Fun with Skunks
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    Fun with Skunks

    Miserable showing of silver in this week's boxes (only $15 face with a few Ben's) so I decided to have some fun with the skunks out of curiosity. Unfortunately, it only occurred to me on my last box so I plan on a more thorough examination next week. I ended up separating the bicentennials to see how many were in the last box. Ended up with a little more than $100 out of $500. Next week, I'm going to separate all the bicentennials out of the boxes to see if I can assemble a full box of bicentennials for dumping. Just trying to fend off the boredom of skunks.

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    Re: Fun with Skunks

    I would image you could quickly build a box of 1971 as well. Seems everyother coin I run across is either a bi or 71.

    I am almost finished with a cent box. Not a single wheat yet. Nickel box = 1 super slick buffalo.


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    Re: Fun with Skunks

    I got a bag of quarters a few weeks back, I'm sure at least 30% of it was Bicentennials. The state quarters are bad enough. I think 1971 to 1976 halves make up about 90% of the halves out there.
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    Re: Fun with Skunks

    sounds fun, maybe some idiot on ebay will buy them from you, & pay like $550-600 dollars j/k



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