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    Nov 2008
    2 times

    Road Trip 2/23/09

    Went on a well planned road trip today covering 200 miles. Got rid of last weeks dumps as well.
    I did not count how many banks that I hit but it was quite a few. Here is what I got.

    1x 1968 Kennedy
    1x 1969 " "

    Not much silver, but then I don't have to much to return either.

    In any event it was a good day out and I've got another trip planned for tomorrow. Who knows, might be the big one !
    2011 Finds
    6x War Nickels
    1x Buffalo Nickel
    1x Mercury Dimes
    66x Roosevelt Dimes
    2x Canadian Dimes
    0x Washington Quarters
    15x WLH
    12x Franklin
    46x 1964 Kennedy
    161 x 40% Kennedy

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    Oct 2007
    Hampton Roads, VA.
    bounty hunter sharp shooter 2, minelab sovereign xs 2a pro
    66 times
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    Re: Road Trip 2/23/09

    Well hope it was still fun.

    Golden Silver

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    Nov 2005
    Minelab X-505
    50 times
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    Re: Road Trip 2/23/09

    I also drove about 200 miles today and all I got was 2 -40%ers. I guess today was a bad day for road trips for some of us. Lets hope tomorrow is going to be a better day.

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    Mar 2008
    Chicago IL
    Minelab_Excal_II Minelab_Explorer_SE_Pro w/ SunRay pinpointer & Garrett_Ace250
    81 times
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    Re: Road Trip 2/23/09

    Dang that sucks....

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    Dec 2008
    Volusia county, Florida
    Minelab Safari, Shadow X5
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: Road Trip 2/23/09


    The Trezurhunter.

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    Re: Road Trip 2/23/09

    Better luck tomorrow!

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    Anybody else cold? It's freezing here.

    Dec 2008
    Nap Town

    Re: Road Trip 2/23/09

    Rich, not sure where you are going but I do know there is a lady in northern kentucky that used to order several boxes. You may contact her to find out where she goes so you don't drive 200 miles for 2 40s. I forget what her name is but she used to order a bunch of boxes...someone here should remember.
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    Dec 2007
    ace 250
    1 times

    Re: Road Trip 2/23/09



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