nice lunch break
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    Dec 2008
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    nice lunch break

    Still new to this, again, first week. Took a lunch break and got $60 worth of rolled half dollars. I opened them in my car and found 2 1967's, a 1968-D and a 1969-D. Not too bad for a lunch break.

    Now to the questions... how do you discern proofs. Are they marked with an S? Also, looks like most of you order boxes? How many comes in a box, do you order from any bank or federal credit unions or what?

    Thanks again,

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    Re: nice lunch break

    In most cases a proof will be amazingly obvious. Yes, proof halves are from San Francisco only.

    Once in awhile, a proof will show up that has been in circulation for awhile, and would not be recognized without further scrutiny.

    Here is one I found in October that is a proof, but is in terrible condition:

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    Re: nice lunch break

    Yikes! That is a poor condition proof. You would think that it would have been yanked from circ by someone that just collects any odd half, before it reached that sad shape.

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    Re: nice lunch break

    I want to go to lunch with you
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