Really new at this
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    Sep 2006

    Really new at this

    Does anyone have any info of places to search between Salt Lake City to Reno NV? Thanks

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    Dec 2006
    Durand, Mi.USA
    fisher coinstrike

    Re: Really new at this

    I need help too....
    i know it says your not supposed to post here unless you add a .kml file but i cant seen to figure out how to get one from goggle earth.I can save a jpeg but not a .kml file what am i missing here?I`m sure it is something easy and I`m just missing it,also i went through the help files and cant seem to locate anything on exporting a .kml file.Someone please give me a basic walkthrough on how to do this.I have an old map i want to overlay on the new sat photos and cant get that to work either(would like to post .kml file along with old map so someone could help with overlay).
    Thanks Sandrailer HH



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