable Mentions (1)

    Is wherewarmwatershalt your site?

    Did you have anything to do with this and did it coincide with the above release of your solution?
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    Get up late... Start slow... Taper off early...

    I am a second level vegetarian. Cow's eat grass. I eat cows.

    Half of everything I do today will be wrong. I just don't know which half yet.


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