Road trip Dec 2nd
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    Nov 2008
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    Road trip Dec 2nd

    Yesterday I went on a road trip and hit several banks. I picked up 4 40% halves. At one bank I was able to get a thousand dollar bag of halves,my first one.
    I couldn't wait to get home to open the bag, so I checked it out in the car and found one Franklin and one 40%.Not much,but great fun looking.

    Total take for the day was: 1 Franklin
    5 40% Kennedy

    This was my 4th road trip since I started three weeks ago. So far I have recovered the following:

    1 silver Eagle
    2 Walking Liberty
    4 1964 Kennedy
    51 40% Kennedy

    This is a great hobby,which I never would have known about until I stumbled upon this forum.

    I'm going on trip 5 today.
    2011 Finds
    6x War Nickels
    1x Buffalo Nickel
    1x Mercury Dimes
    66x Roosevelt Dimes
    2x Canadian Dimes
    0x Washington Quarters
    15x WLH
    12x Franklin
    46x 1964 Kennedy
    161 x 40% Kennedy

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    Re: Road trip Dec 2nd

    Looks like your off to a great start, good luck today!

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    Silvaaaaa hunter!

    May 2008
    Rhode Island
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    Re: Road trip Dec 2nd


    Sounds like you are having a great time at it!

    You are certainly getting results!

    Eagles are not easy finds in the wild... how did you run across yours?

    Nickels needed to complete the 1938 - 1961 book (3 total): 1939-D, 1943-D, 1950-D

    Nickels needed to complete the 1962 - 1995 book: NONE! Book Complete!

    Nickels needed to complete the 1996-2008+ book: NONE! Book Complete! (Through 2008)



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