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Thread: How to Remove Dirt From Dug Silver Coins

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    How to Remove Dirt From Dug Silver Coins

    Hello All,

    Here is a short video I did demonstrating how to remove dirt from dug silver coins without scratching them at all. You will want to use this technique on ALL dug silver, because you will often never know how valuable a coin is (its condition, date, or mintmark) until after you clean it. Never field clean dug silvers. The most I do in the field is blast them with water just enough to see the details but do not rub. Then I still use the technique in the video once I get home.


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    Thanks b boy
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    Take a pill bottle half full of water to the field. Store your silver coins in them until you get home. The dirt will losen up by the time you get home and a quick rinse in the sink at the house and your are done. Ultrasonic cleaner work wonders too. And you are so correct about not rubbing the dirt off in the field. I cringe when I see people doing that. Seen many of nice coins get all scratched up. Nice video
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    Instead of holding the coin under running water I lay the coin on top of some toothpicks in a bowl of hot soapy water. Leave it there until the water cools. That softens up the dirt. Then I hold it running water and continue as you do.
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    I run cold faucet water over them, then I put them in my ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for a couple of cycles. Works very good.



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