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Thread: cache research material

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    Dec 2006
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    cache research material

    i ran across a research source @ hath trust.
    a keyword search, of train,stage,or bank robberies
    will prob bring more @ hath trust.
    may help pin down some of the 5 Ws you cant find
    the express gazette is an interesting read
    below are some links from a key word search i did, good luck, HH

    a page from the express gazette link;width=850

    the express gazette;lmt=ft

    Train robberies, train robbers, and the "holdup" men.
    Pinkerton, William Allan, 1846-1923.
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    Dec 2006
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    is the loot ever buried/stashed

    seems so

    keyword search: robbed
    The Express gazette. v. 1 (1876).;seq=5

    Text View pg 185
    Upon the arrival of the stage, the first named levelled a shot- gun
    at the driver and ordered him to tum- ble out the bullion as soon as
    God would let him. The other maji also threatened to shoot the driver
    if he refused to comply with the demand. Accordingly he threw out the
    bullion, consisting of eight bars, when the stage was allowed to proceed
    on its way without further molestation.;num=185

    Text View pg 186
    Of the stolen bullion seven bars have already been recovered.
    They were found by four men and some Indians, who prospected
    the ground passed over by the robbers.;num=186
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    Nov 2016
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Hola Amigo

    Well done. Its good to see some one bring these stories to light.

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    Dec 2006
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    a little more on the found bullion from post #2

    "recovery of the stolen bullion"
    Carson daily appeal., March 28, 1876, Image 3

    was following up on this express story, (see link) about a wilson and found
    an interesting article @ chronicling america, about how the gold was handled
    by the crooks. havent looked more into either wilson or the organization

    chronicling america
    Carson daily appeal., October 15, 1876, Image 3
    "more about stolen bullion at the carson mint"

    express story
    runs from Page 92 -95;seq=98;num=92

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    Dec 2006
    2362 times

    Hume comprehensive report

    you can see imgs of the book Hume carried and made for LE

    In 1885, Hume and Thacker published a comprehensive report called
    the “Robbers Record.”
    In it, they recorded details of 347 robberies and attempted robberies
    on Wells Fargo treasure shipments transported by stagecoach and
    train between 1870 and 1884.
    They also provided detailed descriptions of 205 convicted robbers to
    aid law enforcement officers.

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