Aloha, I am a Hawaii metal detectorist visiting Chandler, Az 8/23-10/23
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    Alan Schantz

    Nov 2013
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Excalibur II, Fisher CZ21
    Beach and Shallow Water Hunting

    Talking Aloha, I am a Hawaii metal detectorist visiting Chandler, Az 8/23-10/23

    I am Alan from Honolulu, Hawaii and will be in Chandler, Az from 8/23 - 10/23.
    I have a minelab excalibur ii and a garrett ace 250. In hawaii I mostly beach and surf hunt. Gold and platinum rings are great to find in the ocean near resorts and hotels. June,July this year was unusual with me recovering 8 rings , 4 with stones, two tiffany, very very unusual, I have good equipment, but u need to be in the right place at the right time, due to many guys detecting, with nearly same detectors and skill levels.
    Not sure where to hunt in arizona and what to bring. Any tips would be great. I will share hawaii searching if interested.
    heard of salt river rafting but unsure of bottom or depth, gravel recover is not to bad but large rocks make recovery tricky to impossible.
    in hawaii I wear a uv skin and dive boots, have used a mask but with a good scoop you only need a good signal, as you all know.
    Can anyone give some information on hunting in arizona, it would be appreciated.
    I aint fond of snakes but hope to keep them away with my scoop.
    I have ate barbequed scorpions but they are tiny.
    Recommended foot gear / Boots is good, hawaiian slippers are probably no good.
    I am proficent in water with the excalibur if there are targets. The garrett has found alot of clad in beach sand.
    I am also interested in gold searching / meeting / group hunt if anyone is interested in having me come along.
    I will have a car for the most part after I pick it up in long beach.
    please call me and we can chat
    thanks in advance
    480 745 9179

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    Jan 2012
    Pinal Mountains,Arizona
    Garrett Groundhog-2012-1st MD. White's Goldmaster V/Sat-2nd-MD-2013 Tesoro Lobo-2015-3rd
    521 times
    I will at least respond and say you are not going to do much water hunting here.
    I live East of the valley(phoenix), and work in the whole valley.
    Most of the salt river is dry, and you can go rafting down it from Saguaro lake to the rafting headquarters.
    To deep to metal detect but in just a couple places if it is allowed.
    I can tell ya one place I have been to but not detecting.
    Hopefully someone will chime in that goes around the Bradshaws, Wickenburg, Morristown, ect.
    There is one club I can tell ya where to join in Mesa area that is only $25 a year.
    I am going to join myself.
    It's OK, it's over, now change your shorts.

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    Feb 2014
    Scottsdale, Arizona
    Bounty Hunter
    12 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I live in South Scottsdale/Tempe. Are you still looking to hunt? I honestly don't know any good spots around here, but maybe you found a few? Maybe we could ask for permission at a few locations? I'm available Tomorrow night and all next week



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