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    Mar 2005
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Top ten hardest nickels to find

    Coins these days are minted in the billions (If I never see another 1964D I'll be happy!). I've always considered that anything with a mintage under 10 million can be described as "hard-to-find" in circulation. Certainly everyday pocket change bears this out. Here are the ten Jefferson nickels with the lowest mintages:

    1950-D - 2,630,030
    1939-D - 3,514,000
    1938-S - 4,105,000
    1938-D - 5,376,000
    1939-S - 6,630,000
    1951-S - 7,776,000
    1955 - 8,266,200
    1949-S - 9,716,000
    1950 - 9,847,386
    1948-S - 11,300,000

    Any "S" nickel after 1971 also has a mintage below 10 million but this is just the business strike list (aka coins struck for circulation).

    The top two are worth at least $5 each (even in worn condition) the rest anywhere between 10 to $1.50 and higher in better condition.

    How many of the Top Ten can you find?
    Last appearance in pocket change:

    Wheat penny: 1944-S (2/25/18)
    Silver: 1963-D dime (2/14/18)

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    Feb 2005
    Visalia, CA
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    Re: Top ten hardest nickels to find

    Only nickels I have are in an old album from when I was a kid...None on your list...Bummer...

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    Dec 2005
    Eugene, Oregon
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    Re: Top ten hardest nickels to find

    Got 'em all, unfortunately not many with my metal detector-

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    Re: Top ten hardest nickels to find

    I have roll hunted in the past and need to dig out my books to see what i got in them.

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    Tesoro Cibola

    Jul 2005
    Tesoro Cibola
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    Re: Top ten hardest nickels to find

    1948 S is all i got so far in rolls :P

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    Mar 2003
    All types of BFOs owned. Especially want White's Arrow; White's Oremaster; Exanimo Spartan Little Monster; Garrett contract Little Monster.
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    Re: Top ten hardest nickels to find

    You skipped all of the varieties of jefferson nickels. All but the 1943/2 can be found in rolls. They are .....
    1939 double monticello @ $50 to $900
    1943/2P @ $50 to $1000
    1949 D/S @$35 to $1750
    1954 S/D @ $6 to $65
    1955 D/S @ $5 to $75
    1971 @85c to $35
    1982P @$2 to $80
    1983P @$1.50 to $45
    other varieties are listed in the red book and should be saved but are harder to sell than these i listed.
    coins from 1938 to 1989 with five full steps are worth a premium
    coins from 1990 to now with six full steps also fetch a premium
    save all that you find while roll searching. The key diagnostic to high grade jeffersons is the triangle above the porch on monticello. Those would grade XF or better and are worth saving even on common coins. I save any undamaged jefferson before 1960 and all high grades after 1960. exanimo, ss
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    Oct 2005
    Salem, Missouri
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    Re: Top ten hardest nickels to find

    What are all the mintmarks and cities (for coins in general)? And what's the deal with the S? They aren't rare are they? I'm just kind of confused...
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    Mar 2005
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: Top ten hardest nickels to find

    Mintmarks (20th Century) -

    P - Philadelphia - no mintmark prior to 1980 except on wartime nickels from 1942-1945; on all coins except pennies from 1980 to present

    D - Denver - most years except 1965-1967, all denominations

    O - New Orleans - On Barber dimes, quarters and halves from 1901-1909 and Morgan dollars from 1901-1904

    S - San Francisco - most years except 1956-1967; from 1971-present all "S" mintmarks denote proof coins, except pennies which is 1975-present. Proof coins are special made-for-collector coins that are not released into circulation and have low mintages. However, Susan B. Anthony dollars have both business strike (circulation issue) and proof examples of "S" mintmarks for the years of 1979 & 1980. The "S" has garnered a reputation as the rarer mintmark because many key dates in certain series are from this mint (1909S Indian cent, 1909S & 1931S Lincoln cent, 1912S Liberty nickel, etc.). In general most "S" coins have lower mintages.
    Last appearance in pocket change:

    Wheat penny: 1944-S (2/25/18)
    Silver: 1963-D dime (2/14/18)

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    Treasure is all around you, just stop and L@@k ;)

    Jan 2005
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    Re: Top ten hardest nickels to find

    I need to add W mintmark

    W- Westpoint

    The 1996 w Dime
    Was released in uncirculated mint sets. But People being people some will end up in rolls.
    Keep your eyes out for them. uncirculated price is $17.00
    "Today is the day" Mel Fisher

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    Jan 2006
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    Re: Top ten hardest nickels to find

    Another old mint mark is CC-Carson City,on (Seated Liberty dimes,20 cents,quarters,half dollars,dollars) Trade dollar and Morgan dollar coins.

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    Feb 2005
    On the big Muskegon River in W. Michigan
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    Re: Top ten hardest nickels to find

    Charlotte North Carolina "C" minted coins (all gold, I think) for a short period of time in the 19th century.
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