poacher in my area
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    Oct 2008
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    poacher in my area

    last week i had tellers at two different pickup banks call to tell me that some guy was trying to poach my boxes. gotta love my tellers. not only do they save me silver dimes they also guard my boxes! way to go girls! more chocolates comin' your way!

    turns out this guy was going around to ANY and ALL banks in this area trying to buy $500.00 in halves at a time. there were eight boxes waiting for me and he didn't get a single one! LMAO! i knew he was in my area but he'd never tried poaching before. he'd mainly limit himself to picking up a few handrolls here and there but on one occasion he did manage to score $400.00 in loose halves about half an hour before i got there to pick them up. when he walked in the teller thought he was me and let him have them. danged new tellers. LOL! oh well...he can have a few here and there but keep your hands off my boxes!

    not only did he not get my boxes...NONE of the tellers even volunteered to order him boxes. one of them told me "i didn't tell him we could order boxes because if there's anything in them YOU get them instead of him." (apparently he doesn't bring them chocolates!) thanks, sugar. that's why she's my favorite teller. the best part is i don't even have an account at that bank. i used to go in once a week for a couple of months to ask for halves. after establishing a pretty good relationship with the head teller i asked if they could order a couple of boxes for me since they never had any onhand. this turned out to be my motherlode. this is where i pulled a 1908 barber last week! i've only gotten two skunk boxes in the two months since. everything else has been LOADED with bling.

    when all my dumps start coming back i may suggest to the tellers that they offer to order him some boxes. that way he could help me go thru all those dumps to get back to the bottom of the pallet again. either he'll help me get to the bottom of the pile faster or he'll get discouraged and stop altogether.
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    Jul 2007
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    Re: poacher in my area

    I bet it was LJ in drag. Nah she would have got the silver for sure. HH Mark
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