Encouraging beginners luck!
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    Feb 2010

    Encouraging beginners luck!

    Hi all,

    Somebody I know mentioned CRH to me, and it appealed to the "treasure hunter" in me!

    One of my other hobbies is thrift store shopping. I frequently find good stuff! Cool vintage clothes- some that I wear, and plenty that make great gifts, or to sell to vintage clothing stores. I also find all kinds of other cool stuff.

    Anyway, I just got a big commission check and went by the bank. I asked the teller if they had any half dollars. She said they don't usually have much, just whatever is brought in by customers. She took what she had in her drawer out and set it on the counter. She said "I only have 4". I noticed a silver rim immediately! I nonchalantly said "I'll take them". So, out of 4 halves, one was a 40% 1968 in pretty good condition. I think many people think silver coins ended in 1965, so they miss the 40%ers.

    I am a regular at the bank and a few of the tellers flirt with me, and I have a fairly high balance, so when I asked them to order a box for me they said they would and that they would call me when it came in. Hopefully, I can do enough to find some good scores.

    I do have a question for you guys. How long do you estimate it takes you to search a box of halves?
    And when you dump them, do you re-roll them, or just bag them?

    I'm in an area with a LOT of banks. I could go to a different bank every day and not hit the same bank twice in several months. I don't know if that will help me in terms of supply, but should make it easier to dump the leftovers!

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    Jun 2009
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    Re: Encouraging beginners luck!

    The silver gods were good to you!

    Personally, I re-roll. But if you can find a FREE coin counter (Found at banks and CU), it'll take a lot of the hassle away.It takes about 20-30 minutes to search a box of halves; although I've never searched one before.
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    Re: Encouraging beginners luck!

    Personally I always order 2 at a time minimum- just as easy to carry 2 as 1 and the banks have to order in thousand $$$ incriments in most cases. Gotta watch out for them flirting tellers, mine have been getting funny lately, they think cause I come in with a wad of cash every week that I'm rich haha. Used to be fun to flirt with the tellers now its getting stalkerish. When I complained about them closing for Thanksgiving and joked about sitting in the parking lot with a turkey sandwich I got multiple offers for dinner. HH Mark
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