CANUCK Driving down to California and would like to do some Detecting along the way!
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    Jun 2012
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    CANUCK Driving down to California and would like to do some Detecting along the way!

    Looking for ANY and ALL advice / locations and even some contacts to do some detecting with while on Vacation! I Will be Driving through Montana, Nevada and then California from July 10th to July 31st 2012 and wish to do some Detecting TO and FRO!

    -First Stop is MONTANA, City of Butte or close-by. (2 or 3 days, one on the way and at least one coming back...)

    -Second Stop is in UTAH, SALT LAKE CITY or close-by (2 or 3 days total, one on the way and at least one coming back...)

    -Third Stop is NEVADA, LAS VEGAS and Area (2 to 4 days in total, two going down and 2 coming back).

    -Finally I'll be in CALIFORNIA (Encinatas and Carlsbad) for 11 days...

    Any Site recommendations or 'Decent Spots' shall remain confidential!
    Feel free to post or Message me with more sensitive information such as Contact Information, Hunting Sites, etc..

    I'll be happy to buy Lunch, Coffee and WobblePops!


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    "John Holmes Jr."

    Nov 2011
    French Gulch, North Calif.
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    It looks like you got some trip planned. I know carlsbad has some caverns and you would be kinda close to the San Diego area. If you look at the map you may check out Murrieta hot springs and lake Elsenore may have some good areas to check since the Lake shore line has flooded and moved many times.(You can ask the older residents about this.) I am in California but the North End in Shasta County 500 Miles North of Carlsbad. I live in the Gold Fields of 1949. Sutters mill by Tahoe was first and Old Shasta & in French Gulch was Mined the same year!. Too bad ya can't head here where the area is rich in history. We still have our French Gulch Hotel since the Gold days and out city Washington mine is going strong as the 3rd oldest and 3rd producing Gold in the USA. Good Luck I hope this helps. Goldentruth.
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