How do I start a club?
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    Sep 2004
    Mt. Vernon, Indiana
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    How do I start a club?

    Can anyone tell me what's involved with starting a club?
    Happy Hunting. Dan

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    Dec 2005
    Eugene, Oregon
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    Re: How do I start a club?

    First let me say that I have never actually started a club... but have been actively involved with some.

    starting a club wouldn't be all that hard, just hard to get the word out. Start with a few like-minded friends and pick a day to meet. Contact the local IHOP or coffeshop, whatever, and see if they would mind hosting you for awhile, most don't mind as its more business to them, especially on a slower night of the week.

    discuss it with your friends, see what ideas they come up with for spreading the word. Maybe make up a few flyers and put them out where you think they would do the most good. hit as many websites as you can, drop a note in the appropriate forum as to where, when, etc. you all meet.

    After you get a few more people showing up, time to pick brains again, and set some rules for decorum, activities, raffles, "best finds" contests, what-have-you. THIS is important. They don't have to be strict, but everyone should know what is and is not allowed at meetings or functions. I would HIGHLY recommend that no politics should be dicussed.... LOL!

    You should have a president, vice president, seceratary and treasurer, at the least. Decide how long (usually one year) that a person should hold office. Make a list of responsibilities for each office. It sounds like too much organization, but you really would be quite surprised at how quickly being unorganized will affect the quality of your events, meetings.

    As President, (which you should be after all, you started it) plan on spending a bit of your time dedicated to this one thing. It doesn't take a whole lot, at first, but it will require your undivided attention. This is not a thing for people who are stressed or over committed to other things that require lots of their personal attention. Plan on at least 2-4 hours of your undivided attention per week, at first. the more organized you are, you may not ever have to spend more than this, get unorganized, and you will be spending considerably more time.

    I am sure there are books out there that cover the subject well, but hopefully I've given you enough to chew on for now. I have considered starting a club where I'm at, but unfortunately my work and personal life doesn't allow it at the moment. I would love to be a member, however.

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    Sep 2004
    Mt. Vernon, Indiana
    5 times

    Re: How do I start a club?

    Thanks for the help Jeffro. I'm currently a member of a club but not really too satisfied and their schedule conflicts with mine.
    happy Hunting. Dan



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