Spirit of 76
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    Nov 2005
    North Central Tennessee
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    Spirit of '76

    Most of you can guess what I'm about to tell you..............

    I got my weekly two boxes of halves on Tuesday. Box one, skunk. Box two SCORE .

    Out of 50 rolls, FORTY-ONE were solid Bicentennials. What the ?

    They were all machine rolled, so someone obviously dumped a TON of 76's. I opened a few rolls, and after getting several in a row that were all Bi's, I dumped the box out, and there were 34 rolls in the box that had the dual-date or the bell staring out at me. Chances are everything in between is the same, in my opinion. So if anyone wants 34 machine rolls with Bi-enders, I've got em. They're going to the dump bank tomorrow.....

    The remaining rolls in the box were all clads.

    Tally thus far: 11 boxes, 25 x 40%. ZERO 90% !!!!

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    Oct 2010

    Re: Spirit of '76

    I'd be careful about thinking they are solid. My last box was almost entirely solid uncirculated 2000's. There were maybe 10-15 rolls with a few other clad stuck in, and I still managed 5 40%ers from that box. Unlikely... but possible.

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    Nov 2010
    NJ Pine Barrens
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    Re: Spirit of '76

    Happened to me Monday. Teller said she had 30 rolls. I had enough on me for 21 of them. EVERY single roll was solid Bicentennial halves. Needless to say I did not go back for the remaining 9 rolls. (I saw them and they were all from the same box, same wrappers).

    If you really want to go through a huge hassle for little gain, I have seen several of these Bicentennial rolls selling on ebay for $12/roll. Not worth it for me.
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