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    Sep 2005

    inbeleivable find!

    so i picked up $200 today in dimes from the bank. Got home and opened up the first roll. To the coin i have always wanted A MERCURY DIME!! I know it isn't the find of the year or anything but it will make me happy for the week thats for sure. BTW it is a 1941, it is dirty but has more of the detail. I also found a 1949 and a 64 silver dime to add to my collection. Overall one awesome day to say the least. I am soaking the mercury dime in veg. oil right now. anything else i should do to clean it?

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    May 2005
    2 times

    Re: inbeleivable find!

    Congrats, Laptop. If you want a faster way to clean that merc. get a bowl line it with foil spread acouple tablespoons of salt in there place the merc in and dump boiling water over it all.
    Let the water cool then do the same thing again until it is as clean as you want it.

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    Aug 2005
    2 times

    Re: inbeleivable find!

    Nice finds man! I got 3 wheats today! Tomorrow i'll have to get more stuff!


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    Feb 2005
    Visalia, CA
    6 times

    Re: inbeleivable find!

    Got $500 in dimes yesterday...only went through $100 but got a silver Roosevelt...The Mercs can still be found...I found four last week! HH

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    Oct 2005
    Salem, Missouri
    9 times

    Re: inbeleivable find!

    Great job!!
    By 2064, experts say man will have established twelve colonies on the sun, ideal for family vacations.



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