I hate state quarters and they hate me!
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    I hate state quarters and they hate me!

    We all hate the new state quarters (well, "new" isn't quite the right term for a dragged out program that has been going on for 10 years and is slated to continue even further) because they now make up what seems like 50% of all quarters in circulation. But I REALLY hate them! And now I hate them even more!

    A friend of mine who lives in England has been making a set of them but the person she traded with fell out of touch, so she asked me to help her get the last 6. I agreed.

    I went to the bank yesterday and bought three rolls of customer quarters thinking that that would be enough. Found 4 out of 6 in there, all 4 were the new 08 ones, leaving me one more 08 and Utah (07).

    Knowing my luck finding coins I need for sets and such I returned the 3 rolls and bought another 7. First roll gave me the last 08 leaving me needing Utah. When I finished those 7 rolls... STILL no Utah.

    Returned the quarters and complained about how much I hate them to a teller I know... she checked the $3ish she had in her tray and what do you know... a Utah!

    I go through $100... she goes through $3 and she beats me!

    Grrrrr... I hope all these state quarters melt in hell! =)

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    Re: I hate state quarters and they hate me!

    Hey, thats not bad. You should see how many rolls I have gone through to try and get every one and every mint for a set. Too bad you didnt nab any silver in the process tho.
    It is amazing what men will do for an extra inch.

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    Re: I hate state quarters and they hate me!

    Hey ~Dave good news for you. The quarter program is going atleast another 10 years.... They are now going to make a quarter for state parks. One state park for every state, they will start after the 2009 territory quarters... Thought you would get a kick out of that.

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    Re: I hate state quarters and they hate me!

    I hate them too! It does make it easier while CRHing quarters for silver though. But unfortunately it looks like they'll be around for a while.




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