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    Jan 2011

    Road Trip!


    I went on a road trip yesterday, and since T-net was down for a few days, I wasn't
    able to post.

    Last Friday I went to 5 banks after work.

    Bank 1: 12.50 in halves
    One 40%

    Bank 2: 50 dollars in rolled halves
    6 40%s and 1 1963 90% Franklin.

    Banks 3 and 4 had 23 rolls total that were all clad.

    Bank 5: 220 dollars in rolled halves
    13 40%s and 1 1964 90% Kennedy, and it was an ENDER!!!

    Now, yesterday was a great road trip.

    I live in a town where there are around 70,000 people and around 25 banks.
    I went to all but 2 where they have pretty much put signs up that forbid me to come in.
    (lots of dumping). I didn't keep track of bank to bank stats, because I was in such a rush.
    The banks in my town yielded:

    35 40%s
    13 NIFCs (2002-present)
    1 1987 NIFC
    7 90%s (2 1964 Kens, 4 Franklin halves, and a 1943 Walking liberty!)

    I also went to 13 out of town banks. (towns with less than 5 thousand people in them)
    The first bank I went to, I asked the teller (very young, probably not even 20) "Do you have any rolls of half dollars, or the large sized dollar coins?"
    and she replied "we have half dollar rolls, and I only have one large sized dollar" (she held it up and it was a peace dollar). Trying not to show
    my interest, I said I'll take it. I Bought it for face value, and she went to go get the halves.
    She walked out with a coffee can of the old style rolls. It came out to 340 dollars in Halves. I said thanks and went out to my car.

    Out of 340 dollars, I averaged 4 40%s per roll and one 90%er for every 3 rolls.

    in total, at this first bank alone, I received over 141 40%s and 13 90%ers. All Frankies and Kennedies. I couldn't believe it.
    the newest coin that I found in those rolls I think was a 1985. I'm assuming that these rolls had been in the vault, covered in dust since the mid 80s. VERY EXCITING

    banks 2-10 had no half dollar rolls that they could sell me.

    The last 3 banks had a total of 230 dollars in rolled halves and only produced one 40%er.

    I did some research on the first bank, and it had been around since the 1870s. (probably the reason for the Peace dollar)

    This is by far the best silver day that I have had CRHing. I spent a total of 571 dollars for the halves and walked out with 71 dollars face value of 40%ers and $6.50 in 90%ers.
    total is 15.2029 oz. and with silver at $27.56 it totals to $418.99 for 5 hours of work. In my opinion, 83 dollars per hour isn't bad!


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    Jan 2010
    Fisher F2
    2 times

    Re: Road Trip!

    Nice haul!!!

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    Oct 2009
    mountain home Idaho
    ace 250 dfx
    208 times

    Re: Road Trip!

    very nice haul.
    Semper Fi

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    Jan 2010
    54 times

    Re: Road Trip!

    Excellent day!!!!

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    Mar 2010
    Colorado Springs CO.
    Bounty Hunter QS
    18 times

    Re: Road Trip!

    wow!!!!! great score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up and hh!

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    Aug 2007
    15 times

    Re: Road Trip!

    DANG!!!!! Great road trip!!!!!

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    Dec 2010
    New York City
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: Road Trip!

    that's a great score!
    and i like how your posts are so thorough
    2012 Finds
    2x War Nickels
    2x Roosevelt Dimes
    5x Washington Quarters
    3x WLH
    4x Franklin
    8x 1964 Kennedy
    54x 40% Kennedy
    {    R.I.P Rich Hartford :*(        }

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    Aug 2008
    Ace 350
    280 times
    Banner Finds (1)

    Re: Road Trip!

    It sure is nice to get a young and helpful teller! There is often a direct correlation to the age of a teller and the level of assistance a CRH will receive -


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    Nov 2008
    2 times

    Re: Road Trip!

    Great score
    2011 Finds
    6x War Nickels
    1x Buffalo Nickel
    1x Mercury Dimes
    66x Roosevelt Dimes
    2x Canadian Dimes
    0x Washington Quarters
    15x WLH
    12x Franklin
    46x 1964 Kennedy
    161 x 40% Kennedy

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    Sep 2010
    19 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: Road Trip!

    What an amazing road trip you had there!!! Congratulations!!!





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