Looking detector clubs in North Mississippi
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    Mar 2009
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    Looking detector clubs in North Mississippi

    Trying to locate anyone that may be interested in starting a club or helping me find one to join. If that want work just anyone in north Mississippi who might be interested in doing some digging. I live in Columbus, send me an email and let me know where you are or post to the forum..

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    Re: Looking detector clubs in North Mississippi

    Hey bandaid,
    I live in the Hattiesburg area.
    A few people talked about starting a club down this way, but nothing ever came of it.
    If you have some luck with a club up your way, make sure you post some info about it.
    I'd like to check it out if it's not too far away.

    Happy Hunting and Good Luck !
    "You won't find anything in 100% of the holes you don't dig"

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    Re: Looking detector clubs in North Mississippi

    There is a listings of sites that tell of clubs in your area at:


    Go to the bottom of the page - click on any of the club listing sites,
    and you should be on your way.

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    bring some peace to someone's life

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    Re: Looking detector clubs in North Mississippi

    This is my first post; I have been a lurker for a little while.

    I thought some of you might be interested in Tri-State Coin & Relic Hunters Club located in the Booneville/Iuka area of NE MS. I am not a member and have not been to any meetings. Also might want to consider contacting a local detector dealer usually they know the guys who detect on a regular basis.




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